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Tera Mai™: What is it?

Tera Mai™ is an esoteric school of thought involving Universal Initiations into Healing.

  • Kathleen Ann Milner holds the Tera Mai™ trademark.  However, she shares this trademark openly and freely with all properly attuned Tera Mai™ initiates, who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards. The vast majority of these Tera Mai™ initiates are students of Tera Mai™ teachers, whom Kathleen has never met.   Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards
  • Buddha’s Tera Mai™ Standards regard initiations only.  This is to ensure the quality, purity and strength of Healing Energy from Source to the initiate.
    It is up to Tera Mai™ initiates to be moral and upstanding.  Therefore, it is wise and prudent to check out any potential metaphysical instructors.
    Tera Mai™ initiates incorporate the healing energies and psychic abilities they receive from Tera Mai™ initiations into their private practices.  These therapies include massage therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic, physical therapy, et cetera.  Nurses, doctors, and even ordinary businessmen apply the healing energies and psychic abilities they receive from Tera Mai™ initiations into their work.   Others initiate and teach students Tera Mai™ as a part of their own business practice.  

How did Tera Mai™ evolve?

Kathleen Milner, an American artist, author and natural healer, trademarked a healing system called Tera™, which incorporates  Reiki and Seichem and other Universal Energies.   In February 1991, in her first consciousness-raising experience, whereby her physical body went into the Otherworlds, she met a Higher Being, whom she later learned was Buddha.  Buddha built on the ancient healing energies that Kathleen was born with by simply adding onto the original Alliance Reiki Initiations.  (For example, Buddha eliminated the Hon Sha Za Sho Nen down the spine in Reiki III or Mastership, and replaced it with the Dai Koo Mio.  He kept the double Cho Ku Rays in the Tera Mai™ Initiations. He also gave Kathleen Zonar, and shortly thereafter, Harth and Halu. It’s interesting to note that both Zonar and Halu include the infinity symbol and Harth and Halu, the pyramid.) 

In the realm of Spirit, Buddha told Kathleen that the Reiki initiations he gave her passed on the healing energies of elemental earth, which came directly from Source or God. Buddha emphasized that the initiations he gave her were to remain standardized, and that the initiations were not to be mixed into another  system where other Reiki or manmade initiations were given or received.  This ensured the quality and purity of energy transfer; thus, from the initiate’s first Initiation into Tera Mai™, he or she begins to connect to the same Universal Healing Energies that are in Kathleen’s natal astrology chart.  To this day, those properly initiated individuals, who follow Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards, are able to facilitate remarkable healings.  Kathleen freely shares her trademark only with all properly attuned Tera Mai™ initiates, who are abiding by the aforementioned Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards.

In 1983, Kathleen had taken the first two levels of Reiki with her local Reiki Master in Wisconsin.  In Helen Borth’s Reiki I class, Kathleen learned how to use the energy that she was born with to do hands-on healing.  In Reiki II she was shown how to use symbols in distant or absentee healing. Kathleen did NOT receive additional healing energy, so, she chose not to spent $10,000 for Reiki Mastership.  Helen Borth’s first Master was Ethel Lombardi, one of the 22 Takata masters. Barbara McCullough, another Master of the 22, gave Helen the Master training. Although, up until then, Takata was the only one who had trained Masters in the West. So, Helen Borth became the first Reiki Master not to be trained by Takata.  Hawayo Takata died in the same month that Helen was initiated, December 1980! 
In 1988, after two car accidents, Kathleen was left at a standstill in her life and her body. Kathleen was guided to attend a Reiki Mastership class in Michigan (which was offered for a more reasonable cost), as part of a cleansing cycle for her own healing.  Margarette Shelton was her Reiki Master.  Margarette had studied Takata’s original Alliance Reiki system with the Ferguson’s, who were initiated and taught by Arthur Robertson.  Arthur Robertson had been taught by Iris Ishakuru, one of Takata’s original 22 Reiki Masters.  
Takata’s original Reiki certificates included the phrase, Usui Shiki Ryoho.  So, her Reiki Masters had referred to themselves as Usui Reiki Masters.  However, Takata never trademarked any part of the phrase.  Herein the waters get muddy.  After teaching the Fergusons and others, Arthur Robertson made up Tibetan Reiki (which does not come from Tibet, but uses a Tibetan symbol for exorcism as the master symbol).  He also created Usui Reiki, which has nothing left of what Iris had taught him.  To further complicate matters, other people have made changes to Usui Reiki or made up other initiations, which they also called Usui Reiki.  And then there are people who take any one of these classes, change the initiation procedure, and give their initiations a new name.

