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What Does Tera Mai™ have to do with Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Energy.  In Japan over 100 years ago, Dr. Usui was given initiations into healing in a consciousness-raising experience he had.  The proof of his experience was that the “Reiki” initiations he was given worked! 

That is, the initiate was able to channel healing energy and facilitate real healings.  Prior to World War II, Takata, a Japanese-American woman, went to Japan, was cured of cancer and then begged the “men” who were Reiki Masters to attune her and teach her how to do the attunements. 

They attuned her and taught her, but they did not teach her everything.  The proof of this is that none of the Reiki Masters that Takata initiated and taught were able to do the same standard of miracles that either she or Dr. Usui were able to do. (There is a documented, witnessed account of Takata raising the dead.)   Takata founded the Alliance Reiki group and the initiations that were given were the Alliance Reiki attunements.  Usui Reiki actually came later. 

A man in Florida who had been attuned to the Alliance Reiki initiations tried to use the energy that had been passed onto him and made up an entirely different procedure for doing the Alliance Reiki initiations.  This man is not the Lone Ranger!  Many people have taken the original Reiki Alliance initiations and created stories to support initiations that they themselves created.  The result is that some of these initiations do not work at all, some work to some extent, and some pass on a negative energy.  One of these initiations opens the individual’s healing channels but does not connect the individual with Universal Healing Energy. 

The result being that the individual takes on board the pains and diseases of the healee.    Kathleen Milner is a natural healer and psychic, and this is clearly demonstrated in her astrology chart and the healings that she is able to facilitate.  In 1991, Kathleen Milner had her own consciousness-raising experience whereby her physical body and conscious mind were in the Otherworlds (an alternative field of consciousness).  In this state Buddha came to her and showed her what was missing from the Reiki attunements that Takata had passed down. 

The proof of her experience is that  when she attuned people in the manner that Buddha had shown her that people who had never facilitate healings were able to do so, and people who had been attuned to another form of  Reiki were able to do more in the way of healing work without taking on other people’s pain and diseases. What Kathleen found in her consciousness-raising experience was that the Reiki initiations that Takata had been given only passed on the energy of the element earth.  Within each of the 4 elements is a healing/psychic ray of energy that Shaman, Wise Women, healers, etc. have used for eons to perform healing, magic and divination.  Tea-Mai Reiki attunements pass on the energy from the element earth.  Tera-Mai Seichem attunements pass on the energy from the elements earth, air, fire and water. 

I am interested in channeling healing and opening my psychic abilities.  Is it best to take the Tera-Mai Reiki attunements or Tera-Mai Seichem attunements? 

If you like to take your time and integrate slowly, it would be advisable to begin with Tea-Mai Reiki.  The energy runs hot and cold.  In the second Tera-Mai Reiki attunement there is an attunement to the feet, which opens the initiate to the electro-magnetic healing of the Earth Mother.  This energy has a “buzz” to it. Tea-Mai Seichem has the energy of earth (Reiki), fire (Sakara), water (Sophi-El) and air (Angeliclight).  The healing/psychic aspect of fire is a sparkling, prickling energy that works both in the aura and physical body.  The healing/psychic aspect of water is pulsating cool waves of energy that works to bring up deep emotional issues to be felt and released.  The healing/psychic aspect of air is mental healing and energizing the third eye. 

What is the difference between taking a Tera-Mai class and Kathleen’s Shamanic Class? 

Tera-Mai healing energy works both hands-on and absentee.  In Kathleen’s Shamanic Class she holds the circle of energy so that the participants can learn to Journey to the Otherworlds (other realms of reality or fields of consciousness) by projecting their consciousness out through their third eye.  Kathleen also includes initiations in this class that help the class participants open to their healing and psychic abilities in another way; thus, allowing the fledgling Shaman to work effectively in the Otherworlds to bring about changes in this one.  This does not mean that the one who Journeys is able to manipulate other people or events for their own selfish purpose.  What this means is that the Shaman sets his/her intention before beginning the Journey and watches him/herself, the angels and spirit helpers (Holy Spirit) work to bring about changes for the best of all concerned.  The Shaman may ask questions while Journeying.  Holy Spirit is not going to allow the one who Journeys to take something that belongs to another, or do harm or hold a soul in a body when the time has come for that soul to make a transition. 

What are the Tera-Mai initiations of Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophi-El, Angeliclight and Tera-Mai Cahokia? 

The three Tera-Mai Seichem initiations include the 3 Tera-Mai Reiki attunements as well as the first initiations into Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight.  Think of Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight as a whole pie.  One third of that pie is divided into three parts and one of these three parts is transferred in each of the three Tea-Mai Seichem attunements.  The other 2 pieces of the remaining pie are given in Tera-Mai Sakara II and Sakara III.   These initiations further open the initiate to the elemental healing energies of fire, water and air. Tera-Mai Cahokia is the combined force of elemental power and is the healing/psychic energy that Kathleen Milner was born with.  The elemental energy becomes multifaceted and works in startling and unique ways. 

What about the school for the healing arts that Kathleen Milner mentions in her book, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing?  

From the first edition of the first book, Kathleen Milner has stated that Sakara, Sophi-El, Angeliclight and Cahokia will be taught from a central school by qualified instructors only.  In light of what happened to Reiki and even Seichem, this action is warranted so as to protect the healing/psychic energy from these attunements.  When people step in and change Universal attunements they inexorably alter the energy that is passed on from the attunement.  In the summer of 2003, Kathleen Milner plans on starting a foundation that will become the basis for the school in the United States.  This will be a model for other schools around the world.