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Tera Mai Seven Holy Flames

FIRE from the Holy Spirit may be transformational, inspirational, illuminating, creative, passionate, purifying, clearing, purging, freeing, healing, and/or  enlightening.

For over 20 years, Tera Mai Reiki Masters have received the VIOLET  FLAME attunement.
-  Enhances Violet Flame affirmations & invocations
-  Transforms darkness into light
-  Releases white magic (energy) that has been used for dark, demonic purposes.
-  White light is freed and returned to Source.


If you are properly attuned to Tera Mai Seichem One and the Violet Flame, and abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards, repeat the following affirmation and then meditate.
I have pure-heart intentions for the White Flame.  
You are light, I am light.  
    All  Earth will be Light.
For we will bring Light to every darkness,
    Light to every miscreation.

-  You will feel heat at the top of your head that flows into you body, and energy emanating from your hands.

-   White Flames burn darkness and evil to the ground, and reveals the Truth.

-  Works alone or in combination with the Violet Flame or as part of the  Seven Holy Flames.

-  White Flames are particularly helpful in clearing energy channels, chakras and timelines.

-  We cannot change the past, but we can clear it.


Once you’ve properly received the White Flame, focus on the Golden Harth.
-  Either focus on the picture or see it in your mind’s eye.
-  Golden Flames burn away pain & trauma, and memory of pain & trauma.
-  Golden Flames sooth, heal and protect.
-  Feel the energies coming into you and out your hands.

White, Violet & Gold Flames may be used together in clearing & healing:
   -  White Flame goes to the core issues and burns darkness to the ground.
   -  Violet Flame transform the manifestation of mental & emotional issue(s).
   -  Golden Flame burns traumatic memories, so that we are able to move on.

FOUR  ADDITIONAL  FLAMES, which are included in the Tera Mai Seven Holy Flames Attunement


Saint Michael gave me the Sapphire Blue Flame.
-  Burns away darkness that has been sent, and provides PROTECTION
-  Clears & heals.


Archangel Raphael gave me the Emerald Green Flame
-  Burns away pain & curses sent by a ‘evil eye’, whereby someone projects jealousy or dark thoughts.
-  Burns away blockages to abundance & prosperity, and gratitude & generosity.
-  Brings healing & new growth.


Archangel Muriel gave me the Pink Flame
-  Burns away bad feelings
-  Our feelings of hatred and jealousy do more harm to us than to the object of our hatred and jealousy.
-  God is Love!  We push ourselves away from God when we harbor dark feelings.
-  Jealousy is supposed to be a spark that show us that something like this is supposed to be in our lives.
-  We are NOT supposed to allow jealousy too fester and grow.
-  Far better to pray and ask, “God, I place myself in Your Hands.”
Archangel Uriel gave me the Ruby Red Flame.
-  By burning away fears, we are set free to be who we are meant to be.
-  When we change the way we think or feel, we positively alter the course of our life.
-  Ruby Red Flames bring strength, power, God’s Will, God’s Justice,  God’s Passion, God’s Passion for Justice.

Initiation into all Seven Tera-Mai Holy Flames is $490

-  Prerequisite is Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem One.

-  At a later undetermined date, if the initiate wants to learn how to give the initiations, there is additional cost is $210.  Prerequisite is Tera Mai Akasha Seichem Three.
-  Reinitiations into Tera Mai Akasha Seichem,  for those who already have Tera Mai Seichem, are given on a donations-are-accepted basis.
-  On July 1 & 2, 2017, I am teaching a class in England on how to pass on Tera Mai Akasha Seichem initiations.
Contact Karina Hall 

Tera Mai Holy Flames are NOT to be confused with the Three-Fold Flame of Gold, Rose Pink & Blue

-  It is part of who we are.
-  It may be observed about 12 inches above the head at the Soul Star Chakra.
-  Three- Fold Flame grows as the heart grows in love, compassion, generosity, gratitude & forgiveness.
-  When an individual closes his or heart time after time, in lifetime after lifetime:  
-  Increasingly, love is pushed out of the heart.
-  Individual pushes him or herself away from God.
-  It may well be that at this point, the Three-Fold Flame is extinguished as well.
-  God has never turned away from us.  WE DO THAT OURSELVES.

Violet Flame invocation for the removal of my own dark ‘stuff':
 I am a flame of fiery heart.
    All of my darkness I tear apart.

Violet Flame invocation for removal of dark spells and dark magic:
I am immersed in Violet Flame,
    All the spells are put to shame.


If you are of the Light, you will enjoy receiving these blessings & energies:

Over thee I pour White Fire, 
    Begone now if you're a liar.

Burn all darkness to the ground.
    Rays of White blaze all around,

Holy Fire pure and bright
    Dark is overturned by Light
Evil deeds can not remain
    In the path of the White Flame  

I have pure-heart intentions for the energy of the White Flame.

You are Light; I am Light.
    All Earth will be Light.
For we will bring Light to every darkness,
    Light to every mis-creation.


Flames of Gold I call upon,
    To bring about the Golden Dawn.


Shades of blue are God's Protection,
   Surround my soul in all directions.

Shades of blue are God's Perfection,
    Surround _______’s soul in all direction.

Shades of blue are God's Protection,
    Surround Earth in all directions.

Shades of blue are God's Perfection,
    Surround Tera Mai in all directions.


Green Fire blazing on,
    All the pain forever gone.

The evil eye I dis-allow,
    Flames of Green heal me now.


Fiery Pink release my mind,
    Leave bad feelings far behind.

All the hatred shall depart,
    Pink Flames burn inside my heart.


Ruby Fire I ask for thee,
    Burn my fears and set me free.

The evil eye I dis-allow,
    This Red Flame shall make me whole.


To reclaim what was lost or stolen.
 7 Flames of Holy Fire,
    Send all dark into your pyre.

I invoke the 7 Flames,
     All that’s mine I now reclaim.

With the assistance of God’s Angels, it may be possible for the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames to clear & heal the Angelic Codes  (DNA).
-  Important to remember to ask that the RNA be suppressed.

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