To go back to Margarette.  Margarette had introduced a clockwise Cho Ku Ray that gets smaller to the initiation procedure.  Kathleen and her partner in the class, who practised doing the initiations together, found that the double Cho Ku Ray combination (drawing the clockwise Cho Ku Ray with the left hand and counterclockwise Cho Ku Ray with the right hand) produced a stronger, more balanced and effective way to energize symbols.  Again, Kathleen’s healing level of natural healing energy did not go up after being initiated, but she found that the double Cho Ku Rays along with the contractions and breathing techniques were an effective way to send absentee healing to others.  She found that this same technique could be used to energize healing symbols, which were then sent to God’s Angels. Then Kathleen would ask them to further energize the symbols and return them to her for her own healing.

Takata had taught the breathing and contractions but did not emphasize them.  This has been confirmed by the Zen monk  (one of the 22 Reiki Masters whom Takata initiated) when he took Beth’s Sander’s Reiki Mastership class.  (Beth was one of Kathleen’s original students, who took Reiki from Kathleen before her consciousness-raising experience.)  The Zen monk went on to state that what that Kathleen had taught Beth was identical to Takata had taught him.  This has also been confirmed by other Alliance Reiki Masters.

As Takata did not emphasize the breathing and contractions, neither did Arthur Robertson, the Fergusons or Margarette.  When people began asking Kathleen to teach them Reiki, she decided to stress breathing exercises (kidney breath, white-mist breath and the colour sequence) in her classes.  She impressed upon her students the importance of practicing this procedure each day.  It was suggested that they use the procedure to send healing to the Earth, situations, people they knew or themselves.   
Kathleen knew that the energy level in the Reiki classroom had to be raised.  So, she put up a series of oil paintings that she had done on the Holy Kabbalah around the room.  (Kathleen had been represented by Wright Gallery in Chicago before her car accidents.)  Previously, Reiki Masters drank water and called in the energies before entering the classroom.  Kathleen began the practice of verbally calling in God and Higher Energies in the beginning of the class.  Many of her students had spiritual experiences; that is, they were able to feel, see or hear the Spiritual Beings coming in.   
In June 1991, Kathleen returned to California and was guided to do an exchange with August Starr.  August received Tera Mai Reiki Mastership from Kathleen.  Kathleen received Seichem initiations and a symbol, which one of Barbara Weber Ray’s students had given August in exchange for Seichem Mastership.  August only knew that  ‘an unknown man’ had spent the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid and had a consciousness-raising experience.  Afterwards, he gave Shamanic-type classes and that somewhere along the line, Seichem initiations had come about.  August had received these initiations from a woman who called herself Phoenix (a.k.a. Kathleen McMasters).

Kathleen Milner experienced prickling fire energy in the palms of her hands after the Seichem initiations.  However,she could feel that the energy was unstable.  August showed Kathleen the Seichem initiation procedure, which was both complex and lacking.  Kathleen could see immediately that the man who spent the night in the Pyramid was not given these initiations in his consciousness-raising experience.  Rather, somebody ‘along the way’ had received Alliance Reiki Mastership and then changed these initiations in an attempt to accommodate the energy. The only symbols were Seichem symbols that were identical to Takata’s Reiki symbols.  The only difference being that the Seichem symbols were slanted.  Even the master symbol, the Dai Koo Mio, was the same as the Reiki Dai Koo Mio.   However, the clockwise Cho Ku Ray that got bigger was substituted for the counterclockwise Cho Ku Ray that got smaller. 

The problem being that Universal initiations; that is, those initiations that originate from Source or God, come about through Spirit in consciousness-raising experiences. Not through man’s brain, be that knowledge gleaned in the library or in mediation.  Thus, Spirit told Kathleen NEVER to attempt to give these initiations to anyone.  Spirit also told Kathleen not to worry; that they would stabilize the fire energy.  When the process was through, Buddha gave Kathleen the Sakara (fire), Sophi-El (water) and Angeliclight (air) initiations.

