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Ask Kathleen

Please feel free to send in questions on our guestbook page and Kathleen will answer them. Please advise us if you do not wish your answer to appear on the Kathleen Milner web site.

Dear Kathleen,

I am very interested in your distant healing techniques. Last summer I had some very traumatic experiences. I am left with a broken heart. I feel as if I met and lost my soul mate. I never expected this to happen to me at the age of 45, but it has, and I have tried everything I know to come to grips with it. All my life I have been a sensible, level-headed person, hard working, honest, etc. I have always been a spiritually serious person, trying to understand my life from that perspective. Up until now it has helped and guided me through my life. In fact, the year before meeting this man, I had never been closer to God or more spiritually centered in my life. I had been planting the seeds for a spiritual union, knew that God would bring him into my life, and when I met him there was not a doubt in my mind. Of course, now that it has blown up in my face, I feel I must have been insane, or something…. I felt that God mocked my dreams…..

At any rate, my health is steadily going downhill. Even though I had my DNA activated, it got worse. I am a person who never gets ill, and I have been sick with upper respiratory problems since December. I have gone to the doctor, taking medicine, which I hate to do, but don’t seem to care if I get better or not. This is what scares me. How can one relationship so devastate one’s life? I have been through two divorces, support myself, college educated, and am not a weak person, yet I feel God mocking me, laughing at my efforts to love myself, to improve, to have a little self-esteem.

I guess I really want my will to live back, the joy I had before I met this man. I feel I cannot physically heal until this is resolved.

I don’t know what you charge, or if I can afford it, but I will be home all day Sunday and Monday. I am in the USA. In Central Standard time zone. Do you think your healing can help me? Thank You for your time,


Dear Virginia,

Sometimes, when we pray for a relationship a series of people come in. Each individual gets closer to the correct match. A problem arises when we get stuck on the first or second person that comes in and we do not give the entire process enough time to evolve. We also forget to ask God questions, such as, is this the right person for me?

Sometimes, a person will come in who seems to be the right person, the person we have been waiting for our entire lives. There is attraction! Everything seems right! However, what we are actually being confronted with is some ‘negative’ aspect of ourselves that we have not looked at and resolved. Our soul recognized and was overjoyed that a person, who could act as a catalyst for change, had come into our lives. The problem comes, not because our eyes were opened and we saw the individual’s ‘true colors’, but rather because we blame God or ourselves. Because we forget to ask God, “What do I see in this person that is within me?”

I do healings on a donations-are-accepted basis. The most common donation is $100, but people have given me considerably more and considerably less. If you will email me back we can arrange a time for a healing. I cannot guarantee results or what form the healing will take.



Dear Kathleen, From the first time I heard or read the term Cahokia, I have wanted the initiation. I have asked you about them because, as you have pointed out on numerous occasions, one should be certain about what one allows others to initiate.

Dear Wendy,

People who have taken Tera-Mai Cahokia find that with each

initiation they are able to do more healings in less time. I don’t oversell any initiations.

People who know that they are to do Tera-Mai Cahokia find me.

Dear Kathleen, The cost of the Cahokia attunement is $1000. I simply want to know what I am going to acquire for that amount of money – a fair question. Since you are the only person who can attune others to Cahokia, no doubt that people would come to you.

You do these attunements individually, I hope. I suppose that these attunements have to be done in person as well. I need to know more


Dear Wendy,

I do the Tera-Mai Cahokia attunements individually or in small groups. If this is right for you, will know it and the money will be there.

As the Tera-Mai Cahokia initiation is a weaving of elemental healing rays, Tera-Mai Sakara III must be in place. Cahokia is an up step in healing energy and I am not personally aware of anybody who is passing down this kind of energy and getting phenomenal healing results through initiations.

If you do, let me know.

Please Help Me! 

Dear Madam, 

I am Avinash Rawal from New Delhi (INDIA). I have done Reiki course of Ist ,IInd ,IIIrd and Mastership about 6 years ago and have done Magnify healing and since then I have taken in attunement many times directly and distant attunement and also attended many Reiki classes with many Reiki grand Masters to get the flow of Reiki in my body. But I don’t feel the energy flow in my hands and body. There is blockage some where and 
I feel blockage in many parts of my body. When ever I tried to heal my self and others I feel some energy pressure on my Crown Chakra but the energy does not flow in side and in to my hands. 

I shall be great full if you could help me out and remove all my blockages. Please let me know If you can distant attunement or healing for me or any thing else 
which will cure me. If you need my picture I can send you by email. 

