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What are Buddha’s Tera Mai Standards?


I was born with healing and intuitive Gifts of The Spirit.  I did NOT dream, meditate, or pray, hoping to receive Universal initiations.   Instead,  I consciously walked into the Otherworlds of Spirit, where I encountered Gautama Buddha.   Through my healing and intuitive abilities, Buddha used his own connection to God/Goddess and his Gifts to create Tera Mai™ initiations.  Afterward, he encouraged me to trademark Tera Mai™ for the purpose of keeping the healing system pure; free from manmade and demonic initiations.  

Tera Mai™ is trademarked as a healing system with standardized initiations.  Those who freely use MY trademark (which I pay a considerable amount of money for) MUST commit to giving and receiving ONLY Tera Mai™ initiations, which they have been properly attuned to and adequately taught how to pass on.

Use whatever other healing techniques and symbols you wish that are NOT manipulative for healing, meditation, et cetera.

Since encountering Buddha, my journey has not been easy.  Dark forces are desperate to hold onto the Dark Age.  Tera Mai™ stands in their way.  One example:  For years, members of a Japanese cult worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking turns sending dark spells and harm to me.  Another example:  I was sued by someone who violated my copyrights.  After encountering Buddha, the world oftentimes appears upside-down.


As soon as an individual changes a Universal initiation or uses Universal energy to make up manmade initiations, Universal healing decreases and disappears.  For example, Takata’s Hawaiian Reiki manual clearly shows a Double Say Hey Key.  Takata cut it in half before she came to the continental United States.  In so doing, she cut more than half the healing energy out of the Reiki initiations that Buddha, not Dr. Usui, gave her.  As a result of this and other changes to the initiations Takata received, healing energy in Reiki continues to diminish.  (There is NO evidence whatsoever that Dr. Usui existed.  He did not even attend the University of Chicago.)  

  • Individuals and groups who did not feel they had to abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai™ Standards lost their healing abilities.  Their manmade initiations are empty of real healing.

–  If you want to make up your own initiations, stop using my trademark, Tera Mai™.    

Kathleen Milner


I do not know.  I am not Buddhist.  I was raise in the Catholic faith and my maternal grandfather was a Jew.