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Healing with The Goddess & Nature Spirits

A day of magic and healing: 

Celtic ceremony involving the Well and the Tree for the purpose of clearing and bring in positive changes.  Working with The Goddess and Nature.  (If there is a well or small pond nearby.)

Connecting with nature spirits and fairies.  Divination and healing with nature spirits and fairies.

Calling upon The Goddess and comparing the difference in energy between God and Goddess.

 4 Shamanic journeys with 4 magical Cahokia horses:  Buckley, whose gift is power and the correct use of will.  Christie, whose gift is pure love.  Melchizedek, the healer who brings up issues.  Duchess, who works directly with Archangel Raphael.

Shakti Pac is given.  It is not a true Universal initiation, as people receive from Spirit what is in their highest and best interest to receive.  A Shaman who is channeling enough energy is able to create a ball of energy, which is then slapped into the back heart chakra.

Kathleen Milner – Workshop Facilitator

Class Price $100