Thanks & Regards 
Avinash Rawal

Dear Avinash Rawal, 

Your problem is typical to other people who have received multiple Reiki attunements. There is only one Reiki (elemental earth) healing ray! It is up to each one of us to discern which of the many different Reiki attunements out there are thee one that opens the initiate’s healing channels AND connects us to the healing energy that comes from Source or God. Different initiations into the One Universal Reiki Ray clog the initiate’s etheric channels! Too much is less than just enough! Even people who receive supposedly called Tera-Mai™ initiations from somebody who is also giving or receiving other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade attunements will receive a distorted version of the intended healing energy. 

If you will look on my web site – – you will find a page of Tera-Mai™ instructors. Click on the INDIA link. What the first and second degrees of Tera-Mai™ Reiki or Tera-Mai™ Seichem will do is clear out your etheric channels. Sometimes, the initiate requires a healing session as well in order to clear out the channels.

Hope this helps! 


Dear Kathleen, 
From Luc Verkoren you heard everything there is to know about the situation in Holland. As secretary of the new board I got questions of several people who want to know if they are acting correctly. As new board we will have to supply the answers if we want to have a good and pure association and a pure system. And also if we want to win trust of people who are now not sure about everything that is going in Holland and with the Tera-Mai system, it is necessary that we give the right answers once and for all.

So will you please give me your reaction on the following? 

There are people whom are doing healings with rays (which work) other then are given in Tera-Mai Reiki en Tera-Mai Seichem and also doing TM Reiki and TM Seichem. The healings they do work. Looking at the TM registration form, I only can say that this is ok because there is no relation tot TM Reiki or TM Seichem. Can you please confirm for me that this is correct or in the other way explain why not? 

Kathleen writes: 
In the Tera-Mai™ standards I only included that the Tera-Mai™ instructor was to refrain from giving or receiving other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade attunements. I did this so that legitimate Universal initiations would not be excluded. That means that it is up to the individual who is seeking out initiations or healing to ask questions and to witness healing demonstrations. 
Now, what I have found in re-attuning people is that there are some manmade initiations that open the initiate’s healing channels but do not connect the initiate to the Source of Healing, which comes from God. These people are taking on board other people’s ailments, pains and diseases. 
There are also people who have taken Tera-Mai™ initiations and then proceeded to make up initiations. They try to use the energy of Tera-Mai to pass down manmade attunements. In these cases healings may or may not initially happen, but in the end the Tera-Mai™ energy is lost.

If an individual is giving legitimate Universal initiations into healing then the legitimacy of those initiations rests on these questions:

1. Was the individual initiated into Tera-Mai prior to “discovering” these other initiations?
2. Where exactly did these initiations come from? For example:

a) I received the Tera-Mai™ Reiki attunements in a consciousness-raising experience whereby my physical body and conscious mind were in the Otherworlds and in this state I met a Higher Being (Buddha).

b) The Enochian Magic initiations were given and taught to me by a man who had been initiated by a former member of the Catholic clergy.

c) The Order of Melchizedek was given and taught to me by an ordained priest.

3. What kinds of healings are the individual and his students able to facilitate?
4. Are they simply taking on board other people’s problems?

* Another question is about Buddhistic energy (for example medicine Buddha and Kalachakra). Initiations (other than TM Reiki and TM Seichem) are done. Again looking at the TM registration form, I only can say that this is ok because there is no relation tot TM Reiki or TM Seichem. Can you please confirm for me that this is correct or in the other way explain why not? 
Kathleen writes:

These are fine so long as they are administered by somebody who has been properly attuned and taught. Unfortunately, there are people who simply outright lie. For example, there is a type of Reiki that was supposed to come from the Zen monk that Takata initiated. The people who follow this kind of Reiki are told the story about how Beth Sanders (who was actually one of my students) brought the Zen monk over to the United States and that the Zen monk initiated and taught only one man, a man in Wisconsin the original Reiki initiations that he had learned from another one of Dr. Usui’s students. The truth is that a man in California paid for the Zen monk’s flight to California and asks the Zen monk to take Beth Sanders Reiki mastership class. In this class the Zen monk, like all of the other students in the class, practiced all 3 Reiki initiations that I had been taught by my Reiki master. Margaret Shelton. 

The Zen monk stated that everything was the same with the following exceptions:

1. Takata never emphasized any order to initiating the chakras. I had taught my students from the beginning to start with the crown and work down and this was later confirmed by Buddha in my consciousness-raising experience.

2. Takata taught the contractions and breathing but never emphasized them. From the first Reiki Mastership class I taught, I emphasized the contractions and breathing and found different ways to incorporate the contractions and breathing into my classes.

3. Takata never allowed questions.

So, just because somebody uses the word “Buddhism” or “Zen”, it does not necessarily follow that they are able to pass on initiations. People seeking out attunements and metaphysical instruction are well advised to check things out. I hope this helps! If you have further questions please write again. Kathleen Milner