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Tera Mai Heart Chakra initiation

The first Tera Mai Heart Chakra initiation opens the initiate’s heart to healing directly through The Heart of God and The Hand of Goddess.   Love & Compassion is the key to both experiencing The Holy Spirit, and the narrow central energy channel within.    God uses this channel to speak to us without words; that is, through gut feelings and inner knowing.

Love & compassion allows the energies of the Blue Stars to come into the High Heart Chakra.  That is, if your heart is forgiving and open, ask the Angels of the Blue Stars with your heart, “Please bring the energy of the Blue Stars into me.”   This may take more than one or two attempts.After death, love & compassion is the way a soul finds his or her way to The Light.  Hating anyone or anything closes the heart to God’s Presence.  Remember, in order to win Luke Skywalker over to the dark side, Darth Vader encouraged Luke Skywalker to hate him.  Demons without love in their hearts were once people, who through lifetime after lifetime closed their heart to God and to love.
God has many names.  In both Hinduism and Judaism, each of the many names of The One God represents a different quality of The One God.  Chanting “Shiva” opens the Heart Chakra, which is behind the sternum or breast bone. 

Anyone may receive the First Heart Chakra initiation.  The cost is $500.

The second Tera Mai Heart Chakra initiation enables the initiate to pass on the first Tera Mai Heart Chakra initiation.  Initiates must have at least Tera Mai™ Cahokia III and the Bishop’s initiation at the wrist, fingers and heart to pass on the first Tera Mai™ Heart Chakra initiation.   

Initiates find that they are better able to pull off ‘negativity’ easily, effectively and gently.  Perhaps, this is due to the new, softer healing energy comes out of the palms of the hands and the fingertips.  It offers a way to the Spiritual Gift of Wisdom & Love, which King Solomon possessed. 


Further develop the warmth in the Heart Chakra and the connection the invisible energy cord makes between the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra  

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