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Short Video Clips of Real Healings
Tera Mai Reiki Kathleen MIlner
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Short Videos of Real Healings at Dutch Paranormal Fair on September 28 & 29, 2013
Kathleen spoke for an hour each day.  

Healing of back:  (3 minutes, 14 seconds)
Healing of stress:  (4 minutes, 51 seconds)
Healing of neck hernia:  (3 minutes, 11 seconds)
Removal of sharp pain in shoulder:  (4 minutes, 32 seconds)
Healing of heartburn:  (2 minutes, 8 seconds)
Healing of joints, neck and shoulders:   (4 minutes, 42 seconds)
Healing of arthritis:  (2 minutes, 42 seconds)
How to Ground into the Golden Age: (1 minute, 59 seconds)
Healing of the right leg: (4 minutes, 23 seconds)
On ‘Healing Stress’ the woman Kathleen mentions on TED Talks is Kelly McGonigal.  Her topic was 'How to Make Stress Your Friend.'

15-minute radio interview discusses intuition & prophesy, and other Spiritual and religious subject.  Includes Kathleen's public prediction in January 2012, that Obama would be re-elected.

Video of real healings from the June 2 & 3, 2012, Dutch Paranormal Fair begins with an explanation of 'What is Tera Mai?'   Included are healings of migraine headaches, and the testimony of witness & medically documented healing of life-long, severe epilepsy.  (32 minutes, 21 seconds)