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Seichem, What is it?

Patrick Zeigler had a consciousness-raising experience when he spent the night in the crypt (initiation chamber) in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.  He felt incredible fear, released it, his heart opened and he felt connected to the Cosmos and to the Earth Mother.  

This is the experience that Patrick calls initiations, which he is able to pass onto those who are ready in group workshops that he now calls SKHM. 

HOW DID SEICHEM DEVELOP?  Patrick Zeigler  found that by holding a healing circle (a Shamanic-type ceremony) he was able to pass his experience onto other people.  One of Patrick’s students, a woman calling herself Phoenix, combined the energy from Patrick’s ceremony and the original Alliance Reiki initiations.  Phoenix changed the Reiki attunements, slanted the vertical lines of all of the symbols and substituted the counterclockwise Cho Ku Ray symbol whose spiral got smaller for  the clockwise Cho Ku Ray symbol that spiraled out.  Phoenix called the new energy Seichem, which consisted of the energy of Reiki (elemental earth energy) as well as the energy of elemental fire.   

I received Phoenix’s Seichem initiations from August Starr.  Immediately, I could feel the prickling in my hands and I knew that I had been initiated into fire energy.  However, when I saw the Seichem initiations I knew they were unstable.  I wondered what I had gotten myself into, and never passed them onto anyone.  All this was confirmed to me by Buddha.  Buddha also cleared me and stabilized the fire.  He then gave me the Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight attunements.  (Click on CLASS DESCRIPTIONS to the left.)

Several years later, I went to North Carolina and ended up being inadvertently attuned to Seichem again.  (I thought that I was being initiated into Ama Deus, which was part of the trade that we had agreed to.)  When I was shown what I had been attuned to, I realized that many Seichem Masters had added just one more thing to the attunements.  These particular Seichem attunements were so complicated that the man who initiated me had to keep his How To Do Seichem Initiations Handout on a music stand, which he kept referring back to.  By this time, the fire energy was completely gone and the initiations were so energetically scrambled that I ended up getting pneumonia and had to be cleared by some of my students when I got home.  Phoenix died!  Many of these Seichem initiations died out along with the fire.

What is Tera Mai Seichem?  Tera Mai Seichem initiations were also given to me by Buddha.  They pass on the healing energy of all 4 elemental forces.  (Click on CLASS DESCRIPTIONS to the left.)   I have found that animals and children who are attuned into Tera-Mai get smarter!  In the summer of 2004, I initiated my grandson, Tyler, who had had problems grasping the material in first and second grade.  In third grade, he did much better in school and even had different friends.  The only thing different between second and third grade was that the boy received the Tera-Mai? Seichem I attunement!  (Click on CHILDREN to the left.)   

WHAT IS A CONSCIOUSNESS-RAISING EXPERIENCE?   There are people who are born with Gifts of the Spirit – two of these gifts are psychic and healing abilities!  However, to obtain these spiritual gifts after birth requires something out-of-the-ordinary.  For example, there are individuals who have brought back the gift of healing after a near-death experience.  There are also many individuals who have had a near-death experience who did not bring back extraordinary abilities.  A consciousness-raising experience was the desired goal of  Native Americans who performed Vision Quests, whereby the brave deprived his body of food and water, and then exercised to the point of physical collapse.  In this state there were several possibilities; the warrior could die, faint or something extraordinary would happen – his physical body and consciousness would go into the Otherworlds.  Yet this was not enough – the real purpose behind all this was to meet a Higher Being, who would grant the warrior a Gift of the Spirit.  Few reached this state; fewer still met a Higher Being.  The proof to the tribe that the warrior had indeed achieved an extraordinary state of consciousness and had met a Higher Being in the Otherworlds was by repeated demonstrations of this gift.  It wasn’t just talk!

The picture on the top of this page is of my cats, Ziggy and Janis
. It was taken when they were 13 years old. Janis died the Saturday after Easter in 2006 – she was healthy right up until the day before she died. She went immediately to the Light.  Being either a pure soul or an angel, she came back the following day. One of the more interesting things that occurred upon her death, was that Ziggy spontaneously gained several pounds and his allergy to the long needle pine trees lessened noticeably.

Ziggy and Janis came into the lives of my children and myself in either 1985 or 1986. I had no idea at the time that they would be in my life for over two decades. I had initiated them both into advanced levels of Tera Mai. Oftentimes when people would come for healings, Janis would gracefully jump up on the massage table and paw at the pain; Ziggy would invariably jump up and go to sleep at the healee’s feet. Many healees felt that Ziggy was grounding the healing that was coming through Janis and myself.

It is often true that when one partner of a devoted couple dies, the other goes within a year. Nearly eleven months after Janis died, I had to have Ziggy put to sleep. His kidneys failed. The vet had never seen a 21-year-old cat before. Not only was Ziggy’s coat in far better condition than most cats half his age, but usually the veins in older cats are frail. Not Ziggy’s! They had no problem getting the needle into his vein. Had it not been for the failure of his kidneys, Ziggy would still be here. I believe that Janis left so that she work more on the other planes; I think that Ziggy simply missed his life-long friend