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What would be the Best Class for Me to Take?

I am interested in channeling healing and opening my psychic abilities. Is it best to take the Tera-Mai Reiki attunements or Tera-Mai Seichem attunements?

If you like to take your time and integrate slowly, it would be advisable to begin with Tera-Mai Reiki. The energy runs hot and cold. In the second Tera-Mai Reiki attunement there is an attunement to the feet, which opens the initiate to the electromagnetic healing of the Earth Mother. This energy has a “buzz” to it.

Tera-Mai Seichem has the energy of earth (Reiki), fire (Sakara), water (Sophi-El) and air (Angeliclight). The healing/psychic aspect of fire is a sparkling, prickling energy that works both in the aura and physical body. The healing/psychic aspect of water is pulsating cool waves of energy that works to bring up deep emotional issues to be felt and released. The healing/psychic aspect of air is mental healing and energizing the third eye.

What is the difference between taking a Tera-Mai class and Kathleen’s Shamanic Class? 

Tera-Mai healing energy works both hands-on and absentee. In Kathleen’s Shamanic Class she holds the circle of energy so that the participants can learn to Journey to the Otherworlds (other realms of reality or fields of consciousness) by projecting their consciousness out through their third eye. Kathleen also includes initiations in this class that help the class participants open to their healing and psychic abilities in another way; thus, allowing the fledgling Shaman to work effectively in the Otherworlds to bring about changes in this one. This does not mean that the one who Journeys is able to manipulate other people or events for their own selfish purpose. What this means is that the Shaman sets his/her intention before beginning the Journey and watches him/herself, the angels and spirit helpers (Holy Spirit) work to bring about changes for the best of all concerned. The Shaman may ask questions while Journeying. Holy Spirit is not going to allow the one who Journeys to take something that belongs to another, or do harm or hold a soul in a body when the time has come for that soul to make a transition.

What are the Tera-Mai initiations of Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophi-El, Angeliclight and Tera-Mai Cahokia? 

The three Tera-Mai Seichem initiations include the 3 Tera-Mai Reiki attunements as well as the first initiations into Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight. Think of Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight as a whole pie. One third of that pie is divided into three parts and one of these three parts is transferred in each of the three Tera-Mai Seichem attunements. The other 2 pieces of the remaining pie are given in Tera-Mai Sakara II and Sakara III. These initiations further open the initiate to the elemental healing energies of fire, water and air.

Tera-Mai Cahokia is the combined force of elemental power and is the healing/psychic energy that Kathleen Milner was born with. The elemental energy becomes multifaceted and works in startling and unique ways.

What about the school for the healing arts that Kathleen Milner mentions in her book, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing?

From the first edition of her first book, Kathleen Milner has stated that Sakara, Sophi-El, Angeliclight and Cahokia will be taught from a central school by qualified instructors only. In light of what happened to Reiki and even Seichem, this action is warranted so as to protect the healing/psychic energy from Tera-Mai attunements. To a man or woman as the case may be, those who have received Cahokia III (Cahokia is necessary to transfer Angeliclight initiations) and who would like to do the Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight attunements have asked that the school to be a school without walls.  

In order for there to be a school without walls, those who were trained to give the Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight attunements signed a contract.  They agreed to only give and receive initiations  that are given within the Tera-Mai system, to keep the initiations standardized, and not to teach or show anyone else how to do these initiations.  There is a $1,000,000 penalty for non-compliance!  So, those who signed the lifetime contract are truly dedicated to Tera-Mai!  All of these individuals are listed on this site.  Click on FIND INSTRUCTORS and scroll down to ADVANCED INITIATIONS to find a qualified instructor.

Why is it important to keep the Tera-Mai attunements pure?

All healing energy comes from God!  In order for God to work through Tera-Mai in increasingly dramatic and sudden ways, it is necessary to keep Tera-Mai itself pure. (God requires a pure vessel!) This purity is achieved by the angels, who cut the cords of those who give or receive manmade attunements as well as those who practice black magic.  This is verified as truth by such people who have lost the energy of Tera-Mai.  It is also inexorably confirmed by the fact that the healing energy of Tera-Mai continues to increase because it is kept pure. 

Universal initiations come from God!  When people change Universal initiations they also “mess around” with the energy of the attunement.  (This is logical!)  The energy of manmade attunements is different from that of Universal attunements, and the energy of manmade attunements does not last the test of time.  The energy of manmade attunements interferes with the energy of Universal attunements, and eventually all of the healing energy is gone.  People who take Tera-Mai classes are aware of the standards – that is, that in order to use the trademark Tera-Mai, the instructor/initiator must refrain from giving or receiving other Reiki, other Seichem and manmade attunements.  (What is manmade is left up to the discernment of the instructor/initiator.)  Because this contractual agreement is a part of the Tera-Mai trademark, when people dishonor the contract, the energy of Tera-Mai leaves them rather quickly.

I am a business person! What should I expect from Kathleen’s workshop Reinvent Yourself?

Expect to challenge your left brain to the possibilities of other fields of reality and to open your right brain to its creative potential. Bring your business and personal problems with you! Transfer what you learn in this workshop to create or recreate a positive personal and professional life.