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Kenilworth, England,  June 24 - 29, 2017
Karina Hall - khall0808@icloud.com

The energies of Tera Mai are increasing for all who abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards 
I share my trademark, Tera-Mai, with only those who do abide by Buddha’s Tera-Mai standards.
-  This is Buddha’s idea, not mine !
I will do  this class in Kenilworth and Virginia and elsewhere.  Kathleen.miner@earthlink.net
-  CLASS OBJECTIVE - To heal in the manner of Jesus.
-  To be cleared and learn how to clear.
-  To be healed and learn how to heal.
-  Initiations included:
-  Golden Tera-Mai Reiki One & Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem One.
-  Initiations from my Shamanic One class
-  Explore & develop link between Shamanic Journeywork and the ancient art of hands-on healing.
-  Discernment !
-  Surrender our will to God’s Will
-  Feel God’s Spirit within us.
-  Relinquish our fear of the power of The Holy Spirit & The Creator’s Healing Power.
-  Elemental White Magic.


Example One:  One of my students repeatedly prayed to Archangel Raphael for healing.  One day, she saw and heard Raphael’s name repeated often.  Towards evening, she felt a HUGE power surrounding her completely.  She suspected it was Raphael but became fearful.  The energy left.  She did not receive a healing.

Example Two:  Twelve hours before the November full Moon, I laid on the coach with my eyes closed. Through my eyelids, I saw some kind of mass moving from above my head towards my feet.  In an instant, I was aware of a large mass of energy at the soles of my feet.  In the second instant, a HUGE mass of energy with density, form and purpose moved into the soles of both of my feet (particularly into my left foot).  In the third instant, the energy mass moved up my left leg and into my left hip.  My left leg was pushed up and into my left hip.  

Instantly, the pain in my hip decrease and I was able to walk easier. I believe that my left leg is slightly shorter now.   I notice healing has progressed even time I wake up.

Example Three:  While I worked with Claire Campbell during the November 9th Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.  We knew immediately that many people had called upon God’s Will, Crystalline White, Gold and Purple, and the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings at 8:00 pm in other parts of the world.

-  God’s Will, Crystalline White, Gold and Purple was calm, powerful, beautiful & electric in a different way.
-  Great Goddess’ Presence is stronger on Earth.
-  As Gabriel blew his trumpet, dark energies were broken up.
-  There was too much energy to come out of just my hands - it streamed out of both my wrists.


After the healings Kathleen Milner gave me. 
- I took my first selfie in Montana
- The sky was 99.9% blue
-  Only wisps of a few clouds in the sky.

When I looked at the photo:
-  My yellow hat was white.
-  My dark tan fishing vest was white.
-  Light streamed into the top of my head.

I am able to provide testimonies: 
- Regarding four separate healings. 
-  Kathleen did one for my horse.
-  And three healings for me.

Kathleen’s horse foundered at end of April.
-  He made a miraculous recovery. 
-  I wondered what she would do for K.C.

Ellen Bumgardner

1.  In spite of being a former racehorse, K.C. was always an easy ride - calm, obliging and happy; and he loved being groomed.

Two years ago, that all changed.  While riding K.C., he would unexpectedly so something dangerous.  The last time I rode K.C., he reared up on a hill and fell down on top of me.  He slid down my leg and ran off.  He returned shortly as if to say, I’m sorry.  His ground manners remained good; however, he could not tolerate being brushed, especially near his stomach and hindquarters.  Neither the vet nor the chiropractor could find anything seriously wrong with my horse that would cause him to act that way. !

I have never had a ‘psychic moment’ in my life until I watched Kathleen healing K.C.  Kathleen said that she saw a black etheric saddle on K.C.’s back.  I did not see the saddle, but as she lifted it off, I watched his back muscles between the last rib and the top of his hip sink three inches into my horse and then rise up three inches above his back.  Afterward, I was able to brush K.C. for the first time without causing discomfort.  All K.C. did was turn around and look at me while I brushed him.  He truly enjoyed the feel of grooming and seemed happy and relaxed.  (I am not yet able to ride.)

2.  Several days before leaving for our annual fishing trip, I was convinced that I had broke the little tow on my right foot and bruised the adjoining tow.  Kathleen drained the pain out of it.  The next day, the black and blue bruising was rapidly diminishing and was feeling much better.  As a precaution, I went to an Ankle/Foot doctor where he x-rayed my toes and whole foot.  The bone was fine!

3.  When I was 15 years old, I had a horse accident and nearly lost my left foot. My foot was attached to my leg by the Achilles tendon and a bit of skin.  The Washington Redskins’ team surgeon, Dr. Pat Palumbo, successfully re-attached my foot.  Over the years, I had to have a couple “house cleaning procedures” in the ankle area but I was still mobile.  I did experience swelling and pain in the ankle for many years but was thankful for being able to have an active life.  As time wore on, my ankle joint just wore out.  My options were to either fuse the joint or have a Total Ankle Replacement (TAR).  Nine years ago, I decided to have the TAR.  Shortly after the surgery, I was pain free for the first time in many years.  A true relief for my physical as well as my mental being.

As time went by, I started to have some discomfort in the ankle and would report back to the doctor.  In 2015, a cyst was found in the ankle joint, as well as arthritis in the subtler joint.  At a 2016 check, the surgeon though that he would have to remove the cyst and gone graft the area, fuse the subtler joint and possibly replace one of the TAR components.  A date of 03 August was scheduled for surgery.

Kathleen worked on my left foot twice in late June.  The swelling went down the first time she worked on it and I was pain free.  The second time, she also initiated me to the first initiation of Tera-Mai reiki, which she said was primarily for self-healing.  She also told me about the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, which I have participated in faithfully.

Several days later, I left for Montana on a fishing trip with my husband and father-in-law.  I took my first selfie on a day what the sky was blue and there were only a few whispers of clouds.  When I looked at the photo a large band of white light was coming into my head and heart.  My tan fishing jacket and yellow hat were both white, while my plaid top remained the same.

The biggest miracle came after the doctor re-took x-rays before surgery and reviewed the CT scan.  He found there was a positive change in my left foot.  He decided right then and there to leave all of the TAR components alone and that the subtler joint did not need to be fused.

4.  Shortly after I woke up from the bone graft surgery, I had such terrible lower back pain that I could not sleep, even with the pain medication.  All I could do was dose off and on.  The hospital stay was very brief, so I called Kathleen as soon as I was checked out of the hospital.  My surgery was done in another state from my residence so my husband and I stayed at a hotel for the night.  Kathleen worked on me over the telephone for over an hour. After we hung up, I took one Percocet before going to sleep and experienced no back pain during the night.  I haven’t had back pain since.

The next day, we were driving from New Jersey back to Virginia.  So, I took one pill just in case.  It made me sick to my stomach, so I decided not to take any Percocet again.  I have taken ordinary Advil once a day since, but that’s it. 

-  It behooves each of us to stop creating an insular universe and packing it with information (truth or fiction) that only supports our personal beliefs.
-  Hopi Prophesy for our time:  Embrace change or choke in your own fear.