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In a Shamanic class in Vancouver, Canada, Bucky, the horse who died, showed up.  

When he was returned to me through the efforts of a jury trial (public record), he was in such bad shape that my veterinarian volunteered on his own to testify if I wanted to sue the people who had stolen and terribly abused Bucky.  Bucky was missing a tooth, there was a dent in his forehead, he was lame on his left rear leg, his ribs were sticking out, and he was not himself.   I felt that it was important for both the horse and myself to completely disconnect from those involved, and suing them would only keep us tied to the negativity.  

I needed a good trainer to help me bring Bucky back.  However, Bucky was so emotionally and physically beaten up that a trainer refused to work with me unless I changed the horse’s name.  I renamed the horse Buckley.

Fay McNaught, one of the Canadian workshop participants, did a reading on Buckley, who is now OK with being called Bucky.  Bucky apologized to me.  He told Fay that he had not been himself because of the severity of the concussion he had received to his frontal lobe.  Fay went on to say that Bucky had been tied so that he could not move, and was beaten. Immediately, I saw a baseball bat.  Then a brown skeleton, wearing only a brown burial mantle over the back of his shoulders showed up.  (Brown spirits are typically earthbound but not demonic.)  However, the brown skeleton had a small something, which was bright & multi-colored, in his abdomen. I told the brown skeleton to go in the name of my lord, Jesus Christ.  It vanished.

When I asked who beat Bucky in such a manner, with his head, Bucky pushed a metal tub with the letter ‘B’ on it.  I knew that Dorothy’s trainer had stood on the tub so that he could beat Bucky around the head.   I also knew that ‘B’ stood for Buddy, one of Dorothy Long’s trainers, who had once tied another of Dorothy’s horses and whipped him until he was unconscious.  Dorothy was one of many people who knew about it, and Dorothy was the one who told me the story.  

The Shamanic class participants in Canada helped to cut off the ropes that had bound Bucky during the beating he suffered.  (We bring unresolved issues and pain with us when we die.)   Bucky and I were asked to send the symbol, HEART OF THE GODDESS, to Buddy and those who stole Bucky from me.  Then I put the lot of them in God’s Hands.

As I am editing my old website, it came to me that the brilliant object the brown skeleton possessed belonged to Bucky.  So, I called back the brown skeleton.  I asked God’s Angels to clear the object and attempted to return it to Bucky.  However, first, both Bucky and I sent forgiveness to the brown skeleton.  I saw the brown skeleton turn into a soul of Light and beautiful colors.  It will be interesting to see what happens with Bucky.


–  Hatred closes out hearts to God.  Recall that in STARWARS, Darth Vader tried to push Luke Skywalker into hating him.  Hate draws us towards the dark side.  Dark entities who consistently close their hearts to love in lifetime after lifetime have accomplished their unholy goal – God no longer recognizes them.    As long as there is love in a heart, salvation is possible.