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Tera-Mai Cahokia 10 is one of the Universal Elemental Healing Initiations of Tera Mai.  Healings with Cahokia 10 come closer to healing in the manner of Jesus.  
            -  Energies and abilities of Cahokia 10 are Gifts of The Spirit, which flow through the Tera Mai healer.
            -  Placing the right hand on the heart chakra and left hand on the solar plexus sends powerful healing energy throughout the body to wherever it is needed.
            -  Colored electrical energy is able to take form in the healers hands and stream to the healee to bring about clearing, healing and raise consciousness.
            -  Cahokia 10 consists in part of electrical streams of energy.  This attunement flows easily into the initiate because the initiate has a solid foundation, beginning with Tera-Mai Reiki I.  
            -  Each of the Tera-Mai Reiki; Tera-Mai Seichem; and Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophie-El and Angeliclight; and Cahokia 1 - 9 attunements have brought the initiate up to a level where the initiate easily accepts and integrates Cahokia 10.  
            -  God's Angels work with God's Energy to bring about clearing, healing & consciousness.

Kathleen Milner - Workshop Facilitator
Each of the 12 initiations into Cahokia is $1,000 

Tera-Mai Cahokia 1 to 6 initiations weave the elemental healing rays into increasingly complex patterns of  healing & intuitive energies and abilities.  
            -  When combined with the Emerald Green from both Heaven and Earth, results are oftentimes astounding.  
            -  Click on EMERALD GREEN on the page,http://www.kathleenmilner.com/Class_Descriptions.htm.

Tera-Mai Cahokia 7 is a 'bridge of Light' between Cahokia VI and Cahokia VIII.   
            -  Bridge to clearer communication with God's Angels.  
            -  The new Tera-Mai Cahokia 7 connects the initiate to the 'in-between times.'  
                        -  Dusk and dawn are both in-between-times when it is neither day nor night.  Midnight is the moment between days.  A pause between an inhale and exhale is also an in-between time.   Being in a state absent of thought or awareness is a state of neither being conscious nor asleep.  It is in these states that Spirit is better able to communicate with us.  
                        -  The new Tera Mai Cahokia 7 offers additional pure and protected opportunities.  
                        -  For those who have previously received Tera Mai Cahokia 7, I offer re-initiation on a donations-are-accepted basis.

Tera-Mai Cahokia 8 brings more physical healing.
            -  Angelic construction might best describe the initiation process. 
                        -  Ramona Kirk experienced the initiation as being solid.  Afterwards, clearings and healings took on a solid form.  
                        -  John Evoy, like others, was blown away with Cahoka 8. 
            -  The  ability to located formerly unseen and unknown stubborn, stuck issues increases.  When these issues are release dramatic healings are possible and happen.   

Tera-Mai Cahokia 9 activates the mind's eye in such a way that seeing what is to be removed and what is to fill the voids is greatly enhanced.  The analogy might be that nobody would want a blind surgeon working on them.
            -  When dark energies are seen they are able to be removed.
Tera-Mai is meant to be used.  Skills develop through: 
            -  Prayer, meditation, Shamanic journeywork, individual healing sessions, public healing demonstrations, participation in group healings; such as, the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing. 

Some specific exercises;

-  With palms facing up call upon the Medicine Buddha and the dark-blue-indigo-healing energy before doing any kind of meditation, clearing, healing, or protection work.  

-  Call upon the 4 winds, 4 directions, 4 seasons and 4 elements, and/or the Seraphim Angels, and/or Dragons of the Light who inhabit these realms.

-  An example of working with the Seraphim Angels is  The Essene Prayer on the link, PRAYERS, to the left, http://www.kathleenmilner.com/prayers.html . 

-  Dragons and other such mystical creatures have NEVER inhabited the physical world.  They come from The Holy Spirit.  Thus, Dragons inhabit the Spiritual worlds; the same Spiritual worlds that the Shaman works in and with.
                        -  Working with Dragon energy:  The Angels told Ramona Kirk that if you work with Dragons it is important to add, 'cause no harm.'  (You might also say, 'carry out my requests in accordance with God's Will.)    Those who try to use Dragon energy for dark purposes will find the evil they have summoned coming back to themselves.  Dragons are NOT allowed to do all things, but those things that they are able to do are accomplished quickly.

Call upon Spiritual forces:

I call upon the higher vibrations of air, the winds of the North, the Silfs of The Light, and the Air Dragons.   
And the great Lasa, the Seraphim, the Ancient Ones and Angels of the Light of the North and the Air.  Amuel, Amuel, Amuel, Angel of Air, please enter my lungs and give The Air of Life to my whole body.

I call upon the higher vibrations of fire, the winds of the East, the Salamanders of The Light, and the Fire Dragons.  And the great Lasa, the Seraphim, the Ancient Ones and Angels of the Light of the East and the Fire.  Raphael, Raphael, Raphael, Angel of the Sun, please enter my solar center and give The Fire of Life to my whole body.  

I call upon the higher vibrations of water, the winds of the South, the Undine of The Light, and the Water Dragons.  And the great Lasa, the Seraphim, the Ancient Ones and Angels of the Light of the South and the Water.  Zadkiel, Zadkiel, Zadkiel, Angel of Water, please enter my blood and give The Waters of Life to my whole body.   

