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New Third Eye Initiation

When I set up free group healing sessions on  it was a way to give back.  I was not expecting anything further in return.  

Individuals are free to anonymously make requests for themselves and others.  In addition, there is a common goal, depending upon the energies produced by the geometries in the sky.  The emphasis of the 7:00 pm (EST), Sunday, January 19th Group Healing, was on opening the Mind’s Eye, Consciousness, Active Intelligence and Common Sense.

I give this initiation in person or over the telephone on a donations-are-expected basis.  Please read what others have to say:

Hi  Kathleen,
     I would like to say that when you did the clearing &opening of the 3rd eye I really, really did feel that one, even though you felt I really didn’t need it. So, with that being said I would say to anyone to really give it a try. It was both strong and good. And as you can verify I don’t usually make this type of comment on iniations I receive. And thank you for that initiation. 

Ramona Kirk, New York

Dear Kathleen,
Thank you so much for that beautiful and profound clearing and healing on January 19th …
The shift is remarkable.  It’s like a deepening and at same time lightening up.. I feel like I have been infused with Love and Grace and it’s like a massive ripple connecting everyone and everything on the planet .. I feel grounded and expanded…
In peace and love,

Eileen Heneghan 

Hi Kathleen, 
Just a big thank you for including me in your 3rd eye clearing. I had to join with the time set as intent but when I did I felt a beautiful level of calm such as I have not felt for a very long time and I slept better than I have in months. I hope to come and see you in Dublin in Feb.
           Kindest regards,