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Sending Lost Souls to the light

This is safe to do, because you are only inviting in those who are ready to make their transition into the Light.
If you are a healer, you channel enough healing energy from God to be able to hold the vortex open.  If you are not a healer, at 8:00 pm on Wednesday night, while you are participating in the clearings, connect to the Wednesday night clearing wave.  Pray to God / Goddess and the Angels, and ask that the vortex be opened.  The vortex is the White Light, with which departed souls journey to heaven.

Hold out your arms with the palms of the hands facing outwards.  Speak outloud and invite any earthbound spirits who are ready to transition into the Light to take the hand of an Angel and step into the vortex.  Then chant the following.  (A monotone chant has a similar effect to the droning of the Shamanic drumbeat used in Shamanic journeywork.):

“You are loved, blessed, healed and forgiven!   You are loved, blessed, healed and forgiven!  You are loved, blessed, healed and forgiven!   You are one with your own higher self.   Take the hand of an Angel!  Step into the vortex now!   Go to the Light Now!   Go with Jesus, go with Mary, go with Buddha, go with Quan Yen!   Go now!   Go with the Angels, go with the Great White Brotherhood, go with the Saints, go with the Bodhisattvas!  Go now!  Go to heaven, go to the Light!  Go now!   Go to peace, forgiveness, mercy, light, love, joy, enlightenment, inspiration!  Go now!”

Repeat this prayer two more times.  If you are clearing and releasing heavy, dark entities, ask the Angels to fill in the void of their passing with Violet Flames of Transformation.  Remember to stay out of judgment.  God’s Forgiveness is available to everyone.