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Where Do Many of the Reiki Systems Come From?

Over one hundred years ago, a Japanese Buddhist monk named Makio Usui had a consciousness-raising or near death experience on a mountain in Japan. In this state he encountered a Higher Being who initiated him into healing and taught him how to initiate others. This fact is proven true by the healings that Makio Usui and his ‘Reiki Masters’ were able to do. 

Stories of the healing miracles of the Reiki Masters reached the ears of Hawayo Takata, a Japanese American woman living in Hawaii. She was dying of cancer. Taking the risk, she went to Japan and was healed of her disease. She expressed her gratitude and then relentlessly begged them to initiate her and teach her Reiki. Dr. Chujiro Hayashi at last obliged. It was the 1930’s and Takata was not a man; do you really think they told her everything? Perhaps, not even today would a woman be told everything. In addition, there is an old Oriental tradition, that of the master withholding from his students. After initiating her, the Japanese Masters gave Takata a part of the symbols and initiation procedures for the healing ray from element earth only, because without the grounding of earth, nothing else is going to happen. For whatever her reasons, Takata thought they had given it all to her. 

Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing ISBN 1-886903-97-2 

Takata taught 22 Reiki Masters for a cost of $10,000 each. Each one of Takata’s alliance Reiki Masters received an identical master symbol, which she called the DAI KOO MIO, and basically the same initiation procedure. Iris Ishakuru, one of the 22 Reiki Masters, felt that Reiki Mastership should be available for a more reasonable sum. Before Iris died, she initiated and taught a man in Florida, who started teaching Reiki I, II and Mastership for less than the Reiki Alliance Masters. According to his story, the Alliance Reiki Masters showed up at his door one day, demanding that he stop advertising and teaching Reiki. He then showed them the written and signed documentation that Iris Ishakuro had left him stating that she had initiated and taught him Reiki mastership. After a time, this man sent out letters to his Reiki Mastership students saying that he had other forms and changes to the Reiki attunements. Those students, such as Rick and Emma Furgeson, who did not attend his “advanced Reiki” classes, were disavowed as Reiki Masters by him. The changes he made eventually became known as Tibetan Reiki and Usui Reiki. Another individual, who took these classes, marketed and popularized these forms of Reiki. 

The Usui Reiki initiations I have seen have nothing left of the original Reiki initiations that Usui’s Reiki Masters had given Takata in Japan. So, if it is not the original Reiki I personally do not understand why it is called Usui Reiki. Tibetan Reiki does not come from Tibet; however, the Mastership symbol is a symbol used by Tibetan monks for exorcisms. Other individuals took these classes and with the energy they received changed the attunements and offered these changes as other Reiki attunements with other names. Oftentimes, after somebody important dies an individual will claim that that the one who died had taught them the missing Reiki attunements; however, healings fail to happen. Thus, their story lacks credibility. Did Osho practice Osho Reiki? I don’t think so! Another of the 22 Reiki Masters Takata attuned was a Zen Monk. Before he died and before I had the consciousness-raising experience, he took a Reiki Mastership class in California from one of my students, Beth Saunders. He made a public statement that what I had taught Beth was identical to what Takata had taught him with the following differences: 1) Takata taught the breathing and contractions but never emphasized them. 2) Takata did not teach any particular order for attuning the initiations points. Whereas, I taught my Reiki Masters to attune the initiation points from the crown down. 3) He felt that I had organized the teaching materials with a great deal of clarity. 4) Takata did not allow questions. After the Zen Monk died, somebody claimed that the Zen Monk had told him or her missing initiation procedure was that Takata had shared with him. If the Zen Monk had not made his public statements we might also have Zen Monk Reiki available on the Reiki market. There are other people who snatch at power wherever the can get it, be it from Voodoo, Enochian Magic from Elizabethan times and other forms of black magic, or legitimate metaphysical studies. There are some Reiki attunements that open the initiate’s psychic and healing channels but do not connect them to the Universal Source or God. When people try to use both black magic and Reiki to create manmade attunements havoc follows. Before doing initiations with anyone it is highly advisable to witness healing demonstrations and ask all of the questions. 

