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Initiations that men make up are not Universal - they are manmade!   Black magic initiations (such as Death of Compassion given at Owl Lake) are included in the category of manmade attunements.

How to Release Manmade Attunements:  

First, the healer asks the individual for permission to remove manmade attunements, and the energies and consequences of manmade attunements  from this and all other lifetimes. 

Second, the healer circles counterclockwise with his / her left hand and clockwise with his / her right hand in the aura over the chest of the individual.  

Third, the healer asks the individual to take a deep breath, and then to exhale.  As they exhale the healer pulls the misqualified energy off and send it to the central fire within Earth.  Amazingly, the individual typically feels an immediate opening in the heart or heart chakra, as well as more healing coming out of the hands.  

Fourth, go to the back heart chakra.  Follow the same procedure at the back heart chakra.  Oftentimes, the healer will see or feel dark objects, typically knives and swords in the healee's back.  

Fifth, check out the clearings on the BLOG Clearings & Healing Energy that Work! on  http://www.tera-mai-conversation.com/ 

Most people feel better afterwards and notice more healing energy.  It is not uncommon for people to feel a release of negative energy or even pain and disease as the manmade initiations are being pulled off.

Stephen Buck sees and understands that human energy field.  He sees that those who have been initiated into manmade initiations are sending their energy back to the original person who made up the manmade attunement.  

How to Release Demonic Attunements:  
If you douse an individual's Soul Star Chakra (which is about 12 inches above the head) and find your pendulum going back and forth in a straight line, the Chakra is closed.  Then go to the Crown Chakra (immediately above the head) and you will find that Chakra closed as well.  Continue down the line and you will find that all of the Chakras are closed.

To begin remove these initiations,  I place my left hand in the Soul Star Chakra.  My right arm is held straight down.  I hold a douser in my right hand.  Immediately, the douser will spin frantically in a wide counterclockwise motion.  God's Angels use the Universal healing energy you are channeling to pull demonic initiations from your left hand to the pendulum in your right hand and then down to Earth's central fire for transformation.  

When the poison has been released, the pendulum slows down, then it begins to spin clockwise.  The clockwise spin brings needed energy to the astral body and the physical body.  

I continue in the same manner with the Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, et cetera.  In some severe cases (cases where I suspect the individual has received 'advanced' initiations into dark systems) I've had to douse the Chakras down the back, beginning with the Chakra at the back of the head, back of the throat, back of the heart, et cetera.

I have personally witnessed some individuals who release major diseases and blockages in their lives immediately upon being cleared.

The good news is that my students and myself will clear and re-initiate you for a donation.  If you are considering doing this, please consider going to a Tera Mai Reiki master who's been re-initiated to Cosmic Gold Tera Mai Reiki One.  

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How to Release Manmade Attunements