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INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED AS A NATURAL-BORN HEALER & PSYCHIC, Kathleen Milner created Tera Mai Healing network after having a conscious-raising experience

Kathleen is an artist & author of five books and a screenplay, ANNE BOLEYN’S SECRET (coming out soon).   

I practice the ancient art of Shamanic and hands-on-healing. Spiritual healing from God comes through my voice, as well as my hands. God’s Angels work with the energy while I watch.

I offer sessions over the telephone or on Facebook’s free phone on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner. Miracles happen. People donate afterwards, typically through Paypal.

Are you interested in facilitating Tera Mai™ healing energy, a Gift of The Spirit? If so, consider Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki initiations. https://kathleenmilner.com/classes-initiations-descriptions/

Recently, God’s Angels asked me to begin teaching qualified individuals how to give advanced Tera Mai™ initiations. If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me.”


For three decades, Tera Mai™ has elevated countless of individuals through sessions, classes and initiations.

Tera Mai™ is registered in the Federal Copyright & Trademark Office as a healing system with standardized initiations. ~  I share my trademark freely with only properly attuned Tera-Mai™ initiates who abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards.


Live Clearing/Healing videos posted on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner. Videos of live healing demonstrations on Short Video Clips of Real Healings.




Becoming a Shaman

Becoming a Shaman:
It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been
by Kathleen Ann Milner


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American ebook 

“I grew up in a time when people did not think metaphysical abilities came from The Holy Spirit.  When I was very young my spirit guides slowly disappeared along with my Gifts of The Spirit.  Ashamed, I hid my abilities.”

During the process of my divorce, I realized that trying to be what other people wanted me to be was not working.

My life changed when I prayed to God and asked that the Gifts of the Spirit be returned to me.  God answered my prayer immediately, but I was not blessed with all of my abilities.  Instead, I took a journey to discover myself and God/Goddess.   I paused when I discovered that my local library had a metaphysical section.  How had I missed this?  I read voraciously.

In the 1980’s, Wright Gallery in Chicago showed and sold my paintings.  In 1988, I was involved in two car accidents within 3 months of one another.  Pain put my life and work on hold.  When traditional medicine threw in the towel, I aggressively pursued alternative methods and prayed fervently.   As my healing abilities became stronger, my body healed.

When I was a small child, I never placed my hands on anyone; instead, I watched the Angels work or prayed.  When I took Reiki One from Helen Borth, I learned the ancient art of hands-on healing. However, my healing abilities were stronger before I received Reiki initiations.  It’s now no wonder I had been guided to Reiki.

In December 1990, I appeared as a speaker & presenter at the Los Angeles Whole Life Expo.  Reiki Masters approached me.  Everyone told me that no one was able to facilitate the same type of miracles that Dr. Takata had been able to do.  I knew then that the Reiki initiations were incomplete.  So, I asked God for the Truth about Reiki.

In January 1991, the walls and ceiling of the Los Angeles living room I was visiting became cathedral size.  I walked into the Otherworld of Spirit with my conscious mind.  I was surprised that I was not afraid and that somehow, I knew where I was.  

The ascended master who greeted me told me that I was correct in thinking that Reiki initiations were incomplete.  He did not give me healing energy; rather, he gave me Tera Mai™ initiations that corrected the Reiki initiations that I have been given.  He gave me healing symbols, including HARTH, ZONAR & HALU. So long as people abided by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, healing energy flowed to them in a similar way that the beam of Light in the photo to the right comes into me.

Years later, I was shown a vision of myself as a Native American Brave, who successfully completed the Vision Quest.  That is, the Brave journeyed into the Otherworld of Spirit and met an ascended master who gave the Brave a Gift of The Spirit.  Later, Gautama Buddha revealed his identity to me.

That was nearly 3 decades ago.  Since that time, I have seen Buddha only 3 times with my physical eyes.  Each time, he appears golden. Gautama Buddha is the guardian of Tera Mai™.



“Kathleen Milner” was my original YouTube channel (below) operated by a third party who no longer maintains or supports the channel. Unfortunately, I do not have access to any login information. I have created a new YouTube channel, “Kathleen Milner – Tera Mai.”

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