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Tera Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements
Are very different from the Egyptian Cartouche initiations.
When I initiated Ramona Kirk, she felt the new initiation process was ANCIENT.

-  The new YOD initiation opens the narrow channel at the top of the head, which allows both intellectual information and creative inspiration to enter the brain and mental body.  In addition, it actives the intuitive centers found within the Third Eye, Heart and Solar Plexus.

-  There are 24 Egyptian symbols that have been long identified as higher archetypal thought forms.  These attunements further open the initiate to these higher realms of thought.  (These symbols are listed below.)

-  VEIL of ISIS initiation helps to manifest higher thoughts into physical reality.

Clearing away the Egyptian Cartouche initiations, New Clearings,  (Clearings & Healing Energy that Work!)   YOD initiation, 24 Egyptian Symbols attunements and VEIL of ISIS initiation =   $600

The total cost for all of the above for those who were initiated into the Egyptian Cartouche by a properly attuned Tera Mai Seichem Master =  $200.

Pre-requisite is Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One.  (Cosmic Gold - Tera Mai Reiki )

            After my initial encounter with the Golden Buddha (twenty or so years ago), God's Angels came to me.  They asked if I would give them permission to clear particular Egyptian symbols through me.  They said that the individual who was meant to do this was entangled in unresolved personal 'stuff.'  It took a while.  When it was done,  I was left connected to Pure Archetypal  thought forms, which some Egyptian symbols represent.

            Unfortunately, after i taught others how to do these initiations, not everyone but many people changed the initiations.  Other people used the Egyptian Cartouche initiations for black magic.  Over time, the energy of the initiations gradually became more and more polluted.

            Late last summer (2014), when Ramona Kirk and I became aware of this, we tried to work with God's Angels to clear the Egyptian Cartouche initiations.  The Angels said that they were unsalvageable.  At that point, the Angels pulled the Egyptian Cartouche initiations away from me.  They are no longer connected to either myself or Tera Mai.  The dark is calling itself back to itself.  I was left with the pure energy of the Egyptian symbols that the Angels had cleared some 20 years ago.

            Then God's Angels gave me the VEIL of ISIS initiation, which manifest higher thought forms into physical form.  My intuitive mind is connected to my heart.  Helps Gods Angels to manifest healings through me.  Helps in visualization and Shamanic Journeywork, because the Veil of Isis is, in one way, representational of the Shaman's blindfold.  The Shaman wears a blindfold so that when he or she Journeys through his or her mind's eye into the Otherworlds of Spirit, he or she is better able to see clearly.  
-  Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is found within.
-  How else do we go within?  No surgeon has ever found the Kingdom of God while performing surgery.

VEIL of ISIS -  Crowning initiation into Tera Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies.  
Isis represents virtues of nurturing and the power of love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy and Divine and Earthly magic and healing. 
            -  The 24 Egyptian symbols come in on Silver. 
            -  VEIL of ISIS initiation comes in as Gold.     
Most people feel that the initiation experience is beyond words.  Some people found their voice and their testimonials are found throughout  www.tera-mai-conversation.com and www.KathleenMilner.com .  Here's one:

Hi Kathleen . . .  I have a whole new respect for what you do.  The clearings and re-initiation were beyond my imagining.  My soul is rejoicing.  Have a wonderful day, Kathleen Milner.
Milly MacPhee
Ontario, Canada

God's Angels have instituted the following for now in order to prevent contamination and loss of power of the initiations of Tera Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies: 
1.  For now, I am the only one give the Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements.
2.  Tera Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies initiations are clearly protected under the Tera Mai™ trademark. 
3.  Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One is now the pre-requisite for these initiations.  
4.  The New Clearings, and re-initiation into YOD gives the initiate more than what he or she received with the old Egyptian Cartouche initiations.
5.  Initiates would highly benefit from practicing and using the Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies.

YOD - first attunement, which opens the initiate to inner knowing. However, higher information is subtle and the initiate must also have a 'quiet mind'.   Kathleen gives this initiation in her Tera-Mai Reiki Mastership class. The remaining Egyptian Cartouche attunements connect the initiate to archetypal energies. The difference that the initiate feels after the attunements is that one is able to connect to archetypal energies beyond an intellectual conception, and use these energies in healing and white magic. 
Pyramid - initiation and protection.  Enlightenment.
Osiris - the loving father, teacher, consoler, the warrior who protects and bringer of justice
Isis - the loving, nurturing mother.  Magic and healing.
Thoth - lord or karma, lord of time, healer and magician.  Earth medicine and scholarly pursuits. 
Nephthys - hidden knowledge, mysteries and secrets.
Ptath - architect, builder, patron of men.
Hathor - patron of women.  Beauty and harmony; order and balance.  Her mirror is protective.  Metaphysical abilities.
Horus - healing of the physical eyes as well as the third eye.   Healing of family members and family issues.  Artistry and creativity.
Bast - joy, music, psychic abilities and intuition.  Clearing, healing and protection of the mental body and brain.
Anubis - protection and guidance. While the movie, The Mummy Returns, depicts Anubis as something evil, this is far from the truth. Anubis guides the recently departed safely to the Next World.
Fire - connection to the fire elementals and the energies of transformation, inspiration, illumination.
Earth - connection to the earth elementals and the energies of grounding, foundation, introspection and prayer.
Air - connection to the air elementals and the energies of wisdom, knowledge, active intelligence and joy.
Water - connection to the water elementals and the energies of intuition, healing, beauty and love.
Sirius - connection to the star people and the Pure White Light of the Stars. When Atlantas broke up and the arcane wisdom was broken up, the Native Americans were the only ones who retained that wisdom that life exists on other planets. References to UFOs maybe found in the Bible
Uraeus - power of the Universe, which includes justice and mercy, abundance and prosperity; and energies of repair, rebuilding and re-generation.
Ankh - the key to open doors of opportunity, love, joy et cetera.   It is an energizer for other Egyptian symbols.
Buckle of Isis - fertility in ones endeavors.
Sphinx - keeper of the secret of animal power medicine.  Keeper of Earth's secrets, magic, healing power, wonders and mysteries.
Twins - connection to the twin flame, our guardian angel, who watches out for us from the world of spirit. It is our twin flame, who holds the other 2/3 masculine (or feminine) and 1/3 feminine (or masculine) balance of who we are. 
Crook & Flail - taking back our own authority. Helps to connect with the path that was chosen before birth. When we release our wills to the Will of God and surrender to our own path rather than try to recreate someone else's or force things to happen our way, then life takes off! Things happen! We meet the right people! The right opportunities come our way!
Scarab - the kind of transformation that comes when we release the old so that something better is able to come in.
Lotus - peace of mind.  Wisdom.
Winged Disk - Clarity.  Clear communication.  Success, fulfillment, opportunities, abundance and prosperity.

Tera Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies