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Becoming a Shaman: It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been

ISBN: 987-1-889603-29-6
274 pages
6 X 9 inches
Bookstores may order from Baker & Taylor or New Leaf.

“A fabulous book for those on the journey of self-exploration. Easy-to-follow exercises and examples are included. It was interesting to see people work through their issues and stumbling blocks, and the resulting spiritual growth through the progression of Shamanic journeys. If you cannot take a workshop in person from Kathleen, this is the next best thing. And for those of you who have taken her Shamanic class, this is a great reminder of what you accomplished, and to use the exercises for additional work. This book is literally Kathleen’s workshop step-by-step as she teaches it.”
Claire Campbell
Atlanta, Georgia

Becoming a Shaman has been translated into Dutch


ISBN 1-886903-83-2
6 X 9 inches
265 pages

In Richard III: White Boar the author uses her innate psychic abilities and writing skills to bring to life the 15th century king.  She weaves a fascinating, yet credible, tale.  While doing so, she solves the mystery of who murdered the princes in the Tower.  Part II explains how information came to Kathleen through research, site exploration and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.  Readers of Between Two Worlds: The Story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn – and Her Celtic Heritage found Part II to be as intriguing as the story itself.  It is the only novel about Richard III that is set in the 15th century.

Reiki and Other Ways of Healing
Updated & Practical for the Aquarian Age

ISBN 978-1-886903-78-4

8.5×11 inches

164 pages


Reiki and Other Ways of Healing offers answers and useful information on changes that Earth and our physical bodies are now going through.  These are the end times, but it is not the end of the world.  Rather, it is the end of an age of pain.  The Aquarian Age is a physical reality that astronomers are able to observe.   Through the progression into the Aquarian Age, we are all witnessing the unfolding of God’s Plan for Earth, which has been predicted by all the great prophets, become a reality. When you see God’s Face in the earth, you will know that His Chosen Angels have reclaimed the Earth for God.  There are explanations, examples and practical techniques for healing the emotions, mind and physical body.  

Tera, My Journey Home

Alternative Healing

8.5×11 inches
308 pages
(included are color inserts of paintings discussed 
in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing)

The 3rd edition of Tera, My Journey Home: Alternative Healing is a deeper, broader discussion of healing and the use of the 4 elemental healing rays, with the energy of Reiki being elemental earth. It is through the channeling of elemental rays of healing from Source or God that all Shaman, healers and saints have facilitated miracles. Included is a chapter on practical application of herbs and supplements, and another on moving Qi (energy). How Shamanism works with angels and spirit guides is discussed.  There is also a chapter on a Shamanic healing system, Ama Deus (I love God), from the jungles of Brazil that anyone may use.  Healing animals is expanded upon through the story of horse rescue, healing, rehabilitation and retraining.

Between Two Worlds

ISBN 1-886903-21-2


6 X 9 inches

306 pages

In her first novel, Between Two Worlds, Kathleen expands upon her story-telling abilities to bring to life the court of Henry VIII and his relationship with Anne Boleyn.  How the Celts performed their healing and magic is one of the subplots.  Kathleen was born with healing and psychic abilities, so, the metaphysical aspect is realistically incorporated into the story. Because firsthand, extraordinary experiences contributed to the body of knowledge that went into the writing of the book, readers say that they not only to better visualize the story in their minds, but sometimes feel that they are in 16th century England with the personalities who lived the adventure.

“Between Two Worlds” (Back Cover)

Kathleen Ann Milner is the author of two metaphysical books of note that are recognized in the self-healing, self-help niche market. Within both books are well-told stories and it is one of the reasons for the books’ popularity. In Between Two Worlds, Kathleen expands upon her ability to weave facts, characters and settings into a very different tale of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. It is a story with a touch of mystery and romance that also fits into the unbiased historical evidence. Kathleen was born a natural healer and psychic; thus, metaphysics is realistically incorporated into the story in such a way that Celtic magic is useable and practical.

Included within the first part of the book are scenes of Anne’s paternal Irish grandmother patiently teaching her the ways of healing and the natural world. After her death, Anne protects her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, from the Otherside of the veil. In the second part of hte book, the author tells another story of how the information for the book came to her, both in research and through psychic experiences. What is the practical application in personal life and business of skills learned in metaphysical classes? What does the afterlife, the world of Spirit hold? Would it be surprising to learn that the Tudors were responsible for the rumor that Richard III was a hunchback or that Henry VIII worked with astronomers/astrologers?