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Circle of Protection and Purification

You may do this invocation whenever you want to be cleared and protected.   Or in a circle of healers for others, Mother Earth or Tera Mai.   

  1. Call in the higher beings and ask them to create a Circle of Protection and Purification around yourself, whoever or whatever you want to protect and cleanse.  
  2. Ask God/Goddess to fill the circle with Pure Energy from Source, and to extend the circle into a Sphere of Protection and Purification.
  3. Ask, “Angels, please fill the Spheres of Protection and Purification and the perimeters with Violet Fire!”  Then say 3 times, “I am one with my higher self.  I am a being of Violet Fire.  I am the purity God desires.”
  4. Repeat step 3 for the following energies:  White Fire, Pure White Light, Golden Light, and Silver Light.  
  5. Call upon Archangel Chamuel to place an outer circle of pink – Pink Compassion / Pink Love – completely around the Sphere of Protection and Purification.
  6. Call upon Archangel Michael to place a second outer circle of cobalt blue – cleansing and protection –  completely around the Sphere of Protection and Purification.

Modified from Summit Lighthouse