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To be listed on the website requires a one-time registration fee of $100.00 


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Afterwards, any additional changes are $25.00 per change and must be submitted via this website on the change form.  In signing the form the instructor agrees to comply with all terms of the Tera-Mai trademark standards. If at a later date, the instructor chooses to pursue other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade attunements their right to use this trademark may be canceled upon written notice.


TM Reiki &  TM Seichem and IV, V, VI & VII initiators are able to teach students how to pass on these initiations.

The only Sakara II & III initiators, who are able to pass on the second and third initiations into Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight, are listed below.  HOWEVER, these instructors have not yet been taught how to give the initiation so that others would be able to pass on the higher vibrations of Angeliclight.

Rembrandt did not know how to teach his students how to put emotional energies and personality traits onto canvas.  It was because he did not understand the process by which he was able to do this.  In that same light, Kathleen is not able to teach individuals how to weave the Elemental Healing Rays from Source into the patterns of Cahokia.  

There is an additional initiation into Angeliclight, which allows the initiator to pass on Angeliclight initiations.  Kathleen is unable to teach this to others.   Angeliclight is important for many reasons; maybe the most important reason is because it protects and allows the initiate to work with the fire energies of Sakara.

When God and His Holy Angels determine that others will learn these initiations, They will show Kathleen how to do it.