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–  Because of the corona virus, I am not booking large classes through the summer.
–  I give individual healings & readings; as well as initiations & re-initiations and instructions in person, over the phone or Facebook’s free phone.
–  My natural healing abilities include healing through my voice.
–  I am open to holding classes for groups if current conditions change.  Please contact me if you are interested.


2019 classe in Italy were popular, successful and empowering. 

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Healing center for large groups.

I wish to let you know how wonderful the Shamanic Course was in Spoleto, Italy on 5th & 6th October 2019.

Travel to Rome from UK and then via train to Spoleto was easy.  Ellie’s son collected me from the railway station for the short drive to Eliatamo, which is located in the hills on the outskirts of Spoleto.  The weather was beautiful and warm in October and the scenery is spectacular.

The hotel offered a communal area and kitchen, with bedrooms at ground and first floors.  Meals were beautifully prepared by Ellie and the Italian attendees.  We ate together, enabling everyone the opportunity to get to know each other better.  I also met students at the hotel who were waiting to take other classes with you.  I do not speak Italian, but most people spoke fluent or some English.
I am forever grateful for the experience during my weekend in Spoleto and the many new friends I have found there too from Italy, USA, Vancouver, The Netherlands, Germany and UK also.

The Shamanic class was held over 2 days in which Kathleen initiated everyone into the appropriate level of initiations to assist everyone in gaining maximum benefit from the shamanic journeys. Some attendees were new to this class and others had attended the course previously.

There was great excitement sharing our experience of each journey and enormous gratitude from each and every one as each person listened to and also shared their experience. The bond of the group was evident early on and there was much laughter and some tears as healings were manifested. 
When Kathleen initiated us into the bishops initiation Alberto got a message that he would be told what was happening and I would be shown how the initiation worked.

Initially my experience was that a lot of ‘stuff’ was cleared from my heart chakra through my hands. Later Alberto and I worked together to ask how this initiation is working, The energy build up and was incredibly strong and steady and we had rooted ourselves into a pyramid in the earth. 

I could see the initiation points in the finger tips and wrist light up and these were linked to the heart chakra with lines of energy, similar to how one links the stars in a constellation to show which are working together.  Afterwards, Alberto and I experienced huge waves of energy.  I saw a dark energy being lifted off Mont Blanc which I believe is a portal.  I then saw Ireland being cleared (my home country).  I could see dark rectangular blocks, which needed clearing, and then Alberto said “Newgrange”, which is a neolithic burial chamber which aligns with sunrise on the winter solstice.  Straight away I knew that the rectangular blocks were the entrance stones to Newgrange and that the healing we were facilitating were also clearing the portal and link to the stars.  When the healings were complete I saw a beautiful harp light up.  The harp is the symbol for Ireland and healing is required at this time due to Brexit.

I sensed that humans are tiny points which linked the energy from the stars and also the earth into our heart not just as a narrow channel but as a pyramid and these two energies connect as a revolving tetrahedron when required.

The bishops initiation links us (humans) to the stars, the energy of the stars and also the astrology of the stars in a much deeper way than I had ever experienced or understood previously.  The  Three Wise Men were not solely using the stars to navigate.  I now understand that there is much more to the stars than I had ever understood.  So next time you look to the sky and wonder at the wonder of the universe, know that it is a miracle and we are part of this great miracle.

During an individual healing I got very strongly that the Star of Bethlehem was bring healing to the healee.  Since the bishop’s initiation healings seems to be very swift and my intuition has also increased allowing blockages to be quickly identified, cleared and healed.

Until we meet again in love & light

Karina Hall,  ENGLAND