All healings, readings and re-initiations are given on a donations-are-accepted basis.
-  In person or over the telephone - both methods work.
-  When I give readings I only ask for your question.  Background info gets in the way.
-  Because people usually ask, the most common donation is between $100 and $250.
-  Some people are able to give more; others less.
-  People who are struggling go to church, light a candle and say a prayer for me.


Internationally recognized and natural-born healer & psychic.  
Artist & author of 5 books.  

"She's the real deal!"
Michael Harrison
Talkers Magazine

Michael Harrison introduced Kathleen Milner to a group of 300 radio and television talk show hosts and producers at the June 20, 2014 Talkers Conference in New York Ciity as, "the greatest healer and psychic in the world." 

Tera Mai Reiki Kathleen MIlner

When I was a little girl, I never healed with my hands.  I simply observed God's Angels working in a blue/white Light.  It is still awesome watch. 

I explained in my first book how my parents and the Church were not thrilled with my participation in this activity, and that my Gifts slowly disappeared BUT not entirely.   During the process of my divorce, I realized that trying to be what other people wanted me to be was not working.   So,  I prayed to God and asked that the Gifts of the Spirit be returned to me.  God answered my prayer immediately, but I wasn't 100 percent where I had been as a child.  I was asked to take a journey to rediscover myself and who God is.   On the way I discovered that the library had a metaphysical section, and I began reading voraciously.  Briefly:

In the 1980's, Wright Gallery in Chicago showed and sold my paintings.  In 1988, I was involved in two car accidents within 3 months of one another that left my life and work at a standstill.  When traditional medicine threw in the towel, I aggressively pursued alternative methods and prayed fervently.   As my healing abilities became stronger, my body healed.

I took Reiki classes and learned how to use my Gift in the ancient art of hands-on healing.  However, my healing energies did not increase.  I was able to see clearly that the Reiki initiations were incomplete.  When I appeared as a presenter at the Los Angeles Whole Life Expo, I learned from many Reiki Masters that none of them were able to facilitate the same type of miracles that Takata had been able to do.  (Takata brought Reiki to the United States from Japan after World War II.)  There is a documented, witnessed account of Takata bringing a dead man back to life.

In 1991, the walls and ceiling of the Los Angeles living room I was visiting became cathedral size.  A higher being presented himself to me.  Later, he revealed himself as Buddha.  In the initial consciousness-raising experience, whereby my physical body was in the Otherworlds, Buddha gave me what he said had been missing from Takata's Reiki Alliance attunements.  He didn't give me energy; he gave me Universal initiations from God that work.   These initiations are trademarked as a healing system under the trademark Tera Mai.  The physical proof of my experience is that these initiations produce real healings through the initiates for as long as initiates abide by Buddha's Tera Mai standards and may be viewed on .

As my healing and intuitive abilities improved, so too, the healing and intuitive abilities passed down through the Tera Mai initiations strengthened.   I spoke and gave workshops at Whole Life Expos, and appeared on CBS' Connie Chung's Eye to Eye on a segment on Angels before my first book came out in 1994.   During this time, it became clear that I could not paint and write, and do both things well.   As words offered a more efficient vehicle to disseminate information, my artwork has been limited to paintings for my book covers. 

Since the videos taken of me speaking and giving public healing demonstrations at the Dutch Paranormal Fairs of 2012 & 2013, my healing energies, as well as the healing energies of Tera Mai, are dramatically elevated.   The results are significant healings in less time.  Please click on the video link at the top of this page, and read the testimonials from real people on this site and .

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Kathleen Ann Milner 
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August 2014 article in TALKERS Magazine

World Renowned Psychic Star of Talkers New York 2014 Now Available for Radio Interviews.  She was one of the most popular figures at the recent Talkers New York 2014 performing so many consecutive healings and readings at a small table in the exhibit area that she didn’t have a moment to even break away for lunch from the long line of attendees seeking a session with her.  Kathleen Ann Milner was nothing short of a sensation at the conference on June 20th and since then TALKERS has been flooded with inquiries requesting information of her whereabouts and if and how she can be contacted for both personal readings and on air interviews.   We are pleased now to report that Kathleen Ann Milner is available (at least for the remainder of the summer) to appear via telephone on talk shows.  Michael Harrison describes her as “a natural side dish for this medium – one of the best and most credible psychics in the nation for those into that kind of thing.”  To contact this unusual woman referred to as a “nice kind of oddity” call 571-926-8158 or visit her website at
Michael Harrison


Tera Mai™ is registered as a healing system with standardized initiations. 

-  I share my trademark freely with properly attuned Tera-Mai initiates who abide by Buddha's Tera Mai standards 
-  Tera-Mai Reiki One initiation is primarily for self-healing.
-  Tera-Mai healers practice the ancient art of hands-on healing, as described in the Bible or observe God's Angels work in a meditation called Shamanic Journeywork.
-  Click here to watch healing demonstrations in front of live audiences:   Short Video Clips of Real Healings 

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I offer healings and readings (in person or over the telephone) on a donations-are-accepted basis.
When I give readings the only information I ask for is your question.
Kathleen Ann Milner 
Rocksville, Maryland


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Painting by Kathleen Ann Milner


May 15, 2016, Pentecost Sunday, Spoleto, Italy
Before he took the photo, Umberto Rosanelli pray to God.  He asked to know the truth about me and Tera Mai.  The beam of Light from the Heavens was neither in the lens before he took the photo, nor in any other photo he took.

Kathleen and her mare, Christie