. . . I walked around to greet Einar but his eyes told me that he was barely present in his body. The left corner of him mouth was drawn up tightly to his cheekbone in a permanent smile and he was unable to blink his right eye. When I dowsed his crown chakra, it was closed so tightly that the pendulum swung back and forth up to the height of my fingers. My friend had seen a black aura around Einar when he walked into her apartment and Marcelle saw negative entities around him. Einar had taken and was giving many different Reiki initiations, as well as any number of other manmade initiations. We worked on him that night and when he asked, I told him what I thought was going on. During the course of the weekend, other healers that were taking my Shamanic Workshop worked on Einar and told him the same thing. Once, I overheard Einar say that he liked the power that he was feeling from these different initiations. Robin Hormann responded, “I have walked away from power”. My friend told Einar that the dark forces can produce a lot of power but it cannot be used for healing and there are consequences to be paid. 

Tera, My Journey Home: Seichem, Shamanism, Symbology, Herbs & Reincarnation ISBN 1-886903-12-3

How to Bring in Healing Initiations: In Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing:

I describe a consciousness-raising experience whereby my physical body and conscious mind went into the Otherworlds where I met a Higher Being, whom I later discovered was Buddha. Buddha showed me what was missing from the initiations that Takata had been taught in Japan. While the changes were minor, the healing energy went up dramatically. It is Buddha who is in charge of all of the Tera-Mai initiations. That is why they work! I would like to emphasize that I was not meditating, channeling, out of body or struggling through texts. I have physically and consciously been in the Otherworlds on a very few occasions and those who were around me also had extraordinary experiences. Also, my gut feeling is that if the man from Florida had simply continued to teach Reiki in the manner that Iris had taught him that Buddha would have come to him in a consciousness-raising experience and not to me.

How are Dark, Unconscious Forces Able to Work on This Planet? 

In my summer 2001 newsletter, I mentioned how I had won back in a jury trial a horse that had been stolen from me. I tell his story in Tera, My Journey Home. While I was in Argentina the woman, who had stolen my horse, died. One night I was awakened from my sleep to see a black form standing off to the side of my bed. While brown, earthbound spirits have some recognizable features; black souls have none. Still, I was able to somehow recognize the being in my bedroom as Hilda. The angels were around me and I was impressed to calmly tell her, “First, you told me that you were going to will the horse to me but you did not make out a will. Then you gave him to me, maybe because you were afraid that I wouldn’t testify for you unless you did. If so, that was your false assumption! I fixed him up and eleven months later, your manager steals him. You have no cause against me!” Then I asked the angels to show Hilda the incident where she gave me the horse and I saw the scene like a movie being played out in front of me. So, I knew that Hilda had seen it as well. I continued talking to Hilda. “You cannot forgive your brother-in-law because you cannot forgive yourself. When you can forgive the both of you come back and I will help you to the Light.” 

After Hilda left, I had the strong impression that she went to the people who had stolen, swindled and cheated her throughout her life. I asked Tracy Lawler-Boen ( what she thought. Tracy psychically felt that Hilda is busy taking away everything that had been taken from her times ten even though she cannot now use the wealth herself. Some individuals are already feeling the pinch and Hilda is circling in and saving her brother-in-law for last. Tracy did not feel evil! They had simply left themselves opened to Hilda’s tormented soul by their own actions towards her while she was alive. Hilda is unconscious to the difference between right and wrong, but she lacks the ability or the way in to take my horse from me or to do me harm. Had I acted different the door would be open. 

When Hilda initially gave me the horse she could not find his papers. Months went by and it became obvious that the papers were lost or stolen. By this time, Hilda’s health was deteriorating and she was still insistent that his papers would turn up. I could have easily have gotten her to unknowingly sign a document stating that she had given me the horse. Maybe I could have even justified doing that since she had given him to me. Instead, I asked God what to do! When the answer came I was told to ask her accountant for board bills with zero balance, since I was being given free board. Hilda’s own attorney at the time felt that I had come across the perfect solution to obtaining written documentation to prove the ownership of my horse. Asking God what to do and surrendering our lives to God results in positive, life-altering events and circumstances. 

