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While standing behind the initiate, a Shaman focuses on Divine Light that she or he channels. The Shaman inhales  Divine Light, blows it into the palm of his/her hand, and then slaps it into the back of the initiate.  However, Sheerdarshan, who lives in India, was convinced that I would be able to do this for him over the Internet.

Archangel Gabriel showed me how.  Sheerdarshan turned his back to the camera. For about 30 minutes, Archangel Gabriel directed Divine Light through me and to Sheerdarshan. A day or two later, Sheerdarshan sent this message via email: “I feel Higher Power around my Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras.”

Pre-requisites:   Tera Mai Cahokia One

Cost:  $1,000 US

Initiates will receive Shaktipat using a Zoom connection. And at a later date will attend my first Shamanic class over Zoom with a friend, who has been cleared and initiated into at least Golden Tera Mai Reiki one and two.