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Healing Techniques I Use

  • I call Gautama Buddha the Golden Buddha, because when I do see him, Buddha is usually not in Earthly colors, he is golden.
    • Gautama Buddha gave me the original Tera Mai™ initiations, as well as additions over the past 3 decades.
    • Recently, people who are being called to do important work that will help Earth into the Golden Age, are seeing flashes of Golden Archangels and/or swirls of Diamond White Light.
  • Tera Mai™ is an international trademark.  It is trademarked as a Universal healing system using standardized initiations.
    • Universal initiations are always given one-on-one
    • Mass group initiations are healings at best.
    • Universal initiations have not been altered in anyway by anyone.   If a human interferes and changes a Universal initiation, that Universal initiation becomes a manmade initiation.
    • Manmade initiations do not flow.
    • Manmade initiations can remain stuck in the individual’s energy channels for lifetimes.
      –  / How to Remove Manmade Initiations
    • While it is possible, Tera Mai™ healers do not use their own energy to heal.
    • Universal healing energies come from the Heavens and the Earth, and flow into and through us.
    • To maintain the pure flow of Universal healing energy, Tera Mai™ initiates may only receive and give standardized Tera Mai™ initiations.
      –  Buddha’s Tera Mai standards
    • There are many, non-invasive, hands-on and Shamanic healing techniques that work.

What follows is the way in which I typically facilitate healings for others:

Whenever I facilitate clearings/healings I begin by focusing my attention on my Heart Chakra (behind my breast bone).  I  call forth The Holy Spirit, The I AM that I AM, and ask to feel The Love of The Holy Spirit, The Divine Goddess and The Divine God.   I feel warmth and expansion in my Heart Chakra.  

Leonardo da Vinci’s “SALVATOR MUNDI” or “Savior of the World”

Then I focus deeply behind my eyes.  I go through what seems like a tunnel until I come out into The Light.  With my Mind’s Eye I watch God’s Angels working with the healing energies I am channeling.  I do not ask which healing energy Spirit is using.  Sometimes, I am compelled to use my voice to call for particular Angels, or Saints, or specific Egyptian Cartouche symbols or Avatars, or for specific colors.

For example, electric light blue or ice blue is good for the nerves, brain and mental body.

In order for healing to occur, the darkness or problem needs to be loosened and released.  For example, the architect who built the Taj Mahal initially prepared the ground or foundation, let the earth settle for a year before  he began building the white domed marble mausoleum.

Oftentimes, healing is a long process of releasing some of our darkness so that healing may begin.  During the next session, more darkness is released, and more healing occurs; and so on.  Rarely, an individual expels the entirety of his or her core issues, and healing energy brings a dramatic, sudden healing or a miracle.

Sometimes, I find myself saying things that I had not planned on saying, or even considered saying.  As  I helplessly watch the words coming out of my mouth, the healee’s issues rise up to the surface to hopefully be released.  Encouraging the healee to breathe in Diamond White Light or beautiful colors, and then exhaling mental and emotional negativity into the fire, a Violet Flame or into Earth’s central fire proves helpful.  

If the healee sees murky colors, we work to clear the vision, as well as the issues behind ‘ugly colors.’

I used to feel pain in my body where the healee’s  pain was.  Then it came to me to tell God’s Angels that I was grateful for the information.  It was helpful to know where to focus my attention.  Then I continued  by asking,  “With regard to the healee’s disease or issue, if it is possible, please let me feel an awareness in my own body, not the pain.”

Many people either have this or other special abilities, or develop special abilities after repeatedly giving healings.

During absentee healing, I am often impressed to send symbols to the Angels who are doing the healings.  Again, my focus is on feeling the Love in my Heart Chakra.  If I am working hands-on, and I am impressed to draw symbols, FIRST  I ask the healee’s permission before drawing any symbols.   If I am doing healing through Shamanic Journeywork, other challenges come up during the healing session.

The possibilities of each Tera Mai™ healing energy is further detailed on .   Scroll down, click on, and read specific healing energies that interest you.  For example, on the page, Tera Mai™ Seven Holy Flames, you will discover qualities and gifts of each Flame.  There are also rhymes that are helpful.  (Some rhymes or poetry can be magical.)

If you have the time, listen to my clearing/healing meditations on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner.  I use a variety of clearing/healing techniques in each video.