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The Bishop’s Initiation


Students practice various techniques of healing through visualization, including looking into the physical body.  Initiation may be used in hands-on, absentee and Shamanic Journeywork healing.

I did not ask for this initiation, which is given to Catholic bishops.  I was transfixed.  Afterwards, I felt the heaviness.  I asked some of my students to work with me to clear me and the initiation.

–  I received the initiation at only the wrists, thumbs and index fingers of both hands.  In October 2019, the energy at Eliatemo in Spoleto, Italy was so high that God’s Angels were easily able to contact me.  They showed me how Jesus passed the Bishop’s initiation onto his Disciples.In the Angel’s version of the Bishop’s initiation fine silvery threads connect the  fingers, thumb, wrist and heart.  

Circa 1490-1519, oil on panel, 45.4 cm × 65.6 cm (25.8 in × 17.9 in), private collection. (Photo by VCG Wilson/Corbis via Getty Images)

This initiation is especially effective if the initiate received the initiation at the hands that are one of the initiations given in Ancient Consciousness.

–  Karina Hall (England) and Lisa Keuer (Germany) had received the first version of the Bishop’s initiation after it had been cleared.  They were both in the Shamanic Class at Eliatemo in Spoleto, Italy where they each received the Angelic updated Bishop’s initiation.  Both women felt this initiation was a more powerful  & effective healing tool.

Kathleen Milner – Workshop Facilitator

Class Price $150

Pre-requisite – At least Tera Mai™ Golden Reiki One & Tera Mai™ Seichem One initiates who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards

When I was a little girl, I never put my hands on anyone to heal.  I simply watched The Light and the Angels working in the Light.  Workshop participants are guided on how to work with this energy in a similar manner.