One morning, awakening from a deep sleep, Kathleen Milner found herself in a different type of consciousness.  Her astral body was half in and half out of her physical body.  When she opened her eyes, it was like looking through a cut-glass crystal bowl.  This experience had happened to Kathleen once before; so, she wasn’t frightened; she just knew that she had to go back to sleep.  However, Spirit wanted her to remain in this state for a short while.  It was in this in-between space and time that Buddha added 2 more colors (one of the colors being rainbow), and 2 more symbols to the Tera Mai Reiki initiations.  Buddha told Kathleen that the 3 Tera Mai Seichem initiations would still pass on the 3 Tera Mai Reiki initiations.  In addition, the 3 Tera Mai Seichem initiations would pass on the first levels of Sakara (fire), Sophi-El (water) and Angeliclight (air).  Kathleen was told to use the Tera Mai Reiki Lineage because that is what the Tera Mai Seichem initiations were based upon.  But to call the initiations Seichem in order to honor the man who had spent the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.   
On occasion through the years, different men would call Kathleen to inform her that he was the man that she had written about in her books.  It was later that she found out that the man was Patrick Zeigler.  Patrick offers Shamanic-type classes that he now calls Sekhem.

In Tera Mai Seichem each of the elemental healing rays exists in its own right, although they can and do work together in different combinations.  This process is not controlled by the healer; rather, this and the entire healing process is in God’s Hands, in the hands of God’s Chosen Angels and other Higher Spiritual beings.  They use the healing energy that the healer is channeling to bring about changes in the physical.  In this process they release ‘negative’ energies and initiate positive change.  It is the healer’s job to focus on the healee, the Angels and the process, AND to ask the healee, the Angels and Higher Spirits questions when it is appropriate to do so. 

It goes without saying that it is also any healer’s responsibility to maintain a high standard of personal ethics and honesty.

In Tera Mai Cahokia the full expanse of all 4 elemental healing rays are woven in etheric tapestries of vibrant colors.  Each Elemental Ray remains true to its own nature.  Each Ray also becomes an integral part of a great whole.

Gisela Hammerstein and others feel that it’s Kathleen’s integrity and determination to live up to Buddha’s assignment that makes Tera Mai a strong healing system.  She has done this in spite of severe criticism.  Kathleen feels that it is the many  properly attuned Tera Mai initiates, who marvel at the healing miracles of Tera Mai and who have kept Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, that are Tera Mai’s pillars.  The impossible has a likely probability of becoming possible through Tera Mai!

There is a long involved process in obtaining a trademark.  All information must be truthful.  Heavy fines are applicable in the case of false information or violations of the trademark.  

Tera Mai’s trademark is on file in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Here are the details:

International Class:  041
Class Status:  active
educational services, namely, teaching and conducting classes on spiritual healing, hands-on healing and the art of harmonizing the natural energy in one’s body
Basis:  1 (a)
First Use Date:  1995-06-11
Fist Use in Commerce Date:  1995-06-11

Q.   What makes an initiation Universal?

A.Universal Initiations come to this earth plane through a great consciousness experience. 

Native American braves used to go through what they called a Vision Quest, in the hopes of having such an experience.  The Vision Quest  consisted of depriving oneself of water and food for days, and at the same time, performing strenuous physical tasks.

These extreme efforts could produce death, severe dehydration, or insanity, or the brave might consciously enter the Otherworld of Spirit.

Merely consciously going beyond the Veil was NOT considered a successful Vision Quest.  The brave’s ultimate goal was to enter the Otherworlds consciously, meet an ascended master, and have that great being bestow a Gift of the Spirit upon him.  Then when the brave returned to the Earth plane, he was able to demonstrate his Gift and use it for the benefit of the tribe.  These Gifts might include healing,  psychic abilities, the ability to shape-shift (early English settlers were astonished at the shape-shifting abilities of some of the Crow medicine men), etc.

