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Kathleen and her mare, Christie

She’s the real deal!”
Michael Harrison
Talkers Magazine

Michael Harrison introduced Kathleen Milner to a group of 300 conservative radio and television talk show hosts and producers at the June 20, 2014 Talkers Conference in New York Ciity as, “the greatest healer and psychic in the world.”

August 2014 article in TALKERS Magazine

World Renowned Psychic Star of Talkers New York 2014 Now Available for Radio Interviews.  She was one of the most popular figures at the recent Talkers New York 2014 performing so many consecutive healings and readings at a small table in the exhibit area that she didn’t have a moment to even break away for lunch from the long line of attendees seeking a session with her.  Kathleen Ann Milner was nothing short of a sensation at the conference on June 20th and since then TALKERS has been flooded with inquiries requesting information of her whereabouts and if and how she can be contacted for both personal readings and on air interviews.   We are pleased now to report that Kathleen Ann Milner is available (at least for the remainder of the summer) to appear via telephone on talk shows.  Michael Harrison describes her as “a natural side dish for this medium – one of the best and most credible psychics in the nation for those into that kind of thing.” 
To contact this unusual woman referred to as a “nice kind of oddity” call 703-342-7148 or visit her website at
Michael Harrison