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-  The original Tera Mai Reiki is passed on in the Tera Mai Seichem and Tera Mai Akasha Seichem initiations.  
-  Golden Bubbles and/or Cosmic Gold are pass on only through Tera Mai Reiki initiations.  (Read below)

Three levels of Tera Mai Reiki
Scroll down to purple for class descriptions and costs.

1.  Healing Golden Elemental Earth Energy was added to Takata's original Reiki attunements by the Golden Buddha in 1991.  These attunements are known as Tera Mai Reiki, which since has earned a worldwide reputation for being a healing system that works.  Buddha's Tera Mai standards 
2. Cosmic Gold Healing Energy was added to Tera Mai Reiki by God in August 2014.  Testimonials of increased healing abilities and life improvement are on this site and http://www.tera-mai-conversation.com/   by those who have been re-attuned.
3.  Golden Bubbles were added to Cosmic Gold Tera Mai Reiki by God in the Spring of 2015.  These initiations are called Golden Tera Mai Reiki .  The healing energy works in combination with and elevates Tera Mai Seichem to create a powerful foundation for healers.   http://www.kathleenmilner.com/tera_mai_seichem_classes.htm  

            -  Golden Tera Mai Reiki One  re-initiation is given only to those who already have Tera Mai Seichem One.
            -  Or Tera Mai Seichem One is given sometime shortly after receiving Golden Tera Mai Reiki One.
                        -   Golden Tera Mai Reiki  initiation weaves into the Tera Mai Seichem initiation.
                        -  Tera Mai Seichem weaves back into the Golden Tera Mai Reiki  initiation.
                        -   This continues until both initiations have been integrated.
                        -  The Golden Bubbles initiate a powerful self-healing process.
                                    -  Negativity is brought up to the surface for us to look at and released.
                                    -  Or simply pushed out.
            -  The weaving back and forth also occurs in the Second and Third initiations.  
                        -  Also true for the IV, V, VI & VII initiations at the solar plexus.
            -  Find recent testimonials  on the following post:  Golden Tera Mai Reiki  

*  If an individual chooses not to receive Tera Mai Seichem, the Tera Mai Reiki initiator simply does NOT call upon the Golden Bubbles before giving the Tera Mai Reiki initiation.
*  If these individuals want Golden Tera Mai Reiki in the future, initiations are given on a donations-are-accepted basis.
*  Only Tera Mai Reiki / Seichem Masters, who have been re-attuned or attuned to the Golden Bubbles, may refer to themselves and what they do as Golden Tera Mai Reiki.

Regardless of what Tera Mai level you choose, the initiations costs are the same:

Workshop Facilitator: Kathleen Milner  Kathleen.milner@earthlink.net  or click on FIND INSTRUCTOR to the left.

Tera Mai Reiki One
$150 - no prerequisite
People take this class for their own healing, and to learn the ancient art of hands-on healing.

Tera Mai Reiki Two
$200 - prerequisite:  Tera Mai Reiki I
Classroom participants develop their psychic abilities and practice a variety of absentee healing techniques.  We work with symbols known to have healing attributes.  Many of these symbols are described on this site under the link, TERA MAI SYMBOLS, to the left and in my books.  

Tera Mai Reiki Three or Tera Mai Reiki Mastership
$750 - prerequisite:  Tera Mai Reiki I & II
People take this class and learn the following:
-  How to give the three Tera-Mai Reiki attunements.
-  How to give the YOD and Order of Melchizedek initiations.  (Violet Flame in given but taught in Tera Mai Seichem Three.)
-  How to use the breathing technique in absentee or self-healing. 
-  Further development of intuitive abilities.  (We practice the contractions and breathing necessary to do the attunements in a variety of fun exercises that also serve to send healing and develop intuition.)