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Healing Examples

Recent Witnessed & Documented Healings by Kathleen

MARCH 20, 2010:  I facilitated numerous healing demonstrations at the Health Fair in Aberdeen, NC, which was sponsored by the local radio station.  The healing energies of Tera Mai have gone up considerably.  Thus, people were releasing major pains and headaches; sometimes, after 10 minutes.  

One woman had just had her blood pressure checked – it was 240.  After working on her for maybe 15 minutes, she said that she felt lighter and that she was going back to have her blood pressure rechecked.  She came right back with the two slips of paper:  The first reading was 240; the second reading was 160.  

An employee of the radio station had his blood pressure measured at 145.  After a 10-minute healing, it dropped to 135.

MARCH 11, 2010:  I facilitated a group healing circle for some members of the College Club.  Peggy Makula told the group, “A year ago, I attended a healing demonstration that Kathleen had given at Restaurant 195 in Southern Pines.  I had lymphoma.  At one point, Kathleen said that she no longer felt the cancer.”

When something like that occurs, I advise the individual that it would be best for them to consult their physician.  Peggy went on to say, “I saw my doctor in about a week’s time, and was told that the cancer was gone.  And it has stayed away.”

During the healing circle, I worked on Betsy Robinson’s left heel, which she had broken last year.  She had been in chronic pain.  When I touched her heel, it was poker hot.  I kept my hand on her heel for, perhaps, 45 minutes, after which time, the pain was completely gone.

I worked on another woman, who had had chronic pain in her neck for 20 years.  That pain also left.  

A third woman had severe congestion in her lungs, and she had the death rattle.  I did not tell her that people who exhibit the death rattle typically do not live for very much longer.  I did advise her to go and see a doctor.  After working on her, the congestion was isolated to her bronchial tubes and the death rattle was gone.  She did go to see a doctor, who found that she had bronchitis only.  After 7 days on an antibiotic she was fine.

DECEMBER 21, 2009:  My 3-year-old granddaughter had blood in her urine, so my daughter took her to the pediatrician.  After running extensive tests, he told Jennifer that it was one of two conditions; both of which were serious, one more so that the other.  Jennifer made an appointment for Annalise to see a specialist on Monday, January 4.  

I went to visit my daughter’s family in Arizona during the Christmas holidays.  During that time, I worked on Annalise periodically.  I returned to North Carolina on January 3.  On Tuesday, January 5, my daughter called to say that the specialist found nothing wrong with Annalise’s kidneys or urinary tract.  (There has been no more bleeding since I worked on her.)

MAY 2009:  My white Arab mare, Christie, bowed a tendon in her left-front leg while I was in Italy.  The lower left leg was twice as big as the right one, and she was severely lame.  Stem cell therapy was not an option for her, as she would have had to have remained quiet and in a stall for 6 to 9 months.  With the other 3 horses out in the pasture, she would have been bouncing off the walls of the stall.

Periodically, I worked on Christie for many months without any improvement.  Then one day, I was able to see the blockage.  Whenever I see something negative, I seem to be able to release it, and this proved true in Christie’s case.  Before a week was over, she was cantering in the pasture.  

By March 2010, the swelling in Christie’s left leg has diminished considerably.  I will wait to ride her until all of the swelling has gone.

Skin conditions in horses

After I moved to North Carolina with the horses, I felt that it would be beneficial to my horses (especially Buckley), who had been abused before I owned them, if I lived with them on a horse farm.  In the course of taking care of them, they sometimes required reprimanding, which is NOT abusive.  Nonetheless, any kind of scolding brought back memories of severe abuse.  On July 21, 2010, patience and healing paid off, there was a BIG shift in Buckley – he became a real horse once again.

Skin issues:  Bug and parasite bites were NOT a big issue for my horses in Wisconsin or Arizona.  However, in North Carolina it became a BIG concern, to the point that Duchess’ mammary glands would swell with the infection that the bites caused.  Hands-on healing helped greatly.   However, during the summer months and into the autumn, I was spending $300 a week on medication.

