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Prayer For Abundance

The Universe has an abundance of health, joy, laughter and prosperity to give to me, and in vast amounts of abundant supply.

The Universe is ready and willing to send abundance to me as I am a child of God and my body is God’s Divine perfection. 

I forgive myself and let go of any and all actions, feelings,or thoughts that have created poverty. 

I am a master in all that I am, and I call upon Raphael to invoke the Divine Blueprint and perfection of my true Divine self, God’s perfection. 

I am ready to live my fullest potential.  I am ready to be a light in this world.

I am ready to fulfill my mission here on earth.  I am ready to let go of that which has investments in my remaining in an unhealed state as it no longer works for the master of life that I Am. 

I choose life and dissolve all my illusions of poverty and lack.  I retain the orginal blueprint of my Divine perfection that our Creator intended for me.  I choose health.  I choose abundance.  I choose to fully participate in life.  I choose love. 

Archangel Raphael, heal me in every way.  And so it is already done.  Thank you.  Amen, and so it is!