Artwork by Kathleen Milner

La Voix – The Voice

 by Kathleen Milner

La Voix – The Voice Reproduction of charcoal drawing of the head of the coming Christ. Individually signed, limited edition of 500, 21×30 inches – $150. In 1986 a psychic called me to say that she had received a message. Her angels had asked her to bring me a picture of the Shroud of Turin. She told me that it had something with my artwork. After she left, I sat down and started to sketch from the picture, but I felt like I was missing something. So I sat down to meditate and held the picture next to my heart with my left hand. When I came out of meditation, I could not move my hand. Rather than panicking, I went to my easel and drew the image that came to me. When the archbishop of Milwaukee, Rembert G. Weakland, OSB heard my story, he told me that he would like to have one of my prints.

Babaji & the Eight Ascension Symbols

by Kathleen Milner

8 1/2 X 10 1/2 – size of art image

The symbols were given to me by Diane Schoolman. The meaning of the 11*11 was then revealed to me as we stood on the shores of Lake Superior looking out towards the Apostle Islands. It is not two numbers. The 11*11 portrays two double beams of light on either side of an inter-dimensional doorway that is shaped like a diamond. When these symbols are used in purity, that is, with no other outside symbols, and combined with the geometry of a pyramid, they resonate to and awaken the ancient codings of the time before the fall when mankind was cosmic human. Symbols can be drawn one at a time, placed under a pyramid shape and then meditated upon so as to get a sensation for their individual qualities. This picture can be framed and hung on the wall, or laminated so that the mediator can touch symbols with the left fingers and the pyramid with the right fingers