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Help Earth & Ourselves


When we meditate, it is possible to connect to our inner self, an aspect of our soul, as well as to the realm of spirit that is closest to Earth. 
June 18th, New Moon brings difficulties for the next 28 days.  Rather than record a mediation for the June New Moon, I recorded a clearing / healing meditation on Saturday, June 17th, on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner at the time Saturn began retrograding..  (To learn more, check www.astrologyking.comand click on June 18th, New Moon and June 17th, Saturn Retrograde at the top of the page.)
June 17th, Saturn, the Master Teacher, went retrograde at 1:27 pm. Energies at the time Saturn began retrograding continue through November 4th:  This means unlearned lessons return dramatically, giving us multiple opportunities to work out bad Karma. In addition, goodness we have done to others and the Earth returns in kind to bless us.
As Saturn went retrograde, she was sextiled by Jupiter. This friendly planetary interaction brings opportunities and financial security.  At the same time, Saturn conjuncted ’The Lucky Star of Hidden Things’. Use your imagination.  
Two hours prior to Saturn retrograde, Mercury sextile Venus offers a helping hand to those experiencing the backlash of bad Karma.  This particular aspect brings opportunities to remove blockages and bring solutions.  The energy was still felt as Saturn began retrograding.
Because healing comes through my voice as well as my hands, this energy is in the recording.
This is the time to help ourselves, others and Earth.  For 12 months, the April New Moon / Solar Eclipse demands resolution of good and bad Karma.  For 6 months, the May full Moon / Lunar Eclipse demands full payment for bad Karma.  

These and other signs in the heaven signal dramatic change is afoot.