When I was in the Sitta Ashram (a one-story home) in Los Angeles, the ceiling suddenly became cathedral size and a great being filled the space.  Later, he revealed himself as Buddha. In the initial consciousness-raising experience whereby my physical body was in the Otherworlds, Buddha gave me what he said had been missing from the Reiki attunements Takata brought back from Japan. He didn’t give me healing energy; there is plenty of that in my natal astrology chart.   Buddha gave me Universal initiations from God that work.  These initiations are trademarked as a healing system as Tera Mai.   

Another modern-day example of a consciousness-raising experience is a near-death experience.  BUT not everyone who has a near-death experience comes back with psychic abilities, healing abilities, etc.   

Q.   What has happened to Tera Mai since?

A.Buddha has only made corrections to the Tera Mai Reikiinitiations on a few occasions: The second time Buddha came to me, he substituted HARTH for ZONAR in TM Reiki I, and extended ZONAR to create another symbol, HALU, in TM Reiki III. Another time, he changed the name of RAMA to MARA, because he said this name connected more strongly to the Earth, and he added an initiation at the feet in TM Reiki II.  Yet again, he substituted HUNG as the symbol used to seal at the crown for the first and second degrees, and the TIBETAN OM to be used to seal the crown in the third degree.

Buddha also told me that pure Reiki energy was elemental earth healing. On another occasion, Buddha altered the Tera Mai Reiki initiations slightly by adding 2 more symbols and 2 more colors to create Tera Mai Seichem initiations. These initiations have the full Tera Mai Reiki attunements, as well as initiations into the elemental healing powers of air, water and fire. It is these elemental forces that all healers, Shaman, magicians and saints have used throughout the ages to practice the ancient art of hands-on healing and other metaphysical Gifts of the Spirit. Buddha stated that the TM Reiki and TM Seichem initiations are now complete.

For additional information and information regarding Sakara, Sophi-El, Angeliclight, Cahokia and the Egyptian Cartouche, click on TERA-MAI CLASS & INITIATION DESCRIPTIONS .

What many psychics have told me is that in another lifetime,  I was a Lakota Souix brave, who successfully went through a Vision Quest.  That is why in this lifetime I was able to do it effortlessly.  I have had a few other conscious journeys into the Otherworlds, which I have written about in my books.  (Needless to say, I don’t plan them; they simply happen.  When I am there, I know immediately that I am in the Otherworlds, just as people who have had near-death experiences know that they are no longer operating on the physical plane.)  Whether I lived another lifetime as a Lakota Soiux brave is open to debate.  When Buddha’s Tera Mai standards are adhered to and the initiate strives to maintain personal integrity, healings happen!

Q.   What drastic changes did Sophia Lucia and Samantha Beaumont-Collins make to Tera Mai initiations that caused the healing energies of Tera Mai to degrade drastically, or disappear entirely in themselves and those in their lineage?

A. On the surface, the change that Sophia Lucia added appears innocent enough:  As the initiator blew out the symbols, s/he was to say silently the last color in the color sequence and the name of the symbols being blown to the initiate.  First of all, it is an addition that Buddha did not include.  Secondly, the symbols are layers of colors, into which God’s Angels add Universal Healing Codes when the initiations are done according to Buddha’s Tera Mai standards and the initiator has been properly initiated according to these standards.  By naming the last color, the initiator has successfully eliminated all of the other colors and codes.

Samantha Beaumont-Collins’ additions were a bit more complicated:   In standardized Tera Mai initiations, after the white mist breath and the color sequence,  the TM Master (initiator) repeats the name of each symbol to him/herself 3 times as s/he draws them over the head of the initiate.  Sam decided that as the symbols were being drawn, the initiator was to say the last color in the sequence before naming the symbol  And that saying CHO KU RAY was not enough.  Thus, TM Seichem I becomes:  Rainbow CHO KU RAYS that spiral inwards (3X),  Rainbow CHO KU RAYS that spiral outwards (3X), Rainbow HARTH (3X).  Again, this is a change which cuts out the other colors and coding.That changing Universal Initiations radically reduces or eliminates healing energy is being demonstrated over and over again as individuals all over England are being cleared and re-initiated (for a donation).  All who have been cleared and re-initiated are finding that their own self-healing is advancing and that they have a great deal more Universal Healing Energy channeling through them for people who come to them.  Many are also finding that blockages are being removed from their lives