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Guide for new Students

Guidance for Prospective Metaphysical Students

  1. Ask to witness healing demonstrations by the teacher. Just because there is energy does not necessarily mean it can be used for healing.
  2. Speak to former students and witness demonstrations.
  3. Ask for a general description of what is covered in class. “How is this applicable in my life?” and “What can I expect after initiations?”
  4. Read and then question. Are names of real people given that can be check and verified? If evidence has been found, ask, “Where has it been?” or “Why is it just coming to light now?” Claims and good stories should be backed by healing miracles.
  5. Look beyond marketing and convenience to find right system and teacher for you.
  6. Meditate and go within to find guidance. A good question is, “Would this be of benefit to me?”
  7. Go with what feels right.