This summer, while the parasites and bugs have been vicious, my horses are doing much better and I am spending considerably less money.  Below is what I have come up with (you may Google MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution).  I do the following twice a day, while they are eating their breakfast and dinner:

External:  1 teaspoon of MMS and 1 teaspoon Citric Acid (let it stand for 3 minutes).  Add to 1 quart of water in a spray bottle. I use the entire bottle, spraying this solution not only on bites that I see and feel, but on all of the places that the buggers like to bite – legs, belly, crest of neck, forelock, ears, tails, buts, etc.  It is strong enough to kill the parasites and begin a healing process within days instead of weeks, and yet gentle enough for horses’ sensitive skin.  MMS works specifically on fungus, and it may be drying out other parasites to the point that very few of them spore.

Sometimes a parasite does send out spores.   One type feels like hundreds of hard, small particles of sand; another is like a thin, musty-velvet veil over the skin.  In these cases I use Fungasol Shampoo by Equine America.  The key is to follow the directions on the bottle, leaving it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.  Afterwards, I spray with the MMS solution.  When bites are not severe, Melaluca Shampoo is very healing.

When the parasites are under the skin or if there is a bleeding bite, I use a mixture of the following:  Organic coconut oil, Colloidal Silver and Novasan cream.  The coconut oil appears to pull out the toxins.  I also use this mixture on bites that have hardened.

Internal:  One scoop of garlic powder (anti-oxidant) in the evening mixed into the grain year round.  Because this is not their favorite taste, I also add a small scoop of beet shreds.  My horse have NO fleas, and I feel that the anti-oxidant properties are helping them as well.

With the morning grain:  1/2 scoop of unflavored electrolytes (my horses appear to know that that apple, orange and cherry simulated flavors are biochemistry) with a healthy pinch of Peppermint leaves and 1 cup of water.  Mix!   What I see in my mind’s eye is that the Peppermint brings up dark energies.  Then I simply take my hands and move the darkness down to the central fire, and clear my hands in the etheric fire.

When people take the MMS solution, they start with one drop of MMS and one drop of Citric Acid (let stand for 3 minutes) and on following days progress SLOWLY.  For example,  I stayed with 4 drops for many weeks.  If an individual were to find that one additional dropped caused nausea, s/he would take Vitamin C and the symptoms would go away immediately.  Horses cannot vomit!  So, with my horses, I went especially slow.  (It is probably good to detox slowly anyway.)

I have worked them up to the point that they each get 1/4 tablespoon of the MMS and Citric Acid.  To do this, I mix 1 tablespoon of MMS and 1 tablespoon of Citric in a glass jar that has markings for 1/2 cup, 1 cup, 1 1/2 cups and 2 cups.  I let it stand for at least 3 minutes.  Then I pour 1/2 cup into a 2-cup measuring cup – in this way, if I pour in too much of the mixture, I can pour some back into the glass jar.  Then I add water so that I have a full 2 cups.  I add this to one of the horse’s grain dishes.  I continue on with the dishes for the other horses and then mix.

Eyes:  It was Dr. Brenda Bishop, who suggested that I use ReNu, which is a solvent for cleaning contact lenses, in my horses’ eyes.  From what I have observed, I believe that all of that crust stuff that gets around the eyes are parasites, and I feel that they need to come off.  In addition, there is sometimes white fly larva in the eyes.  So, I put ReNu in and completely around each eye, and down the cheek, if the parasites have gotten that far.  If the ‘stuff’ loosens, I can work it off with my fingertips, and flush it completely off the face with the ReNu.  Otherwise, I can carefully use the spray bottle of MMS-Citric Acid-water.  If a little bit gets in either my eye or the horse’s eye, it does not burn.  Or I apply the Novasan-Colloidal Silver-Coconut Oil.  If the eyes become infected and swollen, I get the triple antibiotic without steroids from the veterinarian. 

I check my horses’ eyes twice a day in the summer months, whenever there are flies about.

Buckley, who was stolen, severely abused, neglected and returned to me after a jury trial in horrific condition.  On July 21, 2010, he made a dramatic shift.  He dropped his fear and became a real horse again.  It took more than patience and healing.  I leased a farm so that I would be able to participate more in his daily routine.
Magnificent, Powerful, Beautiful & a Loving Heart! Gone but not forgotten.
Duchess, Melchizedek’s mother, & Christie, who won 2 blue ribbons in dressage in the 2005 Scotsdale Arab Show – a very BIG deal!  How we accomplished this is in Richard III:  White Boar
Melchizedek – 5 years old
Melchizedek – 1 month old
Melchizedek – 9 months old – first snow flakes
Melchizedek – 9 months old – first snow flakes