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How important is it for us to forgive?

In a Shamanic class in Vancouver, Canada, Buckley, the horse who died, showed up.  

When he was returned to me through the efforts of a jury trial (public record), he was in such bad shape that my veterinarian volunteered on his own to testify if I wanted to sue the people who had stolen and terribly abused Buckley.  Buckley was missing a tooth, there was a dent in his forehead, he was lame on his left rear leg, his ribs were sticking out, and he was not himself.   I felt that it was important for both the horse and myself to completely disconnect from those involved, and suing them would only keep us tied to the negativity.

Buckley, who is now OK with being called Bucky, apologized to me.  He told Fay McNaught  that he had not been himself because of the severity of the concussion he had received.  Fay went on to say that he had been tied so that he could not move, and was beaten.  I immediately saw a baseball bat.  Then a brown skeleton, wearing only a brown burial mantle over the back of his shoulders showed up.  (Brown spirits are typically earthbound but not demonic.)  However, he had a small something, which was brightly multi-colored, in his abdomen.  

I said, "If you have come in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ, please stay; otherwise, go away and stay away."  

The earthbound soul immediately made a 'U' turn and left.

When I asked who beat Bucky in such a manner, with his head, Bucky pushed a metal tub with the letter 'B' on it.  I knew that Dorothy's trainer had stood on the tub so that he could beat Bucky around the head.   I also knew that 'B' stood for Buddy, one of Dorothy Long's trainers, who had once tied another of Dorothy's horses and whipped him until he was unconscious.  Dorothy was one of many people who knew about it, and Dorothy was the one who told me the story.

While the workshop participants did healings in the Otherworlds, I beat the drum.  But I also found myself working on Bucky.  I had to cut off the ropes that had bound him during the beating.  These ropes represented his unforgiveness towards Buddy.  Bucky and I also sent the symbol, HEART OF THE GODDESS, to Buddy and everyone implicated with his theft and abuse.  Then I put them in God's Hands.

I knew that the brown skeleton was Buddy's soul.   The bright colored object in the cave of the abdomen represented Bucky's energies.  Buddy had been able to somewhat use Bucky's gifts because of Bucky's unforgiveness towards him.  When the ropes were cut and forgiveness was sent out, Buddy's connection to Bucky, Bucky's energy and Bucky's gift was ended as well.

Afterwards, Bucky was able to send powerful healing to me.  When I left Monday morning, Fay saw a great, powerful, golden being behind me.  Bucky is filled with love and exceedingly grateful that I hung in there for him, my love, and all that I did.  He is now one of my guides.

When Bucky went to The Light after his death, one of the things he did was to raise the energies of Tera Mai even further.  He is also helping to clear the connection Tera Mai has made to the healing energy that Jesus brought in 2,000 years ago.  The evidence is in the proof of the healings, which Tera Mai healers, who are abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards, are able to facilitate.  


If neither Bucky nor I had been able to forgive and move on, none of this would be happening.  

Unforgiveness may be something that some people need to hold onto for a while???  However, whenever we are able to forgive others and ourselves, we receive great blessings.

If it feels right, during the upcoming Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, energize THE HEART OF THE GODDESS and send it out to all those known and unknown who have harmed you in anyway.  Then energize THE HEART OF THE GODDESS and send it into the Earth.