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EMERALD GREEN is bringing Heaven to Earth and raising Earth to the Heavens.  
            EMERALD GREEN from Heaven to Earth opens intuition, new ideas, and Spiritual communications in higher realms.
           EMERALD GREEN from the Earth is all about physical manifestation.  Whatever is done with love is further empowered.  These include physical healings, opportunities and means to prosperity.  

EMERALD GREEN works with the healing energies of Tera Mai.  What follows are examples of what Tera Mai Cahokia VIII and the Emerald Green initiation are able to do together.  And how the Emerald Green came to me.


HEALING of Dog's Hindquarters.   
Reversal of Symptoms and Observable Degeneration

Karen Molan's 12--year-old dog, Rascal, had severe degeneration in her hips.  Her back legs frequently crumpled under her, especially when making turns.  Rascal's hips were extremely narrow, and she only tolerated the family touching her back and hindquarters.  This tolerance did not extend to outsiders.

During the 10 days that I stayed with Karen in Cashel, Ireland, I found brief periods of time to work on Rascal.  Before I left for Dublin. Rascal's back legs carried her without buckling under her while was running around, even when she made tight circles.  In addition, Rascal's hips were conspicuously wider - the bones & joints were firmer and there was more muscle mass.  Karen was able to pat Rascal's back.  Rascal even enjoyed it if I placed my hands on either side of her hips and lifted slightly.

Karen's daughter, Kate, took before and after pictures of Rascal's back.  I will include them in the Spring 2014 Newsletter  and add them onto this post.

Disappearance of 2-Year-Long Back and Knee Pain

All I did was to call in Angels and healing energies before I re-initiated Mary Campion into Cahokia I.  Mary's 2-year back and knee problems disappeared.

Mary Campion also noticed a considerable increase in healing energy after being re-initiated into Cahokia I.

John Envoy found the same increase in healing after being re-initiated into Cahokia I.   This re-initiation into Cahokia I brought all of the Cahokia levels that John had been initiated into up in healing.  And while John was expecting a LOT from Tera Mai Cahokia VIII, the 8th Cahokia initiation went way beyond John's expectations. 

When I initially became aware this Spiritual energy, I wanted it.  Later, I found that I wanted it because it was calling me.  

Briefly!  The Emerald Green blessing came to me after Karen Molan and I cleared the Rock of Cashel in less than an hour.  (The Rock of Cashel has long been considered the most negative energy place in Ireland.)   Afterwards, I was able to connect Karen to the Emerald Green.  Then I asked God and His / Her Angels that if it was in Divine Order that the Emerald Green Column from Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven be placed within the Rock of Cashel and protected by Pink Love.  Immediately, it was done.  Then I asked that an Emerald Green column protected by Pink Love be placed in every place of worship.  Immediately, it was done.  (I was aware of this column when I returned to Northern Virginia and went to church.  See if you are aware of it as well.)

The next day, the stone masonry of the outer walls of this ancient, now open-air structure changed from black to the normal color of old stonework.  When I told Ramona Kirk about this, the Angels told Ramona that Pink had always been in the stones.  However, for a very long time, the forces of darkness had hidden and held the Pink captive under a dark mantel of negativity.

Then I asked that an Emerald Green column protected by Pink Love be placed in every one of Earth's vortexes.  

During both the Goddess & Nature Spirit workshop in Cashel and the Creativity Workshop in Dublin I was able to connect the majority of the 40+ people who attended the two workshops to the Emerald Green.  The Emerald Green from Heaven comes down the front of the initiate to the solar plexus.  The Emerald Green from Earth comes up through the initiate's heels, up the backs of the legs and into the solar plexus.  Pink love from the initiate's open, loving heart goes to the solar center and binds the 2 Emerald Greens together.  If the heart lacks love, the Emerald Green leaves immediately.  If the initiate receives the Emerald Green in his/her solar plexus and is held together by love from his/ her heart, BUT has mental and emotional blockages, then the Emerald Green is also blocked.   

Emerald Green emphasizes both healing and creative outcomes.  I get back what I put out ! ! !   For example, Angels worked on the damage in my hips that was still there from a car accident as I worked on Rascal's hips.  And while I did not receive the incredible clearing and healing that Rascal did, I did receive healing.  Another example, because the screenplay that Ramona Kirk and I wrote was inspired by Spirit, the doors have opened so that the screenplay is able to get on the big screen.

Emerald Green works with Tera Mai initiations because they are Universal and also come from God.   Everyone I worked on in Ireland had profound emotional, mental and/or physical healings.   Karen Molan worked with me during the last scheduled individual healing session in Cashel.  The woman arrived with an easily observable, bulging disk in her neck and left with a normal neck.  Aileen Fennessy in Dublin was able to lift a curse that someone had placed on me some 30 years ago.  

I would like to do other workshops to help people to open their hearts, release blockages, and connect to the Emerald Green from Heaven and Earth.  Typically, I do one-day workshops for $100.