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cost: $1,000 ~ each level

The Divine Creator through Buddha recently elevated Cahokia energies.

  • Re-initiations are given on a donations-are-accepted basis.
  • Through December 2021, the initiations on this site are 50% off.
  • Pure White Light enters the healer’s spine and works primarily through the healer’s Heart Chakra, hands  and Mind’s Eye.
  • Cahokia healing energy comes into me from the Heavens and Earth.  My hands feel like they are electric mittens.  Energy pulsates outward from each of my fingers in interesting patterns and power surges.  When a particular healing session is complete, the energy smooths out. 
  • Cahokia healing begins when the essence of Pure White Light from The Divine Creator comes into select Stars, through Gautama Buddha and shines through Tera Mai™ Cahokia.   
  • Cahokia is something like pursuing a PhD in the Spiritual side of your chosen field, be it healing or another field.
  • The Ancient Egyptians were advanced and successful because they studied and were skilled in both the physical and metaphysical aspects of their profession.
    • Astronomers were also astrologers.
    • Physicians’ incisions were cleaner than those made by today’s medical doctors.
    • Architects and geologists understood the Earth’s lay lines and the subliminal powers of geometry.
    • Egyptian stonecutters produced smoother surfaces that were more tight fitting than today’s stonecutters.
    • Today’s theories of how the pyramids were built are suppositions that do not work in practice.
  • Cahokia originated in a highly Spiritual & advanced culture in our Galaxy.  
  • Individuals were more easily able to connect to God’s angels, ascended masters and energies from the Heavens and Earth. 
  • The Bible states that God’s Holy Spirit is within everything.  That includes each one of us, as well as heavenly bodies.
  • Like humans, heavenly bodies each have their own attributes.  For example, we call out shared home Mother Earth.  Depending upon how it is aspected, planet Mercury can help or hinder communications.
  • When stars and planets form perfect geometries there is energy in the invisible energy lines connecting them.
  • Cahokia draws upon Spiritual energy in the Earth.  Elementals, Nature Spirits & Power Animals are better able to work with the initiated.
  • Cahokia’s healing energy works with the 7 Holy Flames & Egyptian Consciousness, which also originated in another part of our Galaxy.

Pre-requisites prepare the student for Cahokia & the following initiations work with Cahokia:  Tera Mai™ Sakara II & III, 7 Holy Flames and Egyptian Higher Consciousness.

Alberto Macaluso’s Experiences:
Dear Kathleen,I want to tell you about my experiences at Eliantemo (Spoleto, Italy).  It was powerful and empowering.

The initiation of Cahokia was one of the strongest things I have ever experienced in my life.  When you touched me with your fingers on my back I felt a strong electric shock pervade my whole body.  After the initiation, I tried to connect with the energy of Cahokia but what I felt was too strong.  The energy entered inside me and I felt my main channel exploding, as if it could not contain all this energy.

I admit I was afraid for a few minutes. Not only did the energy come out of the hands very strongly, but also from all the pores of the skin.  As if my skin was about to crack because of the too much energy it contained.  Today I can channel it but I still have difficulty believing how powerful it is.