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Client Comments

She’s the real deal!
Michael Harrison
Talkers Magazine

Hi Kathleen,
You channeled a healing for my mom’s brother last year when he was being operated on, and the operation went absolutely fine!  
My uncle enjoys perfect heart health! I believe it is because of you he is fine with his heart.
I also felt somewhat healed when I listened to your on-air healing for someone else.
As an example; when you said; – “take a deep breath”,
I found myself taking a very deep breath which normally is not easy for me to do.
I think these experiences are amazing!
May your divine touch kindly on me Kathleen, I thank you Kathleen, I thank Tera-Mai Seichem.
Yours faithfully, 


“I heard you speaking and healing on the radio 99.5 WBAT in New York
 late one night. I was amazed at how you could hear a voice and make a spiritual connection and begin to heal and clear blockages on people and how they would respond and say yes that they felt something moving inside of them or other sensations. It was truly amazing.”

Miguel A. Torres, Elmhurst
, New York

Listeners may also call in and talk about their symptoms, Kathleen will tune in and start moving energy. Typically, not only will the listener have physical experience, but other listeners often feel what is happening. This phenomenon is possible because of the quality of healing energy Kathleen is channeling, shamanistic techniques and because Albert Einstein proved years ago that time and place do not exist as our minds understand them to exist.
“Wonderful interview! Our phones lit up! We re-booked Kathleen on the spot!”

The Ruth and Ed Shaw Show
(Nationally syndicated show by Talk American Radio Network and Cable Radio networks covering health and family issues.)

“Dear Kathleen, Thank you for all the wonderful experiences you gave us. The healing you gave me at the Shamanic Workshop for my liver and kidneys was amazing – I received new ones and the difference that it makes in my body cannot be explained in words. I send you my love.”

Christina Woxnened, London, England

I am now starting to do Reiki on animals. The loves of my life! I have always loved animals. My husband and I have 2 kittens and 8 goats. I just bought a copy of your video, Healing Animals. It is so well done. I have also always wanted to communicate with animals. . . . Thank you!

 Pam Striker, Ontario, Canada

Your explanation of fire in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing is the best that I have ever come across. Former CIA laboratory technician I am greatly impressed by the information you have disclosed and having been a Master Class student for many years in Teachings of the Ascended Masters, I am certain that your research is accurate.

Steven Line, Seattle, Washington

I have always been somewhat uncomfortable with Reiki and Reiki Masters due to the mystique, grandiose claims and seeming presumptuousness of calling one’s self a master of anything without years of study and apprenticeship. Every other person here seems to be a Reiki master after going to a course for a few days. Thank you for addressing these issues in your book.

Susan Richings, Victoria, B.C., Canada

I would like to tell you that I was inexorably drawn to your book, Tera, My Journey Home. I am very glad that I bought it. I find the Ama Deus healings very powerful.

Selena Whang, Brooklyn, New York

I’ve just read your two books. They are great! I’m enthusiastic! These are the things I was looking for. You helped me very much. I’ve got two horses, a 27-year-old mare and an 11-year-old gelding and I found the information on horses and riding very useful.

Jessica Rintisch, Berlin, Germany

Thank you for being who you are and guiding so many into the opportunity for their own healing and the skills to offer others the same opportunity.

Rene Robinson, Naniamo, B.C., Canada

Kathleen Milner Wrote:

After my accident, I started to notice a bubbling sensation at the bottom of my left foot and then at the sole of my right foot.  While I was meditating last night and doing a healing on myself, I was aware that the bubbling sensation was also in my feet.  Yvonne Kirkpatrick called me this morning to tell me that her clients are noticing the sensation of champagne-like bubbles in the healing energy.  The healing energy is changing!  It is different! 

Patricia Lopez emailed me yesterday, to say that she is noticing champagne-like bubbles in the sole of her left foot.  One of the reasons why my accident happened was so that I could work on myself.  While I was meditating yesterday morning, I was aware that the primal elemental energy was very palpable.  Then a remembering occurred and I was able to feel this as a very young girl.  (Psychic and healing energy are predominant in my natal astrology chart.) 

I feel that I am reconnecting more and more to the energy I had as a child and that this energy is also going into the Tera-Mai attunements. If you are experiencing changes in the healing energy you are channeling or if you would like to tell me about healings you have facilitated, please email us at: