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Shamanic Classes

Group Shamanic classes will be held in October 2021, in Italy at Centro Agrituristico Eliantemo in Spoleto, Italy.

Shaman is a word describing a healer, psychic and/or mystic who works with the energies and beings of Light of the Heavens and Earth. 

  • Shamanic Journeywork is a powerful meditation that has been used by many Spiritual groups, not just Native American Indians.  This includes Jesus and the Jewish Essenes.  Journeywork is NOT out-of-body travel.  Michael Harner found evidence of Shamanic journeywork in many different countries and cultures all over this world. 
  • In the Egyptian temples priests and priestesses journeyed.  Isis’ blindfold is the same blindfold that a Shaman wears when he or she is journeying.   It is easier to see with the mind’s eye when it is dark.

Becoming a Shaman:  
It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been

To understand the importance of and our need to have a heartfelt connection to wilderness and nature, watch the French video of Yellowstone, “How the Wolves Transformed Rivers”. 


Kathleen Ann Milner, Instructor 

First Day: 

  • Introductory ceremony to release what is no longer wanted and bring in a gift from God’s Angels. 
  • Journeys to the Otherworlds of Spirit. 
  • Universal initiations given after each journey: 
  • YOD:  Opens etheric channel for creativity, and clear communication. 
  • Bishop’s Initiation:  Creates thin golden channels between each of the five fingers and the wrist.  The wrist connects to the Heart Chakra  by another golden thread.   
  • Heavenly Light & Circle of Light initiation:  Brings Diamond White Light and a healing technique 
  • Violet Flame:   Transformation   
  • Original initiation into the Order of Melchizedek as mentioned in the Old & New Testaments:  Foundation for healing work.   
  • First Enochian Magic initiation
  • Opens etheric channels at third eye, etheric solar plexus and soles of feet. 
  • Angel Enoch comes in to connect the initiate to the Light of Enoch. 
  • The Enochian Magic as mentioned in the Bible has nothing to do with Alister Crowley. 
  • Ending ceremony:  Death of a Shaman 
  • This death involves dying to fears.
  • Important to release fears, because fear chokes us and prevents us from moving forward. 

Second Day: 

  • We put what we learned and healing energies into practice.  
  • Each Journey is repeated twice in order that each workshop participant serves as the Shaman and the healee for his or her partner. 
  • Power Animal Retrieval 
  • Soul Retrieval 
  • Without knowing the question, or who is asking the question, participants will journey and retrieve the answer from a Power Animal in the Otherworlds 
  • Participants will journey and do healings from the Otherworlds 


Kathleen Ann Milner, Instructor 
Prerequisite – First Shamanic Class

October 2019 Shamanic class held at Eliatamo in Spoleto, Italy.
  [email protected] 

Second Enochian Magic initiation:

  • Opens the spine 
  • Angel Enoch comes in to connect the initiate further to the Light of Enoch. 

YOD: Initiations opens etheric channel for creativity, and clear communication.

In this class students may repeat the first class for practice and to receive feedback for a donation.


Kathleen Ann Milner, Instructor 
Prerequisite – Second Enochian Magic Initiation 

Third Enochian Magic Initiation:

  • Light energy resembling wings of Light come from the shoulder blades. 
  • Aids the Shaman in traveling through the Otherworlds of Spirit. •  Angel Enoch comes in to connect the initiate further to the Light of Enoch. 


Kathleen Ann Milner, Instructor 
Prerequisites –  Open, loving heart, and second levels of Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki & Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem 
Highly beneficial to have taken the Second Shamanic Class

Energies of the Blue Stars
  • Clearing, healing, regeneration, protection.
  • Work with Angels from the Blue Stars
Emerald Green (Alchemy)
  • Comes into the front & back Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Love draws & grounds Emerald Green (Alchemy) into the Heart Chakra.
  • Begin to work with Emerald Green (Alchemy)
Nature Spirits & Spirits of the Land

•  Work with Mother Earth & Earth’s kingdoms. •  Locate & work with creativity in the Earth and Heavens.  

Archangel Ariel & Power Animals
  • Mother animals love their children.  To be able to love, one must have a soul.
  • Animals also go through reincarnation cycles.
  • Animal souls may also grow by choosing to travel with a human being.
Archangels & Essene Magic

More about Shamanism

  • In Bridget’s Kitchen just outside of Dublin, Ireland there is evidence that Saint Bridge and other Wisewomen laid on the stone hearth in front of the fireplace to keep warm while they went into deep meditation.  
  • It was said that Saint Kevin lived in a tree, because, like other Celtic priests before him, he saw himself in his mind’s eye journeying into the World Tree.  From there he would either go down the roots to the Underworld of fairies and power animals, or up through the branches to the Upperworld of Angels and departed souls.