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Creativity Workshop

This class is neither an English composition nor a drawing class.  Just as the thinker behind our thoughts is NOT in our brain (our brain is like a radio receiver), creativity also comes from above our heads and into the brain.   There is a narrow etheric channel from the top of the head into the middle of the brain, which may be cleared by a healer, who also has this channel cleared.   We also work on clearing noisy chatter in the brain, releasing blockages to creativity and putting inspiration down on paper. 

  • Release blockages to creativity! 
  • Quiet the noisy, logical left brain so that the right, creative brain might express itself.
  • Find reality in right-brained thinking
  • Explore creative channel and open it
  • Find the thinker behind our thoughts and creative expression
  • Understand and use creative process
  • Open right creative brain to insights & possibilities!
  • Learn to be safely open to and work with angels and spirit guides!
  • Application to job, projects and everyday life

For additional information, or student comments, experiences and writings please read Becoming a Shaman: It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been

Kathleen Milner – Workshop Facilitator 

No pre-requisite
Class Price $100