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Was it Takata who gave the world Reiki?  Because there is absolutely no evidence that a man or a monk named Usui ever existed.  

1.  The University of Chicago, where Usui was supposed to have graduated from, has no record of anyone with that name or any similar name even attending.

2.  The Buddhist temple, where Usui was supposed to have been a monk, has no record of anyone with that name or any similar name even visiting.

3.  The tombstone honoring Dr. Usui suggests that a half million Japanese people were initiated into Reiki.  However, the tombstone is modern.  It is laser cut.  In addition to that, land in Japan is expensive.  How would a Tibetan monk afford a large, elaborate tombstone?  And would a Tibetan monk do such a thing?

4.  In Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing I mention that one of Aaron Shapiro's students told Aaron that his family had received the HARTH symbol from one of Dr. Usui's students.  There is absolutely NO reliable evidence that HARTH symbol existed in Japan prior to 1991, when I had a consciousness-raising experience with Buddha.  Aaron was misled, as was I.

5.  There is absolutely no reliable evidence that Reiki healing was practiced in Japan prior to Takata and her Reiki Masters initiating people in Japan.

Ulike China, where spiritualism is closed and guarded, spiritualism in Japan is open and eclectic.    

1.  People in Japan talk openly and share information.  Buddhist and Shinto temples look identical, and each religion has incorporated aspects of the other.  To be clear, when something works it is incorporated.

2.  If what has been said about Dr. Usui was true, Dr. Usui would have become legendary.   There would be many legends about him and his followers.  There would be stories written about Dr. Usui and his students in books.  There are NONE.

3.   If what has been said about Dr. Usui was true, Reiki would be practiced today in both Shinto and Buddhist temples.  It is NOT.

4.  If there were healers, whose lineages dated back to Usui through someone other than Takata, and they were alive in 20th or 21st century Japan, they would NOT be a secret.

5.  The symbols used in Reiki fit into the Japanese text.  However, HON SHA ZA SHO NENE is Mandarin Chinese.  In addition, there is no letter  "R"  sound in the Japanese language.   And would a Japanese Tibetan monk name a healing system, Usui Shiki Ryoho, after himself?

6.  Who is the man in the photographs whom Takata claimed was Usui?  We may never know.  Whose ashes are on the 'newly discovered' altar?  We may never know.

Takata was a Japanese-American woman and a practicing Buddhist after World War II.

1.  There is no question that Takata was able to facilitate healings.  A documented, witnessed story of Takata's raising a woman from the dead is included in Hawayo Takata's Story  ISBN 0-944135-06-04, written by Helen J. Haberly, and published by Archedigm Publications. 

2.  DID TAKATA INVENT DR. USUI  SO THAT HEALING WOULD GET INTO THE WORLD?  What if Takata went to Japan prior to World War II and came across a Buddhist monastery where a minor initiation began the process of opening her to her own healing channels and connection to Source?  Did Takata receive the initiations that she passed on in a consciousness-raising experience?  She would have also realized that at that time, Americans would not accept Reiki if they knew it came from a woman or a Buddhist.   

3.  USUI SHIKI RYOHO, appeared at the top of all of the Alliance Reiki certificates.  Takata's original, or Alliance, Reiki Masters referred to themselves as Usui Reiki Masters.  To complicate matters, Takata never trademarked any part of the phrase or even the word, Reiki.   So, many, many people simply made up initiations and named them Usui Reiki or gave them other names.   In some 'Usui Reiki' initiations there is NOTHING left of Takata's original Alliance Reiki initiations.  

Some people are trying to turn Reiki into an intellectual pursuit.  If you want to know The Truth about the Ancient Art of hands-on healing, find out where real healings are happening.





This Golden Topaz is in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  None of the gemstones in the collection are illuminated from below.  This picture captures on 35 mm film the Spiritual qualities radiating from the pyramid-like top of the topaz, as well as from the sides.  You can also find orbs of light floating outside of the gemstone.