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Tera Mai Seven Holy Flames

cost: $600

Pre-requisites:  Violet Flame, White Flame & Golden Flame, and  Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem Two


 I am a flame of fiery heart.
All of my darkness I tear apart.

I am immersed in Violet Flame,
All dark spells are put to shame.


Over thee I pour White Fire, 
Begone now if you’re a liar.

Burn all darkness to the ground.
Rays of White blaze all around,

Holy Fire pure and bright
Dark is overturned by Light
Evil deeds can not remain
In the path of the White Flame.


Flames of Gold I call upon,
To bring about the Golden Dawn.


Shades of blue are God’s Protection,
Surround my soul in all directions.
Shades of blue are God’s Perfection,
Surround _______’s soul in all direction.

Shades of blue are God’s Protection,
Surround Earth in all directions.
Shades of blue are God’s Perfection,
Surround Tera Mai in all directions.


Green Fire blazing on,
All the pain forever gone.
The evil eye I dis-allow,
Flames of Green heal me now.


Fiery Pink release my mind,
Leave bad feelings far behind.
All the hatred shall depart,
Pink Flames burn inside my heart.


Ruby Fire I ask for thee,
Burn my fears and set me free.
The evil eye I dis-allow,
This Red Flame shall make me whole.


To reclaim what was lost or stolen.
7 Flames of Holy Fire,
Send all dark into your pyre.
I invoke the 7 Flames,
All that’s mine I now reclaim.

With the assistance of God’s Angels, it may be possible for the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames to clear & heal the Angelic Codes  (DNA). ~  Important to remember to ask that the RNA be suppressed.FIRE comes from the Holy Spirit.For over 20 years, students of Tera Mai™ have received the VIOLET  FLAME attunement.  Discounted cost of $50The qualities of the Violet Flame include transformation of dark into Light, and expansion.  The Violet Flame, White Flame and Golden Flame are pre-requisites for receiving the 7 Holy Flames.  After receiving Tera Mai’s Violet Flame initiation, one may connect to the WHITE  FLAME.  You may do this for yourself.  If you need help, please ask.  The White Flame clears the way by obliterating darkness.  Repeat the affirmation below 3 times to bring in the White Flame:  
I have pure heart intentions for the energies of the White Flame.You are Light, I am Light.All Earth will be Light.We will bring Light into every darkness.Light to every mis-creation.
Afterwards, visualize HARTH in gold over the Crown Chakra.  Ask God’s Angels to bring the GOLDEN FLAME into you.  

INTEGRATING ENERGY:  A good way to do this is to visualize the energy coming down the front of you and up your back:  Visualize energy coming into the Crown Chakra & Mind’s Eye, and down the central, narrow, vertical energy channel.  As energy moves down through your body, the front Chakras are cleared:  Throat Chakra, High Heart Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Naval Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra.
The energy enters the Chakras in your hip joints and moves down the front of the legs to the Chakras at the knees, ankles and soles of the feet.
The energy continues to your Earth Chakra (about 12 inches beneath your feet), and into the Earth.  Watch your narrow, vertical energy channel connect to a beautiful, large crystal.  
Mother Earth thanks you for the healing by sending Earth healing energy up your central energy channel, into your Earth Chakra, into the Chakras at the soles of you feet and ankles.  Up the back of your legs to the Chakras at your knees and hips.  
Healing Earth Energy comes into the Root Chakra at the base of your tailbone and up the tailbone and spine.  Clearing the back Sacral Chakra & Chakra at the small of the back, and Lumbar spine.  
Energy continues into the Thoracic Vertebrae and back Solar Plexus Chakra, back Heart Chakra & back High Heart Chakra.  Energy continues into the Cervical Vertebrae and the Chakra at the base of the skull.  Up the back of the skull, Mind’s Eye and Crown Chakra.  
Energy continues up the Vertical Energy Line to the Soul Star Chakra (about 12 inches above your head) and up the Vertical Energy Line to Heaven’s Gates.

Tera Mai Holy Flames are NOT to be confused with the Three-Fold Flame of Gold, Rose Pink & Blue

  • It is part of who we are.
  • It may be observed or meditate upon.  It is about 12 inches above the head at the Soul Star Chakra.
  • Three- Fold Flame grows as the heart grows in love, compassion, generosity, gratitude & forgiveness.
  • When we exhale our last breath, the love in our heart is drawn to the Love in the White Vortex of Light.  We spiral upwards with God’s Angels.
  • When an individual closes his or heart time after time, in lifetime after lifetime, love is pushed out of the heart.  In this way an individual pushes him or herself away from God.  Demons have no love in their heart.  It may well be that at this point, the Three-Fold Flame is extinguished as well.
  • God has never turned away from us.  WE PUSH GOD AWAY when we harbor hate, jealousy, revenge, greed, selfishness, et cetera in our heart.