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Descriptions of Tera Mai™ Classes and Initiations

If you wish to experience Tera Mai™ healing energies before committing to a class, Kathleen is able to give you a clearing / healing over the telephone or in person on a donations-are-accepted basis. Or be initiated into the Violet Flame over the telephone for 50% off … $50

Tera Mai™ is federally trademarked as a healing system with standardized initiations.


Visualization skills and abilities achieved in Shamanic class help in hands-on healing classes. 
Universal healing initiations help in Shamanic journeywork. 
Ancient Egyptian Consciousness Initiations help the initiate with intuition.

Many Higher Spirits come in to help during healing and Shamanic work – Angels, Animal Guides (Power Animals), Nature Spirits, Saints and Dragons

Dragons & Angels of The Holy Fire serve The Holy Spirit.  Dragons have NEVER existed in the physical realms! Dragons exist in the Spiritual realms of the Otherworlds.  Dragons are restricted in what they are able to do.  However, when God gives a Dragon permission to carry out a task, the Dragon accomplishes that task with efficiency and at great speed.

Each of the 4 directions has its own Lasa, Seraphim & Ancient Ones of Love & Light and Dragons:  Fire Dragons are in the East.  Air Dragons are in the North.  Water Dragons are in the South.  Earth Dragons are in the West.

Dragons work with qualities found in each of the 4 directions:

–  Fire:  Transformation, illumination, inspiration & intuition.  Spark of life, spark of creation, purging, cleansing, clearing, healing, regeneration & alchemy.  Power!  

–  Air:  Wisdom, knowledge, foresight & understanding, truth, honesty & integrity.  Power of the written word, power of the spoken word, power of song & music.  Clearing and healing of the mind, brain, mind’s eye, sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, smell & 6th sense.  Joy! 

–  Water:  Love, compassion, mercy, grace & forgiveness.  Wealth & beauty.  Clearing, healing & magic.  Psychic & healing abilities.  Grace!

–  Earth:  Grounding, foundation, introspection & prayer.  Abundance, wealth, prosperity, gratitude & generosity.  Wisdom & knowledge of Animal Power Medicine.  Healing, magic & secrets from the Earth Mother.  Regeneration!


To inquire or register for classes please contact Kathleen via email.