When the Taliban blew up the two large statues of Buddha carved in the cliffs of Afghanistan and destroyed other religious objects not associated with their particular interpretation of Islamic texts, I got a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach. I get this sensation when death is imminent. The Taliban had opened the door to its own destruction; it is called the Law of Karma. Karma can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and is as inexorable as the tide. Karma is particularly powerful and sudden during this transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, whereby our thoughts, words and deeds towards others are coming back to us times ten. The political and religious extremes of the far right and far left anywhere on this planet are similar and the extremes are going to crumble everywhere giving way to the middle of the road. 

“When we give up freedom for security we lose both.” Benjamin Franklin 

Since Early Spring 2001 I Have Been Doing Clearings Everyday on myself, Tera-Mai™ and all who have been properly attuned to Tera-Mai™ , who are abiding by the Tera-Mai™ standards. I believe God asks me to do this because those who change or who are trying to mix the Tera-Mai attunements with other Reiki, Seichem or manmade attunements, or those who are trying to use the Tera-Mai™ energy for black magic only tie-up and bind the flow of healing energy. The result is that many individuals are losing the Tera-Mai™ healing energy at an increasingly faster rate; less and less healing energy is coming out of their hands. Those who are abiding by the Tera-Mai™ standards are doing more remarkable healings. 


Manmade attunements adversely affect the etheric channels and then the physical body. I just re-attuned a man yesterday, who had received the Tera-Mai™ initiations and then received a manmade Reiki attunement. He never did any of these other initiations and he has been doing healings; however, ever since the first day he was attuned to the manmade attunement, his health began to deteriorate. During the Tera-Mai™ I re-attunement is eyes were able to focus and he was able to see clearly. While it is possible to do self-healing with some manmade Reiki attunements, altering the fire (Seichem) initiations causes havoc. One of the people who received such an attunement prior to receiving Tera-Mai™ Seichem told me that immediately after receiving the manmade Seichem initiations her body became extremely ill and in pain for nine months. Among other things, she had blood in her urine, the doctors suspected that she might have cancer and she thought that she was dying. 

When all of the Tera-Mai™ Standards are followed during an initiation then the initiate receives the energy from that particular initiation that the Higher Being (Buddha) gave to me in the consciousness-raising experience I had in Los Angeles.


When Dolly the sheep was cloned there were many individuals who had similar past life memories that this had been done in Atlantis and that cloning had been one of the misuses that had helped bring about the destruction of Atlantis. (The city they recently discovered underwater off the coast of Duba maybe Atlantian; the Antarctic surely was.) Dolly the sheep was born an old baby and has been physically older than her mother for some time. Dolly is also sterile. The cloning process itself produces an embryo with 2 mothers and there is an enzyme missing. So, it would not be out of line to draw the logical conclusion that the clone is actually physically inferior to the mother. Many of the cloned fetuses are miscarried; the vast majorities that are born are defective and destroyed. There are 2 reasons for cloning humans – body parts and a slave labor force. During a talk public radio broadcast concerning cloning, it seemed that the companies doing the cloning believe that they would own human clones. What is different now than at the time of Atlantis is that the cloning process is not working? God’s hand is mercifully intervening. 

Everything is working to Bring about the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels or the Age of Aquarius:

Even the tragedy of September 11th had produced some positive effects. People are bonding, relationships are seen as more valuable and people are stopping to look at what is lacking and what is important in their lives. Something else very big is going to happen very soon. I do not believe that the coming event will be caused by terrorists. This event will have both tragic and positive consequences and may be seen as taking us into uncharted territory. When I ask my guides psychically what this event maybe, I am told that it is not for me to know. It is going to become increasingly important for us to maintain our center, like a gyro in the midst of chaos. Our center is our connection to God. We get there by meditating, by surrendering our life to God, asking God what to do, asking God for the Truth and trusting that God will provide. When we meditate it is possible to breathe away fear, anger and sorrow, and to breathe in love, joy, protection, abundance, peace, etc. This is not to say that what we look upon as “negative emotions” don’t have their place. For example, righteous anger is effective when we take positive action; if we fail to take right action or wish to hold onto anger then it becomes self-righteous and self-destructive.

