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In the last several years, powerfully aspected eclipses, full and new moons, solstices and equinoxes brought opportunities to release darkness, evil and ignorance from Earth.  This resulted in more and more Light and Love being able to come to Earth.  

The separation of the Light from the dark is becoming more and more apparent.  Increasingly, people are compelled to either grind limited perspectives into their consciousness, or open their eyes to Spirituality and their hearts to love and compassion.  We see this happening around us everyday!

God's Angels keep giving Ramona Kirk this message to give to people:  Open your hearts or lose your minds.  This applies to anyone who has made money their god, or religion a head trip.  

Many people in this world believe that their connection to God is through their mind.  For example, I heard a born again Christian author being interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air.   Throughout the interview and in many ways, she carefully detailed the important role that her rational mind plays in her religion, and her connection to and communication with God.  When she was asked about Spirituality and what she would do if she had a Spiritual experience, she was literally at a loss for words.  She was unable to comprehend what that would be like.  

Because she and others are taught that there is only Heaven, Earth and Hell, they do not believe that there is a Spiritual aspect to Earth.  Sometimes, born again Christians will call me to say something like, 'If there is only Heaven, Earth and Hell, how come John Edward is able to communicate with the departed?'

Other times, when born again Christians call me with the intention to save my soul, I will ask them if they have read the Bible.  Without exception, they have all answered, 'No!'  It appears that they depend upon others to tell them what is in the Bible.

Because they do not believe in the Spiritual aspect to Earth, they assume that the voice that they hear comes from God.  For example, there was no  public outcry from the religious right when George W. Bush publicly stated that God told him to attack Iraq.

When the Earth changes come about and the wheat is separated from the chaff, those who have opened their hearts will fair better.  During one of the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearings, Ramona Kirk watched God's Angels place a golden plate over Earth's South Pole.  She asked me what that meant.

I could see the golden plate.  I answered, 'When Plato said that Atlantis sank, he meant that Atlantis sank below the horizon and became Antarctica.  Edgar Cayce, the premier prophet of the 20th century, predicted that Atlantis would rise again during the Earth changes.'

I could still see Earth and the golden plate at the South Pole.  I had been looking at North & South America.  Then everything went white and the golden plate along with Antarctica (Atlantis) quickly shifted upwards to the equator.  I hesitantly sent this out in an email to the groups on my list, so that they might be forewarned. 

One of my students later told me that she had read in a scientific publication that everything they have understood to be true regarding the distinction of the dinosaurs because of a meteor is wrong.  They now have evidence that Earth has made 90 degree turns in the past.  When species are suddenly transported to a climate that is not conducive to their survival, the species disappears.

An invocation that works well goes like this:  From the lord god of my being to The Lord God of the Universe, I invoke my Divine Gift of free will choice to reject any and all evil, darkness and ignorance, as well as those who perpetuate evil, darkness and ignorance.  So be it and so it is, now, always and forever, in accordance with Your Will Divine God / Divine Goddess.


"There will be Signs in the heavens."
By definition the 3 Wise Men mentioned in the New Testament had to have been both astrologers & astronomers.