I call upon the higher vibrations of earth, the winds of the West, the Gnomes of The Light, and the Earth Dragons.  And the great Lasa, the Seraphim, the Ancient Ones and Angels of the Light of the West and the Earth.  Michael, Michael, Michael, Angel of Earth, please enter my organs, glands and tissues of regeneration and regenerate my whole body. 

Kitty Hekelaar's personal experiences with Tera Mai re-initiations and her first-time initiation into Cahokia VII in Autumn 2013:

Dear Kathleen, 
After I was twice re-initiated into Cahokia I a few months ago, we talked about my Cahokia VII initiation.   When I called you to receive the Cahokia VII, the Angels had told you that I should be twice re-initiated into all other Cahokia’s first, so you could give me the ‘real’ Cahokia VII when you were here in Holland.   At the time I had no idea what they meant by the ‘real’ Cahokia VII and given your reaction to what happened in Holland I don’t think you realized it either.  (I honestly do NOT recall telling Kitty this; but then sometimes, words just come out of my mouth and I do NOT remember saying them.  What I do believe is that Kitty helped to ground the new and higher weaving pattern and energy of Cahokia VII.)

Every double re-initiation cleared away a lot of heaviness and turned up the energy of Cahokia.  Then I read in your e-mail, just before you came to Holland, that the Angels changed it again and now a single Cahokia I re-initiation was all that was needed to upgrade all other Cahokia initiations one had received.  I had just been re-initiated by you from Cahokia I to VI.  Still, when I received Cahokia I from you on Saturday morning at the start of the first workshop, I was really surprised and impressed by the energy.  I could actually feel the other Cahokia initiations being upgraded one by one, which took a while. I could also feel the awe from some of the other people that were there.

 A few days later I received the Enochian Magic IV initiation from you.  I loved the previous three initiations, but this one was different.  I felt a wave of warmth going through me. To me it felt like strong healing on the physical body.  It felt ancient and sacred.

And I still had Cahokia VII coming …

On Thursday, you started with re-initiating the other participants into Cahokia I.  Then you initiated three people into Cahokia IV and one into Cahokia VI.  It was like a wave of energy that was approaching me.  When you were initiating Kees, who was sitting next to me into Cahokia VI, I could feel a lot happening.  But then, finally, it was time to receive the Cahokia VII.  I had never received Cahokia VII before, so I had no idea what to expect, but I deliberately let go of anticipation and felt myself relaxing.  I could feel you standing behind me and I was getting goose bumps all over my body.  I felt something special was happening, although I had no idea what.  What I did feel was tingling all over my body and it was as if a lot of little doors were being opened, starting at my crown chakra, down my spine and through my arms and legs. I could actually feel the energies being weaved together and I saw a beautiful yellow rose, that later turned pink.  The energy that was flowing out of my hands, but not just out of my hands, was amazingly strong.   Then you sat down and told the group that you had always had felt that the Cahokia VII was not complete.  You went on to say that just before you initiated me, you saw the beautiful, new pattern for the Cahokia VII initiation and that you knew that I was the first to receive the full Cahokia VII initiation.  As you spoke, I felt a strong confirmation, it almost felt like a big hug from the Angels.  I was thankful and grateful, all the hard work we have done, you of course the most, but myself and others as well, was finally paying off.  I also ‘knew’ that this was just the beginning … that the doors were now open for even higher energies ...

Then you went home …

I have always had a strong connection to the energy of the Order of Melchizedek.  Often during healing work I was urged by the Angels to offer the initiation as part of the healing process and the offer was never declined.   Many times during the initiation the initiates would receive strong healings.

So, when you wrote that Higher Beings connected you to the original power of the initiation, I was skeptical.  I have Virgo rising, so ‘seeing is believing’ is part of my nature.  But having been positively surprised by you and the energies before, I decided to just go with it and see what happens.

Since I was recently blown away by the Cahokia re-initiations, the Enochian Magic IV and the Cahokia VII initiation, I thought it would be hard for me to be impressed by this re-initiation into the Order of Melchizedek.

I guess I should know better by now.  As soon as the energy started to come in, I almost fell backwards, it was so strong.  It was funny to hear you say you felt you were pulled backwards at the same time.  I also became very heavy in my legs, like never before.  It was like warm liquid was poured into my body and at the same time, it felt like there was an electric current running through me. I loved that both my Jack Russel, Boy, and my red cat, Charlie, wanted to be part of the initiation and that we could send some of the energy to all animals, the plants and trees that wanted to receive it and into the earth.

Since the initiation I feel a lot of heaviness gone. Thoughts about some problems in my life were weighing me down and although the problems are still there, the heaviness seems to have simply disappeared. I feel like I can take on anything that is thrown at me. I have also been working on a small lump on Boy’s side that is non malignant and the next morning it was already half the size and when I want to work on it now, I have a hard time locating it.

Dear Kathleen, thank you all your hard work, your wisdom, kindness, love and care and thank you for all that you have done for me … I will be re-initiating people into the Order of Melchizedek this week and have some people coming for healings. I’ll let you know what happens.

Love (always) & Light (more and more),