Initiations I Include in my Classes:

YOD: When Pamela Davidson of Canada came to study Tera-Mai Seichem with me in May, she was especially excited about the YOD attunement. The Tera-Mai YOD attunement has both the aspects of God and Goddess. (We are a reflection of God. If God was not both masculine and feminine then women would not exist.) Pamela saw the silver energy from the heavens spiraling clockwise downwards into earth. The silver energy is masculine, dynamic, passionate, loving and powerful, electric and purifying. The gold energy also spirals clockwise but upwards tot he heavens. The gold energy is feminine, dynamic, nurturing, protective, sustaining, elemental life force, sexual 
(like the kundalini) and healing. The silver and gold spirals are like DNA strands. When they meet they unify to form a whole. Our planet is moving into a higher vibration where God and Goddess are uniting on Earth. It is going to affect the way we are and every aspect of our lives. 

Before the YOD initiation is given, the initiate feels a tingling energy at the crown. This initiation helps to open the initiate to his/her psychic intuition and inner knowing. YOD also helps awaken the centers that produce “gut feelings”. Last year, after the Taliban blew up the statues of Buddha that had been carved in the cliffs, I told people that the Taliban had signed its own death warrant. I knew this because of the sour feeling I had, like a small ball of acid, in the pit of my stomach or solar plexus. When I get this feeling I know that death is at hand. The sense I have about sending missals into the caves in the Tora Bora Mountains is more of an impression that this is a mistake and I have no idea where this sense is coming from. YOD is the first initiation into the Egyptian Cartouche. I include this attunement in the Tera-Mai Mastership classes and teach these students how to do the YOD initiation. 

Egyptian Cartouche: When the initiations are properly given, they help to connect the individual with Universal Archetypal Energies. They maybe the first step to the Primordial Source. When I am doing healings on people and I feel sensations in my own body then I know where to focus my attention. I do not feel pain; it is more of awareness. Anyone can use the Egyptian Cartouche symbols to create golden balls in the manner that I describe in Tera, My Journey Home. The difference between being attuned and not being attuned to the Egyptian symbols is that for those who have been properly attuned, the golden balls have more form or structure. The cost for these initiations is $500. I teach those who have done these initiations and are Tera-Mai Seichem Masters how to do the attunements. 

Violet Flame: Anyone can work with the Angels of the Violet Fire, the Violet Flame; Saint Germain and Quan Yen, the Chinese Goddess of mercy. The energy of the Violet Flame is very light and transformational. Like other Universal healing energy, it may be used in hands-on or absentee healing or in Shamanic journey work. After being attuned to the Violet Flame it is like the initiate becomes one of the angels when doing healing work. I include this initiation in the Tera-Mai Mastership classes and teach it to Tera-Mai Seichem Masters. 

The Order of Melchizedek: The Order of Melchizedek is mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments. In the Old Testament the Priest Melchizedek is credited with having established a healing order of priests and priestesses. The Essen’s used this energy and initiated people into the Order of Melchizedek. Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Mormons had the healing energy and ability to initiate people into the Order of Melchizedek, but both groups lost the energy and the ability to initiate through misuse. The attunement is the easiest to give and one of the most powerful to receive. If people are repeating my class I encourage them to repeat the initiation as it is possible to continue going up in levels while be re-initiated. During healing work the energy of the Order of Melchizedek can be strong. For example, I was doing a public healing demonstration on a man who had glaucoma. During the demonstration Thoth came in. Many of the people watching were also able to feel the presence and energy of Thoth. The man’s eyes became less glossy and the next morning the pressure in his eyes had diminished by half. Each following morning, the pressure continued to diminish by half. I give this initiation in my Tera-Mai Mastership classes and teach these students how to give this initiation. 

