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In the spring, before Barack Obama was nominated, I was sitting in Ursula O'Dwyer's kitchen in Tipperary, Ireland.  Unexpectedly, I saw a large image of Barack Obama in my mind's eye.  In the next moment, Ursula asked me, 'Kathleen, who do think the next President of the United States will be?'

When I receive the answer before the question is asked, I know that what I received is inevitable.  So, I proceeded to send my prediction out on the Internet and told everyone that I knew that Obama would be the next President.  And I stuck with my prediction even when the news media said that John McCann would win.

When I heard Barack Obama speak for the first time, I knew that Abraham Lincoln traveled with Obama as a Spirit guide.  Obama's eloquence came from Abraham Lincoln.  Many people voted for those words and ideas; many Republicans stayed away from the poles, and in their own way voted for reform.   During the Presidential election, these hopes rose to God in the form of a prayer.  Like a rising crescendo, God heard these prayers.

However, Barack Obama has it in his astrology chart that he is unable to effectively ground or manifest his ideas.  Thus, he has become a big disappointment to many people.

In early January 2012, I knew that Obama's soul was leaving and that Abraham Lincoln's soul had or was in the process of stepping into Barack Obama's body.  Spirit asked me to send this prediction out.  So, on January 7, 2012, I sent out an email.  I also told people, and everyone I told received some kind of confirmation that what I was saying was truth.

Since that time, personality changes have been observed in Obama; he was even caught singing.  More importantly, Obama has found a backbone.  He unexpectedly called a halt to an upcoming joint military operation between Israel and the United States, which would have pushed Iran into military action.  And even though previously, Obama had said that he would OK the Canadian Keystone Pipeline, surprisingly, he refused to approve it. * (see below)  

When I asked God's Angels why Abraham Lincoln had stepped in, I was given two words, 'Nation Building.'  

I was also told that other good, highly evolved souls, who had their lives cut short by forces of darkness were the Angels that were retuning to Earth to help bring about the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.  They will come in a variety of ways.

* Why Obama Failed to Sign Approval for the Keystone Pipeline from Canada:  

1.  United States oil refineries are already at full capacity.  If the Canadian Keystone pipeline went through, we would be refining dirty, sandy oil from Canada rather than clean Venezuelan oil.

2.  The news media has led us to believe that the 'Nebraska aquifer' is some small place in the middle of Nebraska.  WRONG!  The aquifer in question not only includes all of Nebraska, but runs from Wyoming and Montana down to the Panhandle of Texas.  Even Nebraska's Republican governor and Republican senator are against the pipeline.

3.  A pipeline break within the United States' aquifer would be an environmental and economic disaster beyond comprehension, as the waterways within the aquifer are interconnected.  This area is commonly referred to as American's breadbasket.

4.  There have been recent oil leaks / environmental disasters in other Keystone pipelines, including the pipeline break in Yellowstone, which is still NOT cleaned up.

5.  There are already tons of accumulated, stored toxic wastes from the extraction of oil from this sandy, Canadian site. There is already wide, extensive environmental devastation.  Now consider that the oil company has only extracted 3 percent of the oil.  When they are done, a forest the size of the state of Florida will be destroyed.  Then what?

6.  Cornell University's study concludes that 2,600 temporary construction jobs will be created from this Canadian Kieystone project during the 2 years that it will take to build the pipeline.    

7.  There are many Canadian citizens who are against the extraction of grimy oil from this Alberta, Canada site.  

8.  Just before Bill Clinton left office, he had 2 words of advice for the incoming George Bush:  First, maintain the surplus in the U. S. Treasury.  Second, DEVELOP the new technology. 

New technologies will create untold opportunities and countless jobs.  Fossil fuels are truly dinosaur technologies.

Who will be the next U.S. President ?