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Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem IV, V, VI & VII

Tera Mai™ Reiki IV, V, VI & VII and Tera Mai™ Seichem IV, V, VI & VII initiations are given at the Solar Plexus.

Inner knowing, clairsentience, ‘gut feelings’, spiritual chills as a sign of the truth spoken, feeling that something is about to happen or sensing the presence of a spirit, or being an empath are all degrees of otherworldly perceptions detected by the solar plexus.    

  • Physical Empath feels in his/her own body the emotional and physical symptoms in someone else’s body.
  • Animal Empath communicates with animals in an unseen way, like horse whisperers.
  • Some Nature Empaths sense when an earthquake will occur.
  • Spiritual Empath senses the presence of ghosts and spirits.

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is empowered through the IV, V, VI & VII initiations, these abilities may awaken or develop further.  Healing & psychic impressions are enhanced.

Edgar Cayce, the premier prophet of the 20th century, laid down and went into a deep trance.  In this state he answered questions and gave healing advice.  His phenomenally accurate readings and healing suggestions came from his Solar Plexus. 

One day, one of Edgar Cayce’s friends interrupted such a session.  He saw Cayce’s transparent astral body lying over Cayce’s physical body.  The astral body was connected to the physical body by a silver cord through the Solar Plexus.  Suddenly, Edgar Cayce stopped speaking and his astral body turned to look at the intruder.  When the friend left the room and closed the door behind him, he heard Cayce continue on with the reading or healing.

If you were to think of Tera Mai™ in terms of building a house:

  • The hammer, saw and screwdriver would be like Tera Mai Reiki™ and Tera Mai™ Seichem.
  • Finely tuned tools, are like Tera Mai™ Sakara – earth, air, fire, water & ether initiations, which are used for intricate and deeper work .
  • Tera Mai™ Cahokia is the ability to manifest blueprints or higher ideas into physical form.
  • The Universal Architect who directs construction would be like IV, V, VI & VII’s connection to The Divine Creator.

Tera-Mai Reiki IV, V, VI & VII are given together for a total price of $250 
Pre-requisite is Tera Mai™ Reiki Mastership

Tera-Mai Seichem IV, V, VI & VII are given together for a total price of $300 
Pre-requisite is Tera Mai™ Seichem Mastership, Tera Mai™ Reiki IV, V, VI & VII, and the Violet Flame initiation.

Because there are people who have changed these initiations, re-initiations are given on a donations-are-accepted basis for those who’ve received these initiations from a properly attuned Tera Mai Master.

To eliminate any pre-requisites for any Tera Mai™ initiation would be like a contractor building a beautiful staircase but eliminating steps in the middle.

Babaji & the Eight Ascension Symbols

–  If you sense this image in your Solar Plexus, you might consider purchasing it.-  $20 – 8 1/2 X 20 1/2