What are Buddha’s Tera Mai Standards?

  1. Since the early 1990’s, Tera Mai™ has been registered at the Federal Copyright & Trademark Office as a healing system with standardized initiations:  In January 1991, I had a consciousness raising experience whereby I met the original Buddha in the Otherworlds of Spirit.  I discuss how he gave me Tera Mai™ initiations, HARTH and other symbols my first book, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing, which was copyrighted in 1991. 
  2. Buddha used my natural healing energy to add gold into the Reiki initiations that Takata brought to mainland United States from Hawaii.  Why?  Because Takata changed the Reiki initiations that Buddha had given to her in a consciousness-raising experience decades earlier.  What happened?  When Takata cut the SAY HEY KEY symbol in half, she also cut out more than half the healing energy from Buddha’s Reiki initiations.
  4. Buddha also directed me to PROTECT Tera Mai™ so as to insure that all Tera Mai™ initiations are given in the standardized way so that everyone receives the same Universal Healing Energy.   
  5. Properly attuned Tera Mai™ masters may NOT altered Tera Mai™ initiations in any way. 
  6. Properly attuned Tera Mai™ masters may NOT give or receive other initiations.  The choice is to either practice only Tera Mai™ OR receive and give as many other initiations as they want.   
  7. Tera Mai™ initiations are always given one-on-one either in person or on the phone.  Absentee initiations are healings at best.
  8. Before giving a Tera Mai™ initiation, the initiator or master works with God’s Angels to remove all black, demonic and/or manmade initiations the prospective initiate has received or given in this or any other lifetime.
  9. It goes without saying that to be clearly connected to the energies of Tera Mai™, Tera Mai™ initiates should strive to be compassionate, have integrity and be honesty.
  10. Kathleen Milner freely and openly shares her trademark only with properly attuned Tera Mai™ initiates who are abiding by above Tera Mai™ standards.

Why did Gautama Buddha come to me?   

I do not know???   What has been proven time and again is that properly attuned Tera Mai™ initiates who do abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards are able to facilitate healings.  God’s Angels work with the Universal Healing Energy we are channeling to bring about positive change.

A highly evolved monk informed me that a Higher Being, such as Buddha, is able to make a connection to one person.  The connection lasts throughout the individual’s lifetime unless the individual dishonors the Gift or the Higher Being.   Before Buddha connected to me, he connected to Takata in a consciousness-raising experience in Hawaii.