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Babies & Children

Further Information on Healing Babies & Children 
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Celestial Angels will cause NO harm.  They will slow down the healing energy coming out of the healer’s hands whenever anybody has had enough healing.  But there may be some healing energy coming out of the healer’s hands.  So, with regard to babies and young children:  Simply watch more carefully for signs that the baby has had enough healing energy.  

As for mothers:  The soul that is to enter the body of the baby travels in the aura of the mother.  (Seers, psychics, prophets and even myself have seen this phenomenon firsthand.)  If a pregnant woman receives a Tera Mai initiation, all of the souls who travel with her receive that same Tera Mai initiation.  So, the baby of a Tera-Mai initiated mother is channeling Tera Mai healing.  Thus, the baby is accustomed to Universal Healing Energy from his or her mother. 

The soul does NOT enter the fetus.  Yes, the fetus has as much life as any organ in the pregnant female’s body.   However, the fact is that the soul comes into the physical body with the first breath and leaves with the last.   The Bible repeats this over and over again.   In the past, that is the reason why there was never a funeral mass for a stillborn baby.  (Although some parents are opting for a service to help with their own grief for having lost the possibility of a child of their own.)  In the Bible there is NO mention of sinning if a woman aborts a fetus.  (Roman women practice abortions with certain herbs and plants.  Jesus would have known about this practice and condemned it, if it had been a sin.)

Many women feel very guilty because they had an abortion.  This guilt needs to be released and healed.  Guilt is neither helping her nor the children she has.

This website, my books and the Summer 2013 Newsletter  has many healing techniques that may be used on children and babies.   However, for babies I would stay away from purple and color combinations that have purple.    (There is a reason why you don’t see purple baby clothes.   Purpleis the color of transformation.  An aspect of the baby’s soul, called the astral body, is working to ground into the physical; not to make a transition back into the world of Spirit. )

If it feel right to you, you might also have a group meditation / healing session on Wednesday Nights at 8:00 pm for mothers and others who want to attend.   Click here to read about the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.  It’s been ongoing for 5 years.  Millions of people around the world participate:

Dramatic Documented Witnessed Mental Healings of a Baby and an 8-Year-Old Boy

When I visited my son in August, his neighbor brought over her 8-month-old daughter, Courtney Williams of Jackson, Wisconsin.  Early Intervention had already diagnosed Courtney as autistic.  At 8 months, Courtney was barely able to sit up by herself, she had no gag reflex, did not respond to any sounds and had no language whatsoever.  Courtney had been seen regularly by doctors, therapists and nurses. Her parents had been in counseling.  When I doused her crown chakra it was not a circle or any geometric figure; the pendulum zigzagged in unpredictable directions.  All I did was initiate her into Tera-Mai Seichem I.  Immediately afterwards, her crown chakra was a circle when doused.

When I went back to visit my son at the end of November, 3 months later, Courtney Williams was 11-months old. Her mother brought Courtney over so that I might see her.  In three months, Courtney has learned not only to crawl, but walk, run, and climb up the stairs!  She responds to sounds for the first time, and is beginning to talk.  However, her gag reflex remains poor and her fine motor skills are behind for her age level.  In addition, she still does not have a fear of strangers.  

The therapist and nurse, who saw Courtney last month, have absolutely no explanation for her sudden and  dramatic development, they cannot believe she is the same baby!  The fact that Courtney Williams learned to crawl, walk, run, climb stairs, respond to sounds and begin verbal communication in just 3 months is nothing short of a miracle.  Over Thanksgiving weekend, I initiated Courtney into Tera-Mai Seichem II, and the diameter of her crown chakra increased in size.  It will be interesting to see what happens over the ensuing months.

For years, I have observed animals becoming smarter after they were initiated into Tera-Mai Reiki or Tera-Mai Seichem.  So, before my grandson, Tylor Owrey, entered 3rd grade, I initiated him into Tera-Mai Seichem I.  He had had trouble concentrating in 1st and 2nd grade, was disruptive in class and received terrible marks in those grades.  Before entering 3rd grade, the only thing different in his life was receiving Tera-Mai Seichem I.  In 3rd grade he started paying attention in class, found different friends and received mostly B’s on his report card. So, last summer, I initiated Tylor into Tera-Mai Seichem II.  His first 4th grade report card consisted of all B’s with the exception of two A’s.

It would be very interesting if school systems would allow Tera-Mai Masters to initiate school children into Tera-Mai Seichem I or even Tera-Mai Reiki I, with the consent of their parents.  Then compare their test scores or grades at the end of the year to see where they fall in the national average, and how their results compare with last year’s results.  Many school districts are struggling to meet the No Child Left Behind standards and might be open to this.

Kathleen Ann Milner
December 1, 2005

Using Reiki on Premature Babies

My youngest son, Jelle Dams, was born 3 months too early. He was in the hospital for 6 months, had a stroke, meningitis, and three times a sepsis, altogether with the breathing machine his lungs were severely damaged. After a few months, the doctors could not improve his health (he was still on oxygen, was being tube fed and had lots of immunity and lung trouble). So at night my friend, who at that time had just done Reiki 1, and myself sneaked into the hospital so that she could work on him. Jelle’s first smile and relaxing pose was to her!!

Doctors were unsure if he would be able to walk, talk, eat, or even breathe on his own. We kept on going with the Reiki. From the first healing he kept on improving and improving. Very gradually. I took over after I got the Tera-Mai Reiki attunement. I also searched for help with a homeopathic doctor.

The doctors do not understand why Jelle is in such amazing ‘high quality of human life’- condition. Now, he is 8 years old and still asks for Reiki if he does not feel well or has an accident. He walks, runs, plays basketball, talks, makes jokes, is doing well at school, he learned to bike, and he eats and breathes on his own.
He is our Reiki-miracle!!