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Heavenly Light & Circle Of Light

Blessings from The Holy Spirit and The Holy Spirit I Am

Before he was killed, Alex Martin Turati, a Brazilian mystic, channeled Gabriel, Archangel of Ascension, who showed Alex how to connect or bless people with Pure Diamond White Light and shown the Circle of Light symbol.  However, Alex was not channeling the energy.  I had to initiate him.

“In the early hours of a January 2017 morning, I opened my eyes.  Pure Diamond While Light was in front of me. Before I could think or say anything, the Light came into me.   Unable to get back to sleep, I went up to my office loft and read Alex’s email.”   Kathleen Milner

Circle of Light connection is the second step.  Through a Shamanic Journey people are taught how to enter a Spiritual temple and send Diamond White Light to personal issues, people and the Earth.  Rachel Rizzi, Philadelphia, has successfully used this technique in healing.

Prerequisites:  Individual should be clear.Connection takes roughly one hour.I am able to connect people over the telephone or Facebook’s free phone.Blessing given on a donations-are-accepted basis.