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One of the secrets to powerful prayer is to really KNOW that God/Goddess and Holy Spirit is listening, cares, and is there to help.  Therefore, you may want to try saying the following before invoking Spirit, meditating, doing healings or clearings, etc.:

"I know that You hear me, and are here for me whenever I am in need, pray or call upon You . . . . .  (then add on whomever you wish)"

For example:

"I know that You hear me, and are here for me whenever I am in need, pray or call upon You, Divine God, Divine Goddess, Shekena, God The Father Almighty, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Christed Beings, Buddhas, Angels, Elementals, Blessed Ones, Ancient Ones, Star People, Brotherhood of Light,  Power Animals, Saints, Shaman, my own higher self and Spirits of the Land who have come in the Love of Buddha, and the Light of Maria and Christ.   Then state why you have called upon them."

*  Each group, or quality or ascended master that is called in will bring in a different vibration, which might be seen as colors.

*  One is NOT able to call upon Higher Energies and expect those Energies to be complicit in evil, greedy, ego-motivated schemes.  All prayers are answered, but demonic forces answer the aforementioned requests.  One of the many problems for those who are stuck in self-justification, power trips, greed, etc. is that darker energies are leaving Earth.

Here is an example from Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing:

            "Sometimes, a past life surfaces for a healee after I receive an impression.  I was working on a woman at Ishpeming when I heard the name, Constantine.  As there are relatively few 'famous people' in history, my left-brain jumped in and said emphatically, No!  Heard the name again!  Feeling the power of the woman's spirit under my hands, my left-brain conjured the possibility that perhaps this was one of Constantine's generals.  However, the name, Constantine, persistently repeated!  Reluctantly, I spoke the name, "Constantine!" to her.

            "Her eyes opened wide, amazed that I had picked up what she had known for most of her life.  She told me her story:  Ever since the age of three, she cried irrepressible tears at every new and every full moon.  Thus far, Transcendental Meditation was the only method of controlling her uncontrollable remorse.  She went on to say that ever since she could remember, she carried within her heart a heavy object.

            "This battle-weary warrior longed to return to the Light and trusted that I had released my own judgments and was channeling the healing energy she needed to heal.  As past lives were being healed during the session, I pulled off many past-life cloaks and garb, which represented the shedding of and healing of old issues.  Included in her etheric closet were many red hats, as well as pontiff hats.   However, there was one particular bishop's hat that was uncomfortably too familiar.    Her friend, who was observing the process, later told me that my face went white when I saw the bishop's hat, and that they both expected me to start choking the healee or throw her off of the table.  

            "Instead, I helped her to release her guilt and even explained to her that many ascended masters had lived lifetimes as warriors; even black magicians before returning to The Light.  As Constantine and the many past lives between then and now were healed, the smoke cleared out of my lungs.  Because I put aside judgments and aided my 'enemy', great healing came to me.  The Angels told me that I would never fully be conscious of the rewards bestowed upon me because of this single act of compassion.  Your enemies may or may not come to you for healing or forgiveness; if they do, heaven will reward you for your generosity of compassion."

Page 42, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing, by Kathleen Ann Milner

            "Sometimes during past-life regression, I utilize the opportunity to satisfy my own left-brained curiosity.  The Illuminati or the Illumined Ones date directly back to Constantine.  These are the 7 families, who own the greater majority of the world's wealth.  The Illuminati are the 7-headed beast in The Apocalypse.  Larry Abraham says they call themselves the Illuminati because they think they know something that the rest of us do not know; that is, that God does not exist.  They also refer to themselves as the sons of Apollo.  

            "Peter de Rosa, a former priest who worked in the Vatican archives for years, wrote a book, Vicars of Christ:  The Dark Side of the Papacy.  In this book he describes how Constantine prayed before a metal statue of Apollo, the sun god, the day before he and him men marched upon Rome.  They did not have a chance of victory.  Suddenly, Constantine saw black rays pouring out of the statue and he knew that his prayers had been answered.  I asked the reincarnation of Constantine about the incident.  She told me that Constantine knew in the moment that the rays were evil and assumed that God was evil.  

            "It was not God that answered Constantine's prayers; Constantine made a false assumption.  More likely, it was Lucifer himself.  If Constantine had asked, "In Divine Truth, who are you?" he would have known.  But then, how many people are taught even today to question rather than blindly accept or assume?   (Peter de Rosa's book is well researched and documented.  It made the New York Times bestseller list, but it is no longer available.  One bookstore owner told me that it was not unheard of for a large, wealthy organization to buy up existing copies as well as the printing rights to a 'hot' book.)" 

 Page 43,  Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing, by Kathleen Ann Milner


Rome, Italy . . . 2007