Enochian Magic

Enochian Magic” During the reign of Elizabeth I, a system of magic was channeled in by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley. They called it Enochian Magic. John Dee was an astrologer and suspected of being an espionage agent for the queen and signed his correspondence to her ‘007’, just like Ian Fleming’s character, James Bond. John Dee was not psychic! It was Edward Kelley who perceived information from the Otherworlds during their scribing sessions while John Dee took notes. The angels they were involved with are highly suspect as they said that they gave the men both white and black magic – although the angels did tell the men never to use the system of black magic. (Why did they even introduce the men to black magic?) Both Dee and Kelley had warnings that the whole system was suspect when the angels threatened to put a curse on John Dee and his progeny for five generations because he was not doing their bidding fast enough. The ‘angels’ also told Kelley that he had to get married even though he didn’t want to get married. Then the ‘angels’ told Dee and Kelley to swap wives. Interestingly, while Dee thought the ‘angels’ were genuine, Kelley, the psychic, felt that the ‘angels’ were deceiving them. Dee and Kelley worked together for five years and the Otherworld communication stopped when the two men parted.” Tera, My Journey: Seichem, Shamanism, Symbology, Herbs & Reincarnation ISBN 1-886903-12-3 (see BOOKS) 

Elizabethan Enochian Magic has worked in the past but as the energy of Mother Earth continues to increase, all forms of black magic are losing their power and effectiveness and all black magicians are finding their spells back in their own laps. As for Elizabethan Enochian Magic, individuals who work with it are working with the same demonic entities who instructed John Dee and Edward Kelley. Often during an exorcism, I am able to see that the demons that are being pulled off are the same demons that the individual worked black magic with in another lifetime. The pentagram is NOT a symbol of evil; rather it is a powerful symbol of protection. The black magician stands in the middle of the pentagram to protect him/herself while calling in demons. However, when that black magician dies there is no pentagram, and the truth is that the demons that are called in from the first summoning begin to cord in and control the black magician. 

When demons or black magic are being released it is imperative that the healer stay out of judgment. We have all had lifetimes that we are not particularly proud of! The healer may find it helpful to cloak the healing, healed and him/her in silver. Initially, try to send the demon(s) to the Light; if that fails call in the Angels of Exorcism. Angels of Exorcism will take the demon(s) to the appropriate place (and that place may very well be back to the black magician who sent the black magic or demons in the first place, if that is the origin of the demons or black magic.) Afterwards, fill the void of their passing with healing. Then the healer puts MIRRORS OF HATHOR around the healed and him/herself. These mirrors reflect back to all senders their thoughts, words and deeds so that the senders of black magic might learn Universal Laws. NOT for the purpose of retribution or getting even. 

I once cleared a woman and her child of black magic in a place where Elizabethan Enochian Magic had been practiced. Although, I was not aware of this at the time I did the exorcism and healing. The child had suffered from an unknown strand of pneumonia that mystified the doctors. She had just recently been reluctantly released from the hospital, and she looked weak, ashen and frail. During the session, the little gift was miraculously healed and looked once again like a normal child, and the woman was released from the black magic that was around her. This woman and a friend had gone to the East Indies looking to become world-class Shaman and had let everyone and anyone they met, who was a psychic/healer or claimed to be a psychic/healer, do whatever it was that they wanted to do on the two women. Somewhere along the line or at several or many stops along the way, they had encountered black magic and the woman’s child was taking the brunt of the effects of their experimentation. Later in the day, hundreds of large black flies began appearing out of nowhere in the place where I had done the exorcism and healing. I believe that the flies were able to manifest in the physical because the atmosphere was heavily cloaked. For the next several days, I sprayed Windex on the flies as they appeared and landed on the windows, picked them up with a tissue and flushed them down the toilet. 

The Enochian Magic I initiate people into in my Shamanic classes is a part of the initiations that Jesus and the early disciples of Jesus used for initiation into healing. Remember in the New Testament Jesus taught his disciples how to heal and he instructed them to go out and teach others how to heal. An individual who had been taught by a former member of the Catholic clergy taught me these initiations. “These Enochian Magic initiations cleanse the physical and astral body and open psychic and healing channels. The first initiation opens the third eye, etheric solar plexus and the soles of the feet. The second initiation opens the wingspread from the shoulder blades, the head, and the second chakra and begins to open the spine. The third Enochian Magic initiation concentrates on the spine and is also given in the palms. If the initiate is not channeling healing energy, the effects of the initiation can be likened to being invited to a formal dinner party where the table is beautifully set with fine china but the silver serving dishes are empty.” Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing ISBN 1-886903-97-2 (see BOOKS)