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Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki

Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki has the latest energy initiation additions that were given to me by Gautama Buddha.  Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki is  now given in place of both the original Tera Mai™ Reiki initiations and Cosmic Gold Tera Mai™ Reiki initiations that Buddha had given to me previously in consciousness-raising experiences

Workshop Facilitator: To contact Kathleen Milner, please email  [email protected]  or click on FIND INSTRUCTOR to the left.   For those who choose to receive the initiations over the phone, I include a DVD that highlights aspects of the class.

–  For properly attuned Tera Mai™ Reiki initiates, re-initiations into Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki are given on a donations-are-accepted basis.


$150 – no prerequisite
People take this class for their own healing, and to learn the ancient art of hands-on healing.  Oftentimes, people dealing with an illness or injury receive Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki One  because it initiates a 21-day self-healing cycle.  

Your Tera Mai™ instructor will remove manmade and dark initiations that are blocking the energy channels.  Such initiations can be from this life or another lifetime.  God’s Angels are only remove whatever is dark or destructive. 


$200 – prerequisite:  Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki I 
Buddha added the Double Say Hey Key back into the Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki Two initiation. … Takata cut over half the healing energy out of Reiki when she cut the Double Say Hey Key in half.  Proof lies in the fact that not one of Takata’s students was able to facilitate the same quality of healings that she had been able to do.

Classroom participants develop their psychic abilities and practice a variety of absentee healing techniques.  We work with symbols known to have healing attributes.  Many of these symbols are described on this site under the link, TERA MAI SYMBOLS, to the left and in my books.  


$750 – prerequisite:  Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki I & II 
People take this class and learn the following: 

  • How to give the three Tera-Mai™ Reiki attunements.
  • How to give the YOD and Order of Melchizedek initiations.  (Violet Flame in given but taught in Tera Mai™ Seichem Three.)
  • How to use the breathing technique in absentee or self-healing. 
  • Further development of intuitive abilities.  (We practice the contractions and breathing necessary to do the attunements in a variety of fun exercises that also serve to send healing and develop intuition.) 

Hi Ms. Milner,

I met you at Angie’s house in December when you had a presentation there.

Thank you very much for helping me to get rid off the pain I suffered on my left hip and shoulder.  I haven’t had any pain since day you placed your magical hands  at my painful sites. Thank you  . . . Helena Podjed-Tomlin, RDH, Virginia

Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki is the pre-requisite for Tera Mai™ Seichem.

  • Tera Mai™ Seichem transfers the original Reiki initiations, as well as the elemental healing energies of Air, Water, Fire & Earth to the initiate.  The elemental Earth healing energy is the original Tera Mai™ golden earth healing energy that Buddha added to the original Reiki initiations.
  • –  For properly attuned Tera Mai™ Seichem initiates, re-initiations into  Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem are given on a donations-are-accepted basis.
  • Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem transfers the elemental healing energies of Air, Water, Fire & Earth & ETHER to the initiate.  The Violet Flame, White Flame & Golden Flame are additional pre-requisites for Tera Mai™ Seichem.   .
  • Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki IV, V, VI & VII and Tera Mai™ Seichem IV, V, VI & VII, activate the psychic, healing and spiritual potential of the Solar Plexus Chakra.


As healing energy increases, re-initiations are given on a donations-are-accepted basis by Tera Mai™ who have been re-attuned.

  1. In 1991, I asked for the Truth about Reiki. Shortly thereafter, I had a consciousness-raising experience whereby my physical body and conscious mind entered the Otherworlds of Spirit. Gautama Buddha’s presence was HUGE. He proceeded to inexorably altered Takata’s original Reiki attunements by using my natural healing abilities to add Golden Elemental Earth Energy to create Tera Mai™ Reiki. (I call him the Golden Buddha.)

    After Buddha gave me Tera Mai™ initiations and symbols, such as, HARTH, Tera Mai™ earned a worldwide reputation for being a healing system that works. There is a sacrifice for those who wish to continue channeling the healing energies of Tera Mai™. Initiates must abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards. This includes receiving & passing on only Tera Mai™ initiations. If you want to receive & give many other initiations, do NOT use my name or my trademark, Tera Mai™.
  2. Cosmic Gold Healing Energy was added to Tera Mai™ Reiki in August 2014.  Testimonials of increased healing abilities and life improvement are on this site and   by those who have been re-attuned. 
  3. In the Spring of 2015, Tera Mai™ Reiki was elevated to Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki.  It is highly recommended that Tera Mai™ initiates work with this Golden energy and learn how to heal before receiving Tera Mai™ Seichem.
  4. In 2018, NURAH, pink & red, love & passion, added the possibility of healing miracles directly from The Divine Goddess.  NURAH comes in through the  Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki One initiation to compassionate individuals, who have loving and honest hearts.  
  5. In March 2020, I discovered that the red energy (passion & power) comes from God The Father Almighty and intertwines with pink (love & compassion) from The Divine Goddess.  If you have been properly attuned to Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki One and received NURAH, The Divine God & Divine Goddess work in harmony.  Increased possibility of healing miracles.

    Life’s circumstances have closed many hearts.  If you fall into this category, you may want to be cleared and re-attuned to Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki One by myself or one of my students on a donations-are-accepted basis.
  6. In 2020, Master Mary, the Star of the Sea, Mother of Jesus, added gold into Tera Mai™ Golden Reiki.  This healing aspect comes into the aura and under